Come on a Journey With Me!

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“Many paths lead up the mountain,
but at the top we all look at the same, bright moon.”
– Ikkyu

When I started this Website in 2009, it was simply a blog… covering many, many spiritual and metaphysical topics that I’ve discovered and pondered along the way. It’s now a full-blown Website; not only am I exploring my own spiritual journey to my best and highest, but I also help others along on their paths, too! We’re all in this together… and yet our paths to enlightenment are so completely unique and beautiful that often I learn as much in helping others along their paths as I do on my own!

Thus, the name of this Website: The Road to Awakening. That’s the way I see it, the road we’re all on, taking our own individual paths up the mountain to enlightenment, as we ready ourselves for what I affectionately call “Earth 2.0” – the next, ascended level of existence, as it’s forming right in front of us today. Because that’s what we’re doing – we’re all awakening to the remembrance of who and what we are… to remember our own Divinity, empowerment, and unconditional love that we all have within us.

So, come on, join me for awhile… see where I’m going and how I see it… and hopefully I can help and learn from you, because we’re all teachers and students on this road to awakening!

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