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Angela Coulter (www.RoadtoAwakening.net and www.Living-the-Shift.com) is an intuitive providing ascension mentorship, healing facilitation, and assisting with spiritual alchemy. Her focus is helping others clear their path ahead and teaching them how to tap fully into their own Divinity, ultimately helping to change the viewpoint of their experience from one of separation and disempowerment to that of Oneness and full self-empowerment.  In doing so, she helps others to understand how to apply the larger spiritual concepts (including those around the “path to ascension”) into day-to-day life… which she calls “living the shift.”

Angela is the originator of Trinity Energy Progression (www.TrinityEnergyProgression.com), a “next level” practice and healing modality of connecting directly to the full Divine Consciousness (the Oneness) within. She was gifted with remembrance to this practice in 2011, with the understanding that she was to teach others around the world, to help them advance their spiritual/healing progression, Awakened remembrance, and psychic/intuitive abilities in leaps and bounds. Beyond Trinity Energy Progression, she is also well practiced in a range of different energetic healing modalities, including Reiki, ThetaHealing, Arcing Radial Light, and crystal healing.

Her efforts include a weekly online radio show called “Living the Shift: Our Evolution of Body, Mind, and Spirit,” where she talks about various high-level spiritual and metaphysical ideas and perceptions and how they can be practically integrated into day-to-day life, to assist in more conscious and high vibration living. Her show can be found at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/LivingtheShift and is live every Tuesday from 4-5pm Eastern Time. She is currently writing a book called, Living the Shift: The Universe Experienced Differently, talking about the higher level concepts as a basis how we can live very, very differently when we see and FEEL them through the eyes of Oneness… and what that means.

Angela is based in North Carolina in the United States.

Visiting Mount Shasta, CA (a spiritual energy vortex) in June 2012.

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