Archangel Daniel

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One day, in Fall 2010, I was in meditation, and I had a very unique experience.

I was clearing and floating out there with Creator,  just floating in space…no thoughts whatsoever at the moment…

And I suddenly heard the equivalent of “:::Ahem…:::”

I sensed a white golden-lighted presence next to me… but I ignored it at first. I was FLOATING.

After some moments, I felt the presence still hanging there… like it was waiting for my attention.

So finally, I focused my attention on the Being there in space with me. White golden glow, huge wings… with a unique combination of strength, love, and peace emanating from it.

I remember I was a little perplexed… like someone butted in on my meditation… but I was wide open in floaty space. I thought, “Yes?”

I heard, “I am Daniel. Your presence is requested with the Council.”

This was a surprising new twist… and I had no idea what this creature was talking about.

Well, the “summoning” and subsequent conversation with the mentioned Council (what blinding, beautiful Light!) is a story for another day… but that was the day that I discovered – and met – Archangel Daniel.

So, you’re probably asking, “Who?” As I did.

After I had this experience, I called on Daniel in meditation. I was curious as to how I would become acquainted with this Being.

So, in discussion with Daniel during meditation, I found out that there had recently been some sort of reorganization in the uppermost levels of what ThetaHealing would call the 5th plane – where the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, (Councils, like the one to which I had been “summoned”) and any other Beings of the Highest Light exist – because I was suddenly “seeing” connections I hadn’t seen before.

Who knew? Not me! I found it very interesting!

Anyway, Daniel explained that he had been granted Archangel status… and that he is the Archangel of Love.

I was like, “Huh? Really? Like a male version of Aphrodite? Cupid?” (Though he definitely didn’t LOOK like Cupid! LOL)

Not quite…. but close. He has had iterations of different types of “love angels” through the times…. and there IS some connection to who we consider on the Earth plane as Venus/Aphrodite; there are even a few who call upon the Angel Daniel as the angel of marriage. However, his real focus is far, far different than what we consider romantic love.

I find that in his presence, my heart chakra just automatically opens, opens, opens exponentially, and I find I can feel a LOT, in many different parts of the Universe, simultaneously. He’s definitely a masculine presence, and what a great balance… because the love that comes through him is a very powerful, Universal one… he most perfect blend of masculine and feminine I’ve ever experienced.

Daniel is related to the Ascension energies for 3D Earth… and apparently, is the one “in charge” of the Gates of Ascension. So, I’m sure he will be popping up in texts and discussions more and more as we go on in the next few years!

I have asked Jeshua (see my comments on Ascended Master Jeshua) and Miriam (see my comments on Ascended Master Mary Magdalene) … and then I checked in with Creator. All have assented on Daniel’s role… but believe me, once in his presence, you can totally understand by the unique power he exudes… wonderful!!!

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  1. a lady read the tarot to me few weeks ago…..she asked me to chose a card from a pile…I got the Angel Daniel., she told me he could help me with my marriage that now is falling apart…She ask me to pray to him.. i do not know how., i am not much in to this but i beleive i chose him for a specific reason, do you know more about him…any special prayer for him? any advise will he appreciated.thanks

  2. Do you meditate? Prayer and meditation are pretty close… they’re just different methods of clearing the mind and focusing your intention.

    Either way, simply call for Archangel Daniel’s presence, and ask for guidance and his support, and the highest/best path forward for you and your marriage. If you want, you can light a pink candle, with a printout of a picture of him, for you to be able to focus your energy on him when you speak to him.

    That’s it… all you need to do is to address him from your heart… and you’re off to a great start! 🙂

  3. I am familiar with the angels, but never knew there was an angel named Daniel. He appeared to me and told me his name today while I was in meditation. He communicated some personal messages to me as well. I googled him after meditation and I found this page. wow.

  4. I saw the angel Daniel on Christmas day in 2010. Then again two weeks ago. Today, he came to me again while in meditation and I asked his name. He told me it was Daniel and he could “assist” —not the word he used, but something similar — in the reconciliation of my relationship. As the person stated above, I also had never heard of an angel named Daniel and found this page. His messages to me seem so in alignment with what you have stated above. Thank you for sharing!

  5. hi sonya, i found this site in a strange way, my son died on janurary 29th 2012 suddenly, he was not ill.
    his name is daniel and in my grief and search for some meaning to his death, i was sitting waching tv and looking at his photo when i thought i wonder if there is an agnel called daniel? i named him dainiel as it means gods judge. my daniel was always spritirual but appeared to have lost his way in a sea of recovery from substances, but he has always had an aura about him.
    i will follow this site with interest

  6. Yo soñé con este arcángel. Soñé que el teléfono repico, yo atendí y me dijo soy Daniel, yo le respondí llame después casi no se oye. había mucha interferencia con la comunicación. Yo colgué el teléfono y desperté. No volví a soñar con el.

  7. El me respondió soy Daniel.

  8. Maria
    (to get an English-Spanish translation of this, go to

    Yes, often our “connection” in dreams comes via telephone, or a number of ways we think about communicating in this world, in this consciousness. Feels like Daniel was making an effort to get through to you, but you have some interference. Could be your mind, could be that you don’t know how to open the lines. Start with meditation, and see what comes to you! 🙂

  9. Gracias. Voy hacer lo posible para comunicarme por medio de la meditación. Un de pura LUZ.

  10. Good! Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  11. during two different alternative health classed on totally different months i pick this card out of the angel pack. my card was a picture of a dark skinned angel daniel. are they 1 and the same. I have meditated since then but as of yet he has not shown up.
    my relationship is more down then up what to do ?????

  12. Someone told me a while back that I could be working with Angel Daniel later in life. Do you think this could be possible??? A spiritualist told me that my masculine and femine are well balanced, ying and Yang so to speak! Could this cause a connection not just for me but everyone on Earth??? The world needs changing but only by some from of universal education can this be achieved. A unity of man an understanding of one another and for each other. We need to be more grateful in life and have a sense of hope and spiritual purpose.

  13. Yes, many of us will be/are working with Archangel Daniel, because as the archangel of Universal Love, he is a large part of the “next level” of spiritual evolution, which we’re going through now. The key message is for all of us to REMEMBER complete yin/yang balance within us (and to live it)… and yes, doing that opens us up to the connecting with far more than our physical world! (I actually posted a Webcast earlier in June about the yin/yang within:

  14. I too have had an experience with Daniel. It started about 8 months ago. I am an intuitive, medium and am used to have experiences with energies of all kinds and with guides but this was definitely different. He was extremely beautiful, almost “pretty” glowing full of love and was very close to me. He comes to me every day and I have had new developments with my abilities since he has arrived. Like the others have mentioned he was very outspoken. At first due to my experience with others passing over I just thought he was a very special energy but over time have come to understand he is so much more… A definite angel. I have developed other psychic abilities while he has been here with me, specifically telekinesis. I am able to move tarot cards and other cards without touching them with me hands. Asking him questions to show me things and he moves them for me. Truly amazing. I am blessed to have his messages everyday.

  15. Soooo cool to find that I am not alone in the experiences. I too have been in the presence and guidance of Archangel Daniel. He is a guide along with Archangel Gabriel who has been supporting me as I open to my life mate. Just surrendering to their help and aligning with their energies has been so incredible in navigating the path of love, partnership.

    I am a healer and a scientist and getting my clinical psych doctorate… so I am so very grateful for playing a role in bringing in these higher energies transforming “mainstream” culture and healthcare.

    Blessed Peace Be with all of us.

    Nancie Joyce

  16. It’s amazing how I ended up here tonight, I am so happy! I’ve been searching for information on Angel Daniel since last September because a healer told me that my guardian Angel is named Daniel. I’ve been looking for Angel Daniel and was coming up short. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to see our usual pitch black room bathed in deep pink magenta light, and I felt so comforted and just happy. I ask my healer friends what they thought that was and they said that that was love energy pervading the room and maybe I see angels through colors. She believed I was with love Angels last night. So I google Angels of Love right now, and finally end up here finding THE Daniel who I’ve been searching for for almost a year 🙂 Thank you for this post!

  17. Patricia, that is AWESOME! There’s a LOT more to Daniel than what’s written here; in fact, I typically leave it be on this page… but for some reason, I’m being nudged to tell you to read my OTHER story about Daniel… because he’s more than just an Archangel… it’s all how we see them… and what a wonderful, amazing being he is. Somehow, it’s related to you and your path… so take it as you will:; go to the part that says “The Lemurian Connection.” <3

  18. Angela, ok, this has been a really fast day for me in terms of connecting the dots. A few months ago I woke up, exactly how I did last night, to our room bathed in ethereal white blue light, and Jesus was talking to me and leaning over, and there were translucent white beings around the room behind Jesus just watching me. I smiled at Jesus and I was just completely filled with love and peace, and I just said “hi Jesus! Thank you for being here with me, and can you please just hug and bless my husband, our 2 daughters and I?” I felt like a little kid, a bit star struck but I felt like he knew me so well, and just loved me even more than I can imagine. He proceeded to give us all a hug (Our kids slept with us throughout the whole summer :-), one by one. And then I said “Thank you!” and drifted off to sleep again. That whole part about the council of 12 you just wrote about in the link you gave, felt like just what I saw…and I’d also like to add, that I am a crystal junkie and very very drawn to Lemurian seed crystals 🙂 this is sooo coool, am so glad I found you! I am giddy..

  19. i’m actually a bit new at this, my awakening happened in august/september 2011, and it was Daniel who spoke through my friend to heal me as my guardian Angel. She also has never heard of Archangel Daniel but when she saw the picture tonight, she said, whoa that was him alright! 🙂

  20. I have prayed to him and have been lead to a site with a multitude of resources to help me heal from porn addiction!

  21. Ive been lead to this site via my best friends experience. any input is welcome. love n blessings from us.

  22. Hi! I dreamt last night of just the word “Daniel”, no pics. I knew as soon as I woke up, that Daniel was an angel. Over the last 6 months I have been given signs or names in dreams, it has never happened to me before. I have never heard of Angel Daniel before, even though I have been writing about spiritual things and angels. It is so wonderful to learn about him. Thank you for your site. xx

  23. My two year old grandson ponted at his mum above her head an said Angel Mummy. Then he said Daniel Mummy. My daughter an I just looked at each other as we had not heard of Daniel. Cooper said he is nice mummy. So here I am looking up who Daniel is. One day before we have taken a photo of Cooper an his baby sister and the biggest Orb I have ever seen is in the photo and 8 other photo.

  24. I know this might sound a little strange and unbelievable, but I think I have been dreaming about the Angel Daniel for the past 3 years. I dream about Him at least 3 days out of the week. At least I think it is the Angel Daniel. Ever since I heard his name, ” the Angel Daniel”, I have had this happen. Sometimes I wake up from my dream of him and I have VERY strong emotional feelings, like anger, sorrow, happiness, longing, or even fear. Do you have any advice as to what is happening?

  25. wow ive been dreaming of daniel for over 30 years. tall blonde emerald green eyes strong gentle always watching and protecting me. i had an outer body experiance as though i was floating over the water i felt a strong presence and words of life and heaven were spoken.after i was brought back.. i turned to see who it was and it was daniel holding me asking me to surrender my life to GOD completly almost in tears. i said yes.i woke up soaked as if i had been babtized i was saved on easter of this year. i shortly after had a dream i was getting married i remember all the colors and textures standing as my groom was daniel. 2 days later a friend gave me a couch purse which had all the colors and textures of my wedding. i feel i love him deeply will i find my daniel?

  26. It really amazing and same time touchy to read about angel daniel. I met him sometime last december. I was seriously in need of answer from above concerning my marriage, I cleared myself from all lower energies and asked God to speak. I was then guided to draw the angelic cards. the first was daniel and the message was so exact as if the card was written for my case. I’m amazed to read that this unknown angel has been communicating with others, and this builds my confidence in him more, I’m toched to know how fast and caring our heavenly father answer all those who call upon him in spirit and in truth.

  27. i LOVE ANGELS AND VERY CATHOLIC PERSON,I AM NOT CHANGE THIS CHURCH,EVEN THE BAD PRIEST, NOT ME , i am starting talking with spirits, i am not afraid, they are angels too, and I DO KNOW i will talk with Angel DANIEL SOON AND LIGHT HIS CANDLE TOO, i can feel so happy and his presence make me feels secure, a pSYCHIC TOLD ME PRAYER TO angel D. BUT I DID NOT KNOW HOW, NOW I DO KNOW,THANKS TO THAT LADY ABOVE,I HAVE TO Light a pink candle.

  28. Angel feathers and the name daneil coming to me in my dreams can anyone enlighten me what this means….

  29. I am called Daniel, I do not know how to meditate but I want to learn how. I want to know if the daniel of the bible is connected to this angel Daniel. I have the gift to see past and future events, in the form of visions in my sleep. I have seen these visions happen in my awakened state before my very eyes. I found in the bible that Daniel saw simular visions as well. I have also seen visions through the eyes of others. I have had visions of standing before the creator, but I won’t go into details about that right now. I have never been much of a believer in phycic abilities untill I started seeing these events unfold befor my very eyes. Now I see things totaly differently. I have also always had a connection with death, knowing things I shouldn’t possably know. Is Daniel connected to death in any way? Can anyone help me with meditation. Any help is apreciated. Thank you. Daniel Ray Gonzales

  30. hi…after running..and clearing my mind thru intense excercise..not being overburdend by too much food..i see in my minds eye a figure of white with wings and i sense the name daniel…i must be clearing my mind enough to see..i also meditate..thanks

  31. Is there any novena for Daniel, which we can do?? i couldn’t find any online….

  32. There’s nothing formal I know of. However, as novenas are devotions, what’s most important is that the devotion comes from the heart… so, whatever appeal you would like to make to Daniel, ask your heart what it is you’d like to say. Write it down, edit it to be exactly what you’d like, and then there you have it. It really IS as simple as that! 🙂

  33. The ArchAngel Daniel appeares to me in voice and in pressed thought, this morning at 1:10pm pacific time. I had been meditating and I had for some time period been requesting a major breakthrough. He simply began to Answer Questions and let me know, He, and I was to walk forward on a large project. I immediately plugged THE ARCHANGEL DANIEL….I am here.

  34. I just heard of Archangel Daniel from an intuitive for the first time today! She suggested I call on him for matters dealing with love and marriage.

  35. I have no knowledge of the Arc Angels, I know about Michael and Gabriel. I know about spiituality and the Lord God, I’ve seen and felt a few visitors, but not much else. I’m in a relationship with a married man and have been unsatisfied about it.. The relationship isn’t at its best either. One night I was having a conversation with the Universe, which I often do, and praying, which I always do. Not out loud. I was talking about this relationship and how it was going nowhere and how unsatisfied I was with it. I mentioned that he (the guy) needed to make a decision, or I would think about ending it. I was talking to Arc Angel Michael because he’s the only name I knew. I talk about everyone having their own spiritual guide assigned to them to surround them with protection and help them when they needed it, I ask what my spiritual guide’s name would be, and the name Daniel pops into my head. I decide to talk to Daniel about how I’m feeling. I can’t remember whether I had finished my prayers or not, but soon after that, my man’s phone rings. His daughter tells him his wife has just had a stroke or heart attack. He jumps out of bed in a panic and goes. I’m in shock! I felt that my prayers had something to do with it. I got a very strong feeling that I needed to be careful what I asked for, that I needed to respect Daniel and recognise that he is a very strong Angel and he is closer to me than I realise.

  36. Well… you got a prompting that would start exactly what you asked for, didn’t you? From your statement, “I mentioned (the guy) needed to make a decision…” This is the perfect opportunity for that to happen… whether it looks like how the ego WANTS it to look or not.

    I do a lot of energy healing work with couples these days, and I WILL tell you this… infidelity isn’t the cause of any marital problem… it’s simply a symptom. So, the extra-marital relationship you’re in is basically a symptom of what he avoids looking at within himself; it’s an escape. This situation may very simply force him to do that, which is from the higher perspective very productive, and most likely in HIS highest and best interest… whether or not you feel like it’s yours. The situation isn’t about you and whether or not you should be with him… if you truly care for him, it’s important to support the Universe’s way of now making him look in the mirror at himself and what he’s actually “running away” from. Otherwise… the relationship you’ve already started with him is ultimately set up to fail and/or follow the same path, because he will carry those problems he’s not looking at within himself and his marriage into the relationship with you… until he DOES look at, heal, resolve, and release them. <3

  37. I never knew anything about spirituality but since I was young, I see spiders everywhere and got scared a lot. Later on, when I was matured, I known and realized what Spider means. Today, I was wondering why I felt like all women are possessed with evil spirit. I felt every women attacks me presently and through past experience with them. First I distinguished ladies by their names. Later on after studying about my self, I found I was in numerology number 7 and read many things associated with it. I found angel tarot which made me acquainted to angels which I later found out and call out to. I decided to change my name and my birthday and my location. Today, I was pondering withing my heart why all these things happening to me? Am I an enlightened one? Why do I quickly recognized people with (bad) spirits, why are they haunting for me? why are they everywhere? Until I decided to pick some angels I did not know from a website, Then out of the lists of angels, I sighted “Daniel” and was told it meaning “God is Merciful Judge” and read its description. I can’t doubt it but just needed to search before I could call out to angel Daniel (I call most angels I know about and they all respond immediately). I will call angel Daniel Now, because I am happy he is now an arch angel which means some things are going on in the higher world as we do here in the body. I thank you for illuminating on Him on this site. I appreciate and thank God for you all. But what could those spider means? Anyway, I know the meaning of each positions I found them but I still can’t understand. I will appreciate your enlightenment. And As from today, I believe God will use Arch Angel Daniel to overcome them all. Amen

  38. Hello All, I have believed in angels for some time now and been asking for signs. Several things have happened to me. I keep finding white feathers, white butterflies, words on tv etc. I was reading up about how to find your angels name and Inhaled\exhaled 20 times and asked. This was yesterday. Nothing came to me but then I just had the most amazing dream. An absolutely beautiful Angel with wings was standing before me, I do not know where we were, it wasn’t of this world. and he said ‘my name is Michael’ he wrapped his arms around me and was begging me to believe him. I felt an overwhelming love for him. The only thing that saddened me was his feathers were falling out and it seemed this was because I did not believe him? I also saw him fight against something which I believe was death. I believe now but will continue to ask for signs. I often find there is a ‘good voice’ in my head which almost guides me between right and wrong which I will be listening too more now. What do you think?

  39. Sorry he didn’t say Michael he said Daniel!!!

  40. Daniel is in transformation as all of us are right now (the feathers falling out, etc.), into an even more Divine presence… GREAT that you met him! <3

    The voice would be your Higher Self coming through. Yay! Are you meditating?

  41. Hello, No I have not tried meditating its just I have this overwhelming feeling that I am being looked after if that makes sense. I have had dreams of loved ones who have passed and they are talking to me, I wake up freezing cold and covered in goosebumps. I can’t explain it. My husband thinks its all in my head.!!!

  42. Hi there, very interesting to hear everyone’s stories!
    I myself just very recently purchased a deck of cards, my first batch actually. And funny enough of the 5 times that I have pulled cards for myself, almost every single first card that I pulled had been of the angel Daniel. It’s so interesting !

  43. I am in a very desperate place right now – my partner and love of my life left me nearly 5 weeks ago. I had a reading with a lovely gentle lady yesterday for the first time and she asked me to also pray and ask for Angel Daniel’s help during this time – I am told that my partner WILL return to me – we shall see………. I have been trying to find out more about who and what Angel Daniel is…..? This is the only place I have found so far…………
    Anything to mend my broken heart – the light in my life has gone out – I pray that my partner does return and that Daniel helps this as soon as possible ……….

  44. HI Steph, Just read your comment and I found it very moving. Did your love return to you?Maybe somebody else out there is meant for you.

  45. My friend having marital problems had a very clear dream walking with angel Daniel. He told her to pick a card off of a tree they saw while walking. Like a Christsmas tree. The paper had her maiden name written on it. The dream was so clear it was more like a visitation. Do you think that means she should get divorced?

  46. I had a dream in which a person would be executed. Everyone around him had hatred in their hearts. But several times I whispered in the ear of the executor: ‘forgive this man because he is a sinner, and we are all sinners – have compassion’. So after whispers several times, the executioner desisted and people calmed down. So I was blind for some time. And after i back see, i saw a person walking in my direction, he were different of a person, i do not know explain but look like a human. And so he give me a hug. It was a feeling of peace and love, i never felt before. Then I hugged him back, and a voice asked: ‘Who are you?’ And he replied, ‘I am the Angel Daniel’. This was the dream and i woke up…
    * I’m from north Brazil.
    and curious about the dream: ” i never did listen about this name before, Daniel. And it happen just now when i am in a tme difficult about the over my relationship of long years…and i see myself very christian and fearing God”.
    But i was looking about information on google about The angel Daniel , and i found history about he was a down angel…and for what i know the demon was a down angel too, right? for be rebel…
    and on time i see comment like the one of Lucia says:
    January 20, 2012 at 9:34 pm
    the first comment…. have a moment she say: pray to Daniel…
    and it make me think? my first reaction was want to pray to him too, but it is sin! onlly exist a god, and we can not pray to angel or other things – onlly to god. And Daniel come just in moment of difficult of people, and to the end the person belive in him and pray to him…is it not strange? for a ”fallen angel”…
    i think Daniel don’t have what to do in the free time, because he is coming inside the dream of people never liste about him, give a feel of love and peace, and for the other hand the person start belive on him to a point of remember of him in ours pray.

  47. I have a question. This is about the Angel MIHAEL. Not Michael. I read that he is the Angel of Loyalty. Could you shed some light on this angel? Not much info available. Does Daniel work alone or can I call upon both Daniel and Mihael? Thank you.

  48. Just found this site because i had an angel presence in my room and he said he was Daniel which i hadnt heard of before. It initially freaked me out but it sounds like he is a legit angel.

  49. I had a need for guidance while in Colorado hunting it came to me I needed an angle to help me get threw the day. I felt a presance come to me but did not know what to call him.i decide to call him Daniel …. Daniel kept me safe thre the day and has continually allowed be to call on him as needed…. I do think that he is always watching over me

  50. I just found this site, and I’m so happy the comments are still coming in, and I haven’t missed the boat! I think I had a beautiful experience with Archangel Daniel (I’d never heard of him before!). Life’s been hard lately, and I was lying down in bed feeling emotionally drained and exhausted. I heard the rhythmic sound of drums, very soft in the distance, and a male voice toning. My consciousness seemed to grow enormous, and it was such a peaceful, loving feeling, I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I distinctly heard the name Daniel, and the drumming and toning continued until I reluctantly got out of bed to feed the dogs 🙂 Do you think this was Archangel Daniel?

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