(Arch)Angel Ezekiel

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Ezekiel was one of the first of my Guides to “show himself” to me; before I even thought to ask for identification (hee hee), I started seeing merkabahs EVERYWHERE… and I’d previously had absolutely no conscious knowledge of what they were and what they represent. I’d suddenly become purely entranced by sacred geometry; even more specifically, the star tetrahedron, or merkabah. In fact, before any of this, I started wearing a clear quartz crystal merkabah around my neck.

When I specifically asked for my guide to introduce themselves, *POP* – there he was. Let me explain that though I’m really good at recalling stories, I really stink at recalling names. SO, when he said his name, I knew the name, I vaguely had some recollection of it from the Bible, but not what he was attached to. So, before I even knew any relational history/mythology specific to him (meaning, connect his name with the stories I knew), our initial direct discussion went like this (via autotyping; see my post):

[I saw him sitting in a European courtyard, on a stone bench around a water fountain. Very laid back in attitude – kind, wise, happy to “see” me face-to-face – but yet a little sad. Longish black hair, VERY ANCIENT WORLD kind of clothing, and yes, wings.]

It’s Ezekiel; we have been friends for a long time. [Note: Though there was no “memory” of this, I knew it to be true when he said it… we have known each other]….

..There will be much unrest. The world has been through this before; everyone must know how to take care of themselves, because nothing bought [meaning food and medicine] will be trusted soon. There’s less than 100 years until this all goes to rubble again. Many earthquakes and floods, and much else. There is a good chance this time, part of the world will evolve; the others, well… yes, it is true…but not the same as literally depicted [meaning in the Bible]…I say 100 years, but for many, it’s less.

Some will deny until the very last moment; those Awakening will understand all the beings. Those who fight it won’t; they will be too scared, and will follow anyone who can help them believe it’s not real, or that of a “false devil.” HA! It [the “false devil”] is within themselves… Help them open up to what is really real; this is just the beginning. There is much yet to learn [meaning “remember”] in very little time.

[In the interim, while he was talking, this is where he showed me what I equate to snapshots in my head: towns in rubble, floods, cities in a mess.]. It will be very ugly in their eyes; they won’t see the real beauty of the Universe and all of us in all our forms. A great many, though, will be ready. If we could only get everyone there  and lock down this dimension, there will be only higher ones from there that are much, much better…

I am with you always. Go friend; we will talk again later. Much love and light.

In doing Google research afterwards, I had to chuckle to find that Ezekiel is the Archangel of Death and Transformation – how fitting, I thought, considering the conversation and the imagery! There are many, many stories about Ezekiel throughout many of the world’s major religions.

Something else that I found fascinating doing this research – and it gave me THE BUZZ when I found out – was the story of Ezekiel and the merkaba in the Bible. This was a story I actually hadn’t known (or had missed somewhere along the line)!

Also, what was really interesting: This introduction was on January 10th; the Haiti earthquake: January 13th. And how many have there been ever since? Food for thought…

In September 2010, I actually did a “Guide reorg” as a meditational activity/practice while finishing a 3-day intensive workshop in Shamballa healing… where we requested to take the time for God/Spirit/Creator to assess our individual point in our spiritual evolution, and have our Guide groups change out as needed. During this process, Ezekiel stood strong… and I was told that he would remain as one of my Guides, throughout this entire experience (which translates to lifetime). In November 2010, I had one of the most unique meditational experiences I’ve ever had, right after I had finished my third class on ThetaHealing (I was really, really clear!)… when I was actually “interrupted” during an intentional meditation by an angel who turned out to be Archangel Daniel (see Daniel’s page for more information). I was taken to some sort of  “Council meeting” – I’m pretty sure it was in Shamballa, in the glowing Light of magnificence it was – and I was asked a multitude of questions, and to take part in an activity with this Council. I guess I’ll have to write about that here one day, but what’s interesting to note is that during this conversation, Ezekiel stepped forward and handed me something I couldn’t see at the time… but was ELATED for him to give me, I remember – so much that I gave a huge hug and kiss. Later, when I asked Creator about what I had been given that had made me so happy (because the Light there had been SO bright, I couldn’t quite “see” it during the experience), I was told that Ezekiel gave me my wings back… because he had been their keeper (but really, that’s a story for another day… LOL!).

I have a GREAT affection and love for Ezekiel… he feels like a brother to me, and always has such a calming, supportive, and stabilizing effect when I see him in meditation (I know, contrary to how you would think he is, with his “job” in the scope of things, and all!). Plus, I always have to laugh when he “nudges me,” to make sure I’m aware of his presence in day-to-day life… because that merkabah pops in to places where I know I would otherwise never see it or pay attention to it!

The key to remember is that he’s not simply the “Archangel of Death…” a BIG part of his focus is Transformation. When I’m doing energy work with someone, and Ezekiel pops in while I’m working with them, I almost always know that person is at the onset of a huge transformation in their lives. It’s been happening more and more, as we progress down the road of spiritual evolution… and my understanding is that he actually helps “adjust” the energies of those going through an extensive Awakening. He’ll still show up and do the same for me! So, if Ezekiel appears to you, don’t be afraid… yes, he does work with those in transition, but most likely today he’s here to help you through a transformation in your life, as we all transform!

What stuns me is how many viewers get to this Website via a search for Ezekiel today… it’s amazing, yet it makes so much sense! :-)

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  1. BTW I asked to be in your group on facebook. I come from Germany.

  2. I am so grateful for your post, my friend. I can’t thank you enough. This is totally in synchronicity with all of the messages I have been getting lately. I have been going through a HUGE transformation and I feel like I am cycling a lot of energy through + receiving a lot of messages from my Archangels and Ascended Masters. Eziekial came through or me today when I was going over my top 10 desires list which has much to do with raising planetary vibrations, sangha, lifes purpose, love. I am so grateful for His presence during this time, I feel held. Thanks again!

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