(Arch)Angel Ezekiel

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Ezekiel was one of the first of my Guides to “show himself” to me; before I even thought to ask for identification (hee hee), I started seeing merkabahs EVERYWHERE… and I’d previously had absolutely no conscious knowledge of what they were and what they represent. I’d suddenly become purely entranced by sacred geometry; even more specifically, the star tetrahedron, or merkabah. In fact, before any of this, I started wearing a clear quartz crystal merkabah around my neck.

When I specifically asked for my guide to introduce themselves, *POP* – there he was. Let me explain that though I’m really good at recalling stories, I really stink at recalling names. SO, when he said his name, I knew the name, I vaguely had some recollection of it from the Bible, but not what he was attached to. So, before I even knew any relational history/mythology specific to him (meaning, connect his name with the stories I knew), our initial direct discussion went like this (via autotyping; see my post):

[I saw him sitting in a European courtyard, on a stone bench around a water fountain. Very laid back in attitude – kind, wise, happy to “see” me face-to-face – but yet a little sad. Longish black hair, VERY ANCIENT WORLD kind of clothing, and yes, wings.]

It’s Ezekiel; we have been friends for a long time. [Note: Though there was no “memory” of this, I knew it to be true when he said it… we have known each other]….

..There will be much unrest. The world has been through this before; everyone must know how to take care of themselves, because nothing bought [meaning food and medicine] will be trusted soon. There’s less than 100 years until this all goes to rubble again. Many earthquakes and floods, and much else. There is a good chance this time, part of the world will evolve; the others, well… yes, it is true…but not the same as literally depicted [meaning in the Bible]…I say 100 years, but for many, it’s less.

Some will deny until the very last moment; those Awakening will understand all the beings. Those who fight it won’t; they will be too scared, and will follow anyone who can help them believe it’s not real, or that of a “false devil.” HA! It [the “false devil”] is within themselves… Help them open up to what is really real; this is just the beginning. There is much yet to learn [meaning “remember”] in very little time.

[In the interim, while he was talking, this is where he showed me what I equate to snapshots in my head: towns in rubble, floods, cities in a mess.]. It will be very ugly in their eyes; they won’t see the real beauty of the Universe and all of us in all our forms. A great many, though, will be ready. If we could only get everyone there  and lock down this dimension, there will be only higher ones from there that are much, much better…

I am with you always. Go friend; we will talk again later. Much love and light.

In doing Google research afterwards, I had to chuckle to find that Ezekiel is the Archangel of Death and Transformation – how fitting, I thought, considering the conversation and the imagery! There are many, many stories about Ezekiel throughout many of the world’s major religions.

Something else that I found fascinating doing this research – and it gave me THE BUZZ when I found out – was the story of Ezekiel and the merkaba in the Bible. This was a story I actually hadn’t known (or had missed somewhere along the line)!

Also, what was really interesting: This introduction was on January 10th; the Haiti earthquake: January 13th. And how many have there been ever since? Food for thought…

In September 2010, I actually did a “Guide reorg” as a meditational activity/practice while finishing a 3-day intensive workshop in Shamballa healing… where we requested to take the time for God/Spirit/Creator to assess our individual point in our spiritual evolution, and have our Guide groups change out as needed. During this process, Ezekiel stood strong… and I was told that he would remain as one of my Guides, throughout this entire experience (which translates to lifetime). In November 2010, I had one of the most unique meditational experiences I’ve ever had, right after I had finished my third class on ThetaHealing (I was really, really clear!)… when I was actually “interrupted” during an intentional meditation by an angel who turned out to be Archangel Daniel (see Daniel’s page for more information). I was taken to some sort of  “Council meeting” – I’m pretty sure it was in Shamballa, in the glowing Light of magnificence it was – and I was asked a multitude of questions, and to take part in an activity with this Council. I guess I’ll have to write about that here one day, but what’s interesting to note is that during this conversation, Ezekiel stepped forward and handed me something I couldn’t see at the time… but was ELATED for him to give me, I remember – so much that I gave a huge hug and kiss. Later, when I asked Creator about what I had been given that had made me so happy (because the Light there had been SO bright, I couldn’t quite “see” it during the experience), I was told that Ezekiel gave me my wings back… because he had been their keeper (but really, that’s a story for another day… LOL!).

I have a GREAT affection and love for Ezekiel… he feels like a brother to me, and always has such a calming, supportive, and stabilizing effect when I see him in meditation (I know, contrary to how you would think he is, with his “job” in the scope of things, and all!). Plus, I always have to laugh when he “nudges me,” to make sure I’m aware of his presence in day-to-day life… because that merkabah pops in to places where I know I would otherwise never see it or pay attention to it!

The key to remember is that he’s not simply the “Archangel of Death…” a BIG part of his focus is Transformation. When I’m doing energy work with someone, and Ezekiel pops in while I’m working with them, I almost always know that person is at the onset of a huge transformation in their lives. It’s been happening more and more, as we progress down the road of spiritual evolution… and my understanding is that he actually helps “adjust” the energies of those going through an extensive Awakening. He’ll still show up and do the same for me! So, if Ezekiel appears to you, don’t be afraid… yes, he does work with those in transition, but most likely today he’s here to help you through a transformation in your life, as we all transform!

What stuns me is how many viewers get to this Website via a search for Ezekiel today… it’s amazing, yet it makes so much sense! 🙂

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  139 Responses to “(Arch)Angel Ezekiel”

  1. BTW I asked to be in your group on facebook. I come from Germany.

  2. I am so grateful for your post, my friend. I can’t thank you enough. This is totally in synchronicity with all of the messages I have been getting lately. I have been going through a HUGE transformation and I feel like I am cycling a lot of energy through + receiving a lot of messages from my Archangels and Ascended Masters. Eziekial came through or me today when I was going over my top 10 desires list which has much to do with raising planetary vibrations, sangha, lifes purpose, love. I am so grateful for His presence during this time, I feel held. Thanks again!

  3. I was laying in bed, felt a presence and asked for a name: Ezekial! Where do I start?? I saw a courtyard so bright it was hard to see. I was blinded in my left eye by a tumor and I felt great pressure in that eye, but could see that courtyard anyway
    what would be my next step? keep asking for contact?

  4. I came across this site today after searching for Ezekiel, last night I felt he was making contact with me- I felt a presence watching me as I put my son back to bed in his own room. I walked back to my bed, got in and suddenly heard the light just outside my door being switched on- I shot up like a bolt after I realised It couldnt be my son as he was too small to touch it. I felt scared and my husband got up to check our son and he was fast asleep. My husband and I prayed together curled up in bed. My nerves subsided as I was repeatedly told “ezekiel, ezekiel” and was shown bright light. The thing is I was wondering if angels make signs like this? Im new to this and still havnt embraced it, I was visited by angel michael a couple of months ago- I knew it was him only after hearing “michael, michael” repeated while again in bed- this time I felt I was being attacked by a demon whilst trying to sleep and was rescued by him. I saw a beatiful royal blue and saw a sword and heard his name and the demon was pushed away. What a scary and beatiful experience. I googled these things and found thry were connected to michael- what a moment of awakening and feeling of love! What do I do? Who switched on my light?

  5. I have been awakened!

  6. First of all… my apologies for not replying sooner! I’m in the middle of a entirely new Website creation that has a lot more resource and learning material and courses!

    Interesting about the courtyard… as it was the first place I “saw” Ezekiel, myself. 🙂 Yes… you can ask (if you haven’t already) to speak with him directly… and take if from there.

  7. Meditate… learn how to utilize it.

    And… you’ve ALWAYS had your Light… YOU just turned it up higher (actually, removed more of what was blocking it). 🙂

  8. this angel has come to me and I have heard the name Azekiel, he said he has
    been with me a long time. I have never seen him, only heard his name.
    I am considering surgery, having tests now, so…?????…
    Last time I had surgery in 2003, Archangel Raphael was with me, and I felt
    very uplifted (not scared)
    In the past I have seen and spoken with Archangel Michael, who was focused
    on humanity in 1990 teaching groups of us many things about the future.

  9. I’ve never experienced anything like what you or any others here described. But last night my boyfriend spoke in his sleep, and he kept talking about Ezekiel and he mentioned Michael. He talked about a battle that is coming. He said our family is safe, under protection. He told me God is real and he is near. He rolled over and started literally inhaling a scent on my body I couldn’t smell, and smiled and called me Ursa? He said we had always been together and would be for eternity, but he was still calling himself Ezekiel and calling me Ursa. I have struggled for a very long time with my belief/disbelief in God, and I started crying when he said God is real. Then he opened his eyes and looked at me and I swear it wasn’t him looking at me. He spoke in a deep, different voice that literally terrified me. He said that I was not to tell him of anything I heard, and he used my real name and said he’d be back. That’s the only part that felt “bad” about the whole experience. I can’t find any reference to Ursa anywhere, have you heard this name before?

  10. All I’m getting is that this experience will provide you with a choice… and Ezekiel is here to support you in either choice you make. You could choose to go… and you can choose to stay. If you choose to stay, it will initiate a period of huge transformation here. If you go, you will be called elsewhere to carry out “your plan.” All is good… and this is beautiful! Ezekiel is all about transformation and death (which is simply a transformation). He will help in either way you choose. Blessings!

  11. Only in reference to the story of Callisto/Zeus/Artemis, but doesn’t feel like that. There is also a Teutonic goddess Ursa…but not much published about her, and I currently have no recollection of her, either. In these increasingly common occurrences that are happening, I typically counsel my students and clients to go into meditation and ask for conscious clarity of the situation, and more importantly, what the relevance is to their journey at this time to have this information. We’ve been many… most important now is to remember the whole of the ultimate soul’s purpose!

    Interesting experience, though… as the persona Ezekiel is more of an avatar, and there are a number who are of that persona incarnate now (and who would have the memory of being Ezekiel…I know several)… why it would come up this way. What a fun avenue to explore!

    If you would like additional assistance, I’d be glad to do some session work with you. 🙂

  12. I had a lucid dream the other night and it was that Ezekiel is the name of my angel who guides me and has been guardian throughout my life. I had never heard of this Arch Angel and looked him up, coming across this website. I have ask for a sign from him so that I have not doubt he is my guardian angel but so far that has not happened. I did nread, after findng his name that there is such an Angel, though I am told Angels actually appear as orbs and not with wings. I have had conversations in my mind with him but perhaps I am just crazy and talking to myself

  13. So, I’ve always wondered who my guardian angel was. I’d pray to God to tell me their name. Because I saw no results, I gave up. This was when I was in my early teens.

    7 years later I got the urge to ask again. I sat down in my room and demanded to know. It was weird because as soon as I asked with all of that longing from 7 years, my surroundings got really silent yet serene.

    My mom and sister were in the living room causing a ruckus, but I didn’t hear any of it! Instinctually, I closed my eyes and a name popped into my head. From that moment on, it felt as if I’d just woken up from a good night’s sleep.

    At first I believe that it was just my imagination and what happened was bordeline delusional.

    I couldnt shake the thought off my mind and googled the name. To my surprise, here I am and now I know I wasn’t crazy

  14. Last Saturday I had a reading and was told that Archangel Ezekiel was my guide and he appeared at the reading. Last night, I attended a class on Sacred Geometry and learned for the first time about “merkabahs”. Also, I just got finished printing off pictures of merkabahs from the internet before I looked up info about Archangel Ezekiel. So when I read this piece, I really got the “vibes”. Also, your first introduction to him was on January 10th….my birthday! This gave me so much confirmation. Thank you!

  15. So today I contacted my guardian angel for the second time. The first time I did and asked for his name, he said Ezekiel, but for some reason I hesitated. When I meditated again, I asked for his name one more time and he answered with “you already know”. I asked what does his name mean, who is he, after which he told me to do research, with a kind smile on his face. So I started looking up his name. Since I was hesitating about his appearance too, I wanted to find a description of him. Then I came across this site and found out that he appeared to me just the way you described him.

    I can’t really tell you how happy I am 😀 because he’s been calling for me for a very long time. Not to mention I can actually feel him smile right now, him being happy for me and probably for us, this is so awesome. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  16. thank you so very much! its nice to know im not a freakin loon 🙂

  17. Thank you! I started intentional automatic writing a few days ago and today when I asked who the message was from, the answer was Ezekiel although I wasn’t sure if the spelling. A friend recently died, and my family and I are in a huge period of transformation so it all makes sense. Than you so much for your website. The other name I got the other day was Jude. It may have been the Apostle, Saint Jude, but I don’t know.
    Many thanks. I have also begun to study spiritual healing and am writing a book about being healed then being able to follow the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across Spain, painting along the way.

  18. Just received a reading tonight and was told that Archangel Ezekiel was my guide. I went straight on Google and your site is the first that popped up. This is all new to me, so I have some things to learn (what is a merkabah) and how to connect with Ezekiel. I have never experienced anything like what others have, but looking forward to it. Thank you,

  19. For some unknown reason I have recently been compelled to learn about angels. I am just getting my feet wet and know nothing. I wanted to search and find out who my own special angel was and not having much success. Last night I woke in the middle of the night and had a visit from my Father who has been dead for 25 years and he said Ezekiel. I am not imagining this I have visitations from my loved ones periodically so I didn’t even know if Ezekiel was even an angel which has brought me to this site. I am a little dismayed to .learn that he is the angel of death however. But would like to learn more since he must be MY angel

  20. I’m so happy to come across these experiences! I have been asking to meet my guardian angel. I was doing my morning meditation when a bright light came into my mind and I was given the name Ezekiel. I googled his name and your comments came up. Thank you for your insight. ? I’m so comforted by this knowledge.???
    much love,

  21. I was feeling very afraid and blocked when I have tried to take the smallest steps toward starting an energy psychology practice. I was doing TAT on this and Ezekiel showed up. I have had to laugh reading about him and grateful.

  22. I have been working with energy healing through Yoga Therapy and a meditation in motion I call Healing Yoga. Recently I have been guided to write a blog and yesterday I asked to know the name of my guide. I was told it was Ezekiel. I had only heard that name in association with the Jewish prophet so I googled and immediately was guidede to your site. Before I decided to click on it, a message from Ezekiel caught my attention. In it there were referrences to so many synchronicities in these past few weeks including my first connection with a Merkaba….This journey is so exciting! Can’t wait for more….:)

  23. I have had Daniel with me for many many years. As of late, I have been feeling him more and more, but something else… today in meditation , I kept getting ” Ezekiel Ezekiel.” Wait, I said to myself, is this your name ? not Daniel? Ezekiel. In the tree above me, a bird call i was unfamiliar with rang in my ears, and as I opened my eyes, this bird flew into the tree right in front of me. I did not recognize it. I have many birds in my yard, and know them , but this one I had not seen. With chills running through me, I got up and typed in Ezekiel. And Aha, here you were.
    thank you

  24. Me too had a dream about a man with 4 faces some of
    Them were animal around spring equinox wanted me to go with him I asked him if my physical body had to die being a out of body traveler he said yes I told him I didn’t want to leave my kids he said he’ll be back in fall ? now that I’ve thought about it if it’s to help humanity and spread the word of God I will give up my life

  25. Ok wow, so my encounter with Ezekiel:

    About 1 year ago I was washing the dishes and I heard a strong but friendly male voice say ‘hello’ it confused me but I went along with it and asked who he was and i heard the name Ezekiel clear as day and I felt a tall presence stood behind me which freaked me out as it was my first encounter with any kind of spiritual being!

    We had a little conversation any way and he mentioned the akashic records which I’d heard of before but I can’t remember much else.

    Anyway, since that first encounter I’ve not heard from him since this morning during breakfast! What a whirlwind I have been through between now and then…I broke up with my long term boyfriend of 4 years, moved out independently in my own flat for the first time ever, I reclaimed my independence and my sense of self, I got my first tattoo (yes, a merkabah!) and THEN… I met the love of my life, we’ve been together for 2 months and it may sound a bit twee but we just know each other, he rocks my world and has shown me what it means to be loved and to love to the deepest, almost uncomfortable depths of my soul. So yes…. Angel of transformation definitely!

    Thanks Ezekiel!

    Love and light to everyone!

  26. Hi! Just wanted to say that I came across this after looking for information on Ezekiel. I just started channeling and when I asked for a guide his name popped in my head. I was having trouble focusing but I also sensed the words “glorified angel” which now I understand maybe his way of saying Archangel.

    Thank you for sharing!

  27. I am Awakening. Help me. I was just Ezeikial’s vessel and he labeled me a prophet. He feels like a Brother. I am seeing merkhabas. Someone message me

  28. I was told on 2 occasions now, (the last one being half an hour ago), that Ezekiel is one of my guides. 🙂

  29. Thank you for posting this! Yes, I too stumbled on your page because I searched for information about Archangel Ezekiel. I was told that he is one of the many Angels working with me. He is to help me transition gently in the future. I think that is amazing and I feel such comfort in knowing that!!!
    I really appreciate your story! It’s my hope that I will actually receive confirmations in the future as I grow Spiritually… hopefully getting a chance to see him 🙂

  30. Thank you for sharing your experience. I had my first encounter with Ezekiel yesterday and every time i asked for proof he went and got it for me in a such an obvious manner that i was stunned. I believe him now. But it was hard for me to believe that He would be the one coming to talk to me. I was “expecting” someone I already prayed to before. Now ,without him telling me directly, i know why He came. Now i know his role.

  31. One day I was just watching a youtube video about a song I love. On the right sidebar, angel sites popped up. In the past, I have searched sites on angel sightings. I’ve definitely believe in guardian angels. It was very quiet and I was very relaxed. I decided to watch a video with a lady explaining what it means to have a guardian angel. I began to get so relaxed, I almost fell asleep. All of a sudden, the name Ezekiel popped in my head. I found that so strange. It stayed with me for several days. Today, I decided to do a search for Ezekiel. I came upon this site. Very interesting. What should I do now? I feel I should watch that lady’s video again. I guess I was in some sort of meditative state. Does Ezekiel have a message for me? I am a very religious Catholic.

  32. Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  33. When I asked for my guide I heard Ezekiel and saw a long haired winged man with shiny armor and sword. The color grey/silver really stood out. I wonder if that symbolizes protection.

  34. I’m currently battle with this guide in my head . Angel Ezekiel came to me today when I was meditating . Yet he tells me he’s not my guide and he’s my ex boyfriend guide but he has a message for me . I’m going through spirtual awakening . I mentioned his name when I was naming my other guides name Angel Michael and Raphael . This is making me lose sight for I keep asking myself Are u my guide but he keeps saying no . My ex boyfriend Emmanuel is he’s guide but he has a message for me . And the reason why he came up is because I’m opening to listen . I’m finding it hard because I’m going through spirtual awaking . Yet when I ask is angel Ezekiel my guide he says no . I’m I bugging or this is real . I’m really confused because alll the things that are been said is what happening to me . Do I believe this or not

  35. Why would it matter? Is there any reason you would doubt the information? Do you set your connections to require only what’s from unconditional love and highest and best for you and your journey at this point?

    You can connect with a plethora of beings who aren’t specifically “your guide”… we’re all the same, all Divine. I get messages as I need them from many different faces. Ask if it’s your truth and what’s highest and best… and if you get yes, then just say, “OK, so what’s important for me to know from this interaction?” Simple as that! 🙂

  36. Ezekiel tends to show up to those who are on the verge of a huge transformation in their lives. Just be open and allow yourself to receive, and ask to be clearly shown what it is that’s important for you to now at this point on your journey. 🙂

  37. Early this morning I had a dream about a writing on tne ceiling saying Ezexiel, Ariel, Uriel, but I had a baby in my hands saying Ezekiel, Uriel, ARIEL. That is when I decided to look up ngel angels names and found your sisiteGot to tell you that I was afraid because he is suppose to be the angel of death and transition. Thank you!

  38. I am so excited! I started reading books on how to contact my angels and spirit guide 2 years ago after I lost a Brother who was very dear to me. I have been going through a huge transformation myself from about 5yrs ago, but my Brothers loss was the final trigger to make a difficult transition in my life. When I asked the name of my guide, who I felt was ‘male’ or masculine energy, the name Ezekiel came to me. I just thought this was probably my own mind giving me an answer, so I dismissed it. Then 2 weeks later, I asked again, and he said to me ‘you were right the first time, its Ezekiel’!!
    I’ve also met him during a deep meditation, where I went to a different dimension. I was met by 2 beautiful females, who led me through a stunning garden setting, which was very bright, and like a ‘paradise’. They led me into a cool area embedded into a rock face, kind of like a shallow cave which was cool and shaded, and there was a male with longish dark hair playing a guitar, the most angelic music I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if this was Ezekiel, as I didn’t see wings.
    The two women said to me ‘Welcome Maria, we’ve been waiting for you’!
    I stayed with them for a good few minutes before they had to show me the way back out of the garden. When I came out through the ‘doorway’ I was back in my room again, and very aware I had just experienced something very special.
    I am feeling very blessed, and am so happy to have found this website, whilst google searching if Ezekiel was indeed an arch angel.!

  39. Very cool experience, Maria! Sounds only slightly different than the first time I reconnected with Ezekiel! Blessings! Angela

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