Angel/Goddess Maia/Maya

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NOTE: This first part is excerpted from my June 19, 2010 post, Catching Up – a “Little” Reference Page! However, I’ve also added some of my additional “direct” conversations that have been autotyped, appended on to the bottom, as well as some historical information about Maia/Maya, and how I think it applies in my personal circumstance.

It wasn’t more than a week or so after Ezekiel introduced himself to me when I was meditating one morning and I met Maia.I was actually working on astral projection – something I know I’d done “by accident” a few times over the years – and I was having problems lifting myself out of my body. My base chakra wouldn’t detach, and in my meditative state, I was trying to pull myself out, when I looked up and there was this hole in the ceiling……. and a woman was reaching down to offer me an arm up.That particular effort was unsuccessful. However, this woman was offering me encouragement, telling me it was alright –  that it would probably take a little work – but still offering me help during my effort.When I’d put that effort to rest for that day, and she realized that I had stopped, she soon appeared in front of me.

She was an average build, had wavy, shoulder length, strawberry blonde hair – and she was dressed in a thin armor metal of sorts (yet she looked comfortable wearing it).

At that point, I had my laptop at the ready. Here’s part of the first autotype session I had with her:

I am Maya. I am of the light; some of the highest light in the center of us One.

You will remember; we will get better at this.  What’s most important right now is that you remember to call for me when you meditate, and I will be the one to show you how to use your awakening abilities. You have much to learn, and not much time! There are many who will need you to teach them; you and the others awakening now will lead. You will show them the ways I show you, along with their guides! However, they will trust a human in the flesh more… The early Awakened listen to us, but many others will ignore our voices as a thought or fleeting idea …

You still have some to learn to fulfill your final contract in this dimension, but you will achieve your goals much more easily now. They will seem petty to you in comparison to what we’re doing…

We will talk much shortly! My love and light.

Maia had me stumped. When she’d told me she was from  “some of the highest light in the center of us one,” in my mind, she’d showed me an infinitely bright glowing ball in layers of sorts – like the petals of a flower. And when apparently showing me where she was, it was definitely close to protecting the core.

Yet I’d never heard the name in Biblical discussion, nor did I specifically recall the name in other mythologies I’d encountered. Yet I knew about the Mayan civilization, and I knew the month of May had to do with a Maia/Maya, so I figured there was something Roman, Greek, or Pagan associated with it. And, since the Maia/Maya I saw was fair-skinned and fair-haired, I figured Roman, Greek, of Pagan would be the closest relation.

And so, I set to Google yet again, and I had to dig a bit.

In the meantime, while I had been puzzling over this, I had shot off an email to an acquaintance I had made via the Internet, and who had proven to be knowledgeable in these matters. She was the first site I came across when I was having my odd Awakening symptoms, and was looking for people to talk to about it; she’s a clairvoyant in Australia who had early on posted a section to her Website offering “Lightworker Discussion” – for people who needed some place to talk about new abilities that were arising. I went to her board and posted about the Guides I had been meeting, including my puzzle about Maia, hoping that Willow would have some insight to steer me the right way.

Somehow, I’d missed that Maya or Maia was the name for a goddess or central figure of sorts in many ancient societies; my efforts brought up a variety of different histories, obviously the ancient civilization of Maya, but also Maya, the Virgin mother of Buddha; Hindu, as the Goddess of the mystical; Pagan, as the Goddess of Fertility and Spring (thus, May); and also Greek, as the Goddess Maia, mother of Hermes and eldest daughter of Pleiades.

The last one seemed close (even some pictures I saw weren’t far off from who I’d seen in the meditation); plus, the tie-in to Pleiades gave me THE BUZZ, even though I wasn’t sure why.

About a day later, I received a response from Willow, which was VERY confirming, and came through to me just as I was really spending my time looking into Maia/Maya. This isn’t verbatim (Willow has since taken down her posting board), but this is close to the response she posted:

I was given specific information to share with you; I’ve been told to guide you to a book called The Pleiadian Agenda, the author is Barbara Crow. Funny, I’ve had the book on a stack for years, so when I got this message, I picked it up, dusted it off, and now I’m plowing right through it, and don’t want to put it down!

I remember when I read that message; it was late at night on a Saturday, and everyone else in my house had gone to bed. First of all, the Pleiadian connection confirmed my earlier thoughts. But EVEN FUNNIER was a FLASHBACK that occurred right after I read it…

… to about a year before, prior to these experiences (back to when I guess life just seemed “normal,” whatever that was). I had gone with my husband and children to Barnes & Noble bookstore – a huge toy store for me! I was randomly browsing through different section of books by myself, and had come across the New Age section. After browsing a little more individually through that section, I completely randomly picked up two books on topics in which I’d never even really had more than a passing interest – a book on the Mayan prophecies regarding 2012, and a book on what was being claimed to be a “sister” race with whom those of us on Earth had some supposedly ancient connections – the Pleiadians. The funny thing: I brought those books home, sifted through them a little, then put them on the bookshelf and forgot about them…

As I thought about it, I couldn’t remember what the specific name of the book about the Pleiadians had been. As I looked up to think about it, I glanced straight across the livingroom from where I was sitting – to a bookshelf. As I was wondering if I should even get up to look on the bookshelf (and whether that was the bookshelf where I would have had that book), my eyes rested on the book I was wondering about…

The Pleiadian Agenda, by Barbara Crow.

I laughed!

The more I “connect in” to our collective Universe, the more I realize that having someone clear on the other side of the planet get a message relayed back to me (since I apparently wasn’t open enough to receive it without question at the time) that the information I was looking for was sitting right in my living room – about 15 feet away from me – is far from bizarre. Because to the Universe in it’s vastness, it was like Willow was just sitting in my livingroom, got up, walked over to the bookshelf, and handed me the book… “Here you go, Dummy! Right here!”

Anyway, though I’ve not yet figured her out in entirety (good grief, look up Maya/Maia online sometime, the name really has been revered through different societies through the ages); in fact, the picture I used above is a painting of Joan of Arc (associated with Ascended Lady Master Lotus… though there’s never a mention of connection to her), because she really looks a lot like the way Joan is depicted in this picture! I guess I’ll just have to piece that one together (also that the lotus symbolizes Ascended Lady Master Lotus, and before I ever knew that, I’d in a spur of the moment thing incorporated a blue lotus into a tattoo I recently got). Regardless, she is a constant, supportive, Guide who is always there when I call on her, and she has opened my consciousness to quite mind-expanding information when I’ve needed it.

In September 2010, I actually did a “Guide reorg” as a meditational activity/practice while finishing a 3-day intensive workshop in Shamballa healing… where we requested to take the time for God/Spirit/Creator to assess our individual point in our spiritual evolution, and have our Guide groups change out as needed. During this process, Maia told me that though she would  remain as one of my “Guide family,” her role would become more minor, moving ahead… and I would soon understand why.

It was in November when I finally understood… because she is part of a sort of “unit” – with Mary Magdalene (Miriam – see Mary Magdalene’s page for more information) and Jeshua (see Jeshua’s page for more information). In one meditation, Jeshua and Mary Magdalene (with Maia present, as well) told me that though Maia has done much in the Pleiadian existence, she has also helped in the Earth existence, as well… and one of the roles she had chosen was part of the concept of the true “Holy Trinity” – translated to “the Divine Whole” – as the child of Jeshua and Miriam when they were here together on Earth – which was indicated (by Jeshua) to be Mother-Father-Child.

It was from that point on that I started seeing less and less of Maia… though she pops in on occasion, but usually with Jeshua and Miriam now.

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  1. Hi I actually have came in contact with a entity named Maya I thought it was actually my spirit guide at first then I came to figure out that it was the same entity that you encountered. She spoke to me and told me that she was to help me awaken my abilities to help other on the ascension path. It strange that I finally found someone that knows what I’m talkin about.
    I appreciate this posting and I look forward to speaking with u more. Love n Light and Blessings to you , ” Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams” ~ Bryan

  2. You have no idea how much this webpage has helped me, it is amazing how much everything just falls into place.

    PS Joan of Arc was a descendent of Mary and Jesus’ children.

  3. I’m glad it helped! Comments on some of these pages really bring me back to them, and remind me that some of them need updating… but also, there was some info I had put on here that I had totally forgotten about, and that REALLY tie in to more of the understandings that I have today… all in Divine Order! It’s all awesome! 🙂

  4. am grateful to hear these because about two different astrologers have been able to tell me that Maya and Isabella are my minor angels and st Uriel my major angel and are solidly behind me from the time i was born. can u also enlighten me on this subject please

  5. About 3 years ago, I became conscious in a dream. I got a connection with a female voice, didn’t see her but I could hear her, She said her name was Maia and that she was mybguide which I intuitively knew. She gave me some inormation on raising my vibration from what I gathered and told me how to contact her. When that ended I immediately went to re-search the name and the info she gave me, I started doubting her since I also found out that it is the name of the illusion-maia became dissapointed because I thought it was all an illusion but then more dreams started pointing towards the constellation of the pleiades where I have a very strong connection to and also been told I have pleiadian dna.

    It’s never left my mind and so I started re-searching again tonight to find this which makes me feel a great excitement and certainty. Unfortunately though, I haven’t hear from her sice then and although she told me how to contact her I havent been able to :/

    Thank you very much for posting this, sometimes we need reassurance to move on to the next level.


  6. I’m really wondering if a being I came into contact with quite a few years ago is Maia/Maya. It was probably 10 or so years ago, and it was at Summer Solstice. I woke up in the middle of the night out of a dead sleep and felt like I was being called downstairs, like little beings were wanting me to “hurry up,” playfully tugging at me while making my way downstairs. I was planning on leaving milk and honey and bread for the wee folk and some pretty marine colored stones on my patio. I was feeling very “mind-expanded” and started doing some writings about what I was feeling. I had the patio drapes closed, but my dog was facing the patio door and didn’t budge for quite a time, leaving me to wonder what was going on outside. Anyway, I felt like someone was around me, trying to communicate with me, and I felt it was important to know their name. I have the black encyclopedia set Mysteries of the Unknown, and I started looking at the index book which has abbreviations listed for which book certain subjects are under. I started looking at the abbreviations for the books that dealt with faeries, thinking maybe the abbreviations would spell a name for me. I came up with “Mayema.” The next morning I researched the net but the only thing I could come up with was something to do with a type of sheep or goat (??) You’ve really got me wondering who this is or who this is meant to be for me, so I’ll be doing more searching, I’ll leave you with this I just found, with a smile because it looks promising for my search on Mayaema:

    Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions

    From the East, House of Light
    May wisdom Dawn in us
    So we may see all things in clarity

    From the North, House of Night
    May Wisdom Ripen in Us
    So we may know all from within

    From the West, House of Transformation
    May Wisdom be transformed into right action
    So we may do what must be done

    From the South, House of Eternal Sun
    May right action reap the harvest
    So we may enjoy the fruits of Planetary being

    From Above, House of Heaven
    Where Star people and Ancestors gather
    May their blessings come to us Now

    From Below, House of Earth
    May the heartbeat of her crystal core
    Bless us with harmonies to end all war

    From the Center, Galactic Source
    Which is everywhere at once
    May everything be known
    as the light of mutual Love

    Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho
    Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho
    Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho
    “All Hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature”

    Jose Arguelles
    Foundation for the Law of Time

    Blessed Be!

  7. I found the information I wrote down that night so long ago, the name is Mayema. Next to it I had written “gentle lady.”

    the other letter groups made these names, but somehow Mayema seems “right.”

    Amayem, Emyama Yemama, Meyama, Emamay.

    Other notes I found about Mayema, Gorilla (Genus of?).

    Mayema, Congo-Chevre commune, (Marungu)

    then there is the thing about long-haired or short-haird goat (at critical risk) found in Rwanda, Burundi, Kivu and parts of Southern Uganda.

    I just thought it was so awesome what you wrote about Maya/Maia, as this puzzle was never solved for me. Although through the years I’ve worked with at least 10 Goddesses, and 3 Gods, Mayema has remained elusive.

    Interesting site, I’ll be wanting to check our your multi-media!

  8. William Westcott wrote me a letter and in that letter he represented himself as being some type of seer. In that letter he expressed his acknowledgment of my inner being having first substantiated his claim that indeed he had the capability and the resource to identify my self as being the child who at the age of 5 who had received direct communication from Myah. She had intervened on my behalf to conquer and thus alleviate the pain that my earthly form would endure. Myah revealed to me the exercise to perform when my physical being was threatened with oncoming painful damage. Her guidance was transmitted through my right ear as I laid in the grass unable to walk as a result of my bare foot stepping on the lid of a tin can and being unaware that such incident had occurred and therefore had then continued to walk until I collapsed on the ground.. Up till that time, I had not experienced any discomfort at all. The timing of this accident was very brief -perhaps, five minutes at the most. Before I could assess what was my dilemma and before I could correlate it to any previous experience, I heard the most heavenly and motherly voice in my right ear who instructed me to listen and to obey her and that she was going to get me through this. By following her guidance in this instance, I would learn how to handle any pain regardless of its origin and irrespective of its type.

    I have always and still do believe that the voice that so wisely nurtured me through that point in my life belonged to my guardian angel. She imparted to me a blueprint to gauge all the aspects of my life for 60 years now.. It is as though she has granted me this key, among others over the years, to unlock the secretes to survival in this life.

    I have till now referred to her as the generic guardian angel that God has assigned to each of us. However, I have not ever felt that such a general classification sufficiently covers her position in my life.

    That I may call her Myah pleases me. That I may reverence her with a name satisfies me. That I may en-title her allows me the opportunity to voice my respect and my appreciation. That I may refer to her specifically as the entity so-called by God fills me with pride. That I may acknowledge her presence and position in life allows me to love her.

  9. In my search for answers to what’s going on with me right now I found this thread.
    An experience during meditation at a spiritual development class (my very 1st one actually)
    I was given the initial A followed by the word chel.
    I saw images in my mind of rainbows and more prominent the colour orange and also sunflowers.
    I put the A and chel together and googled the word Achel discovered the name of Mayan goddess of the moon Ix chel also referred to as lady of the rainbow.
    Ix pronounced ee silent x so would be pronounced ee’shell, the letter E having variation in sounds would sound like A.
    Being very new to this with not much knowledge on mythology or angels/guides I’m thinking this is CRAZY not sure what to make of it… coincidence perhaps? Interesting none the less and to read others have had similar happen helps to not question my sanity too much
    very glad to have found and read all of your experiences

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