(My) Elohim

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NOTE: This first part is excerpted from my June 19, 2010 post, Catching Up – a “Little” Reference Page! However, I’ve also added some of my additional “direct” conversations that have been autotyped, appended on to the bottom, as well as some historical information about the Elohim, and how I think it applies in my personal circumstance.

History of Elohim

My Elohim (which is what I call it – I want to say “him,” but I don’t think the elohim are either) is the first “voice” that came through to me, and is probably who I would say has always been my primary guide, because now that I’m aware and have reflected back, it’s the “outside voice” I’ve heard for a long time.

It’s the voice that came through in my first autotyping sessions (see the post about my first autotyping experiences), and was the first “constant presence” I felt over my shoulder. There are no facial features I can distinguish; mostly because I just see a figure with wings and a golden glow around it that is simply there. Sort of floating, very soothing. Just very there.

I’d never even HEARD of the term Elohim before I was told, when I’d already gotten Ezekiel and Maia’s names. I asked, and was told, “I have no name.” Before I could focus in on that, in that particular meditation (which was part of a worldwide teleconference meditation on January 15th, 2010 with a channeler named Selacia – she channels what she calls “The Council of 12?; I’ve found that the guided meditations she holds through those teleconferences are particularly powerful; here’s her Website: http://www.selacia.com/), my Elohim took me through the memory of 5 different past lives; when I said I didn’t understand at first, I was shown that it was lives in which I’d been with my husband, in one form or another (sometimes I was the woman, sometimes he – in fact, I joked with him about what a beautiful woman he was! LOL). In asking about it, I was told we were together this time because we had one more thing to work out with each other – and I got the feeling it was a biggie.

And when I was told about it, Elohim took me to Lemuria/Mu, and told me it had to do with that life.

Anyway, the next morning, I woke up and had a strange word repeating itself over the over in my head. Elohim, elohim, elohim, elohim…and I knew it was from that Guide. I remember asking my husband if he knew the word, and he didn’t.

So again, I did some research, and found out several meanings of Elohim… the one that most resonated with this Guide being was one of the higher level angels who don’t have a name that we would understand.

The day after this meditation I mention, I asked as part of the next day’s meditation:

Is Elohim your name?
It is what I am called. I have no no formal name, but I am your Guide, of that be sure.

You are getting better at focusing your energy and meditation. That is good.

Were those past lives you were showing me last night?
Yes. You have many more. You have have much experience on this plane. You will begin to remember more soon. Be patient…

You will continue to get a lot very quickly. You will have to sort a lot out. The …[animals?] are starting to get sick. There is a  lot more wrong with your food than you realize. It will be harder and harder to find the REAL truth. But you must! The people will start to get sick next. Really sick; not like now. This is just a precursor. It needs to be cleansed. Pyramids cleanse. You must remember how to use their energy to do so.

How many dimensions are there?
There are many; many more than you’d think. But they’re just layers that make up the holistic picture. When you remember, you will understand naturally.You have been around for a long time; we know you can be trusted to carry out the help that needs to be given. Learn, remember, and teach. There will soon be many others who are [Awakening]…you will all awaken the fastest because we need you to.

Won’t many followers of some churches think this is of the Devil?
Love and light could never be a devil; the devil is in their hearts, and it is called fear. There is none otherwise. One at a time, if you must. They are more ready than you think, just not aware.

I have a “secret signal” set up with my Elohim, as with the others… this way, if I get “a message” along with the signal, I know where it’s coming from.

My 41st birthday present  to myself was a tattoo with complex meaning that I designed myself; watching over the rest of the tattoo is the upper half of my Elohim, because I know my Guides are always with me.

History of Elohim
It depends who and what resource you ask!

From my perspective and (now) experience, the Elohim are one of the highest level of angels “under” God/Spirit/Creator, in terms of hierarchy. Depending on the opinion of different historical religions, they are one of the highest “choirs” of angels…and often are unnamed, because they are so close to God (in fact, some religions use the term as a reference for God). I guess I could understand that; my Elohim – the one who’s “had my back,” apparently for most of my life – has probably has the most generic “voice” of all besides God/Spirit/Creator…. and without emotional inflection. Don’t get me wrong in saying that… because I’ve just found that the “higher” you get, the PURER you can feel the Universal Love coming through! It’s just less individualized as a personality (if you study ThetaHealing at any point, it’s inflection, moods, and emotion that actually denote ego – or the individual – so the “higher” you get, the more Universal the voice becomes).

In September 2010, I actually did a “Guide reorg” as a meditational activity/practice while finishing a 3-day intensive workshop in Shamballa healing… where we requested to take the time for God/Spirit/Creator to assess our individual point in our spiritual evolution, and have our Guide groups change out as needed. During this process, my Elohim told me it was time to step down as a Guide… because I have reached the “next level,” and the Elohim’s purpose had been fulfilled. However, it was made clear that all I ever need to do is call if I felt the need… and I have to say, the few times I’ve summoned my Elohim since, it has been at my side immediately. Great kind of support we get!  🙂

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  4 Responses to “(My) Elohim”

  1. Interesting! I came to your site after hearing the word “Elohim” in my head for days without knowing what it meant, and just before I suddenly saw the word in reference to God, and then I of course had to google and dig a little deeper. I still don’t really have a feeling of what it means to me, but it seems quite significant. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Same here. A single word….ELOHIM, pronounced in a different way than I would say it.

  3. I heard this name while trying to learn meditation. I am not sure how I got the name but I’m sure it was elohim.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I know it was a long time ago. Recently I asked my Spirit Guide what his name was and he stated Elohim. He did state he was a collective of what I did not hear. This just validated what I experienced.

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