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When we are based in the mind/ego, we limit ourselves to expectations that we can only conjure in the mind/ego. When we hear the word “healing,” we often have a set of certain expectations in our mind that can ultimately limit us.

Important to ask yourself, does your mind consider healing – physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual – “the alleviation of uncomfortable symptoms” (aka, “put on a Band-Aid”), or actually getting to the core underlying issues and removing them so the “symptoms” will disappear?

Ultimately, from an an energetic point of view, it is my understanding that “healing” is allowing full flow, full connection to the Higher Self/Divine, without limitations that are impeded by resistance – such as fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, regret, guilt, doubt, sorrow, and pain – and thus, allows experience of the higher vibrations of happiness, joy… and bliss.

When we put expectations around what that will look like, based on what the mind pictures… we often limit the result. Do you believe you can only heal so much, so far, because of ___________________ (your age, your weight, your genetics, etc.)? Do you just feel like “healing” would simply encompass removal of chronic pain? If you hold such beliefs, you will limit your ultimate result to that.

It’s the ego that puts a picture around the word… and such a powerful word it is!

Also, because of the physical element of healing, we often have our mind set certain expectations as to what that looks like… particularly with energy healing work. I remember once I had a client with whom I had one session; during the session, she told me she was in a serious funk because she’d lost her job, lost her home, she was living in one room of a friend’s house, and she wanted to just curl up into the fetal position and fade away. We worked on a lot that day energetically! After about a month passed from the session, I was nudged to send her an email to check in and see how she was doing, if she’d noticed any differences, etc. Her response was that she didn’t think our session had done much for her… but since we’d spoken, she’d gotten a new job, a new place to live, and had met some new people she really liked… and she was much, much happier. As it all did happen immediately after our session, I understood that what we’d worked on together had released a lot of what she’s held on to so she could open herself up energetically to what she desired… it was so graceful and easy that she hadn’t even realized it until I explained how it was connected!

I have worked with some who have what we consider “terminal dis-eases”… and though some may have ultimately chosen to transition, it was well worth all of the work to release all of the weights that had caused them to come into that physical state in the first place… because they were actually able to transition in peace, and now they don’t have to carry it forward into their next life, their next experience, as a lesson still to be learned. Is that a failure to the effort? Absolutely not… as long as we don’t attach our mind’s expectations to it. If we think that death itself is considered “failure”… then we limit ourselves.

We have many, many layers of experience… and thus, in the journey to remember our Divinity, the “healing” is to release resistance that we still hold, assimilate the lessons… and remember our light in unconditional love. What that “looks like” in 3D existence is different for everyone and continuously shifts as we do, but ultimately results in happiness, joy, love, and bliss! The key goes back to flow, flow, flow… as the energetic torus as pictured here, if we are in full flow, without resistance, we exist without pain, without difficulties… and can soar into our “next level.”

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