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Do you fully pay attention to your words, to the reality you create in them? We are in such a habit of ignoring the power of our creation by the words we use, that even those of us who are very adept at doing so often have “blind spots” created by the ego that we can be challenged in noting (and changing)!

For example… do you say things like, “I’m too old to ____” “I don’t do well with a lot of other people…” “I’m getting old…” (implying you’re getting frail) “I can’t pull off something like that…” “I’m allergic to…” “I’m _______ (diabetic, bipolar, ADD, you name it)”? Often, we simply accept the limitations imparted to us by others (“you’re not ______ enough,” or “you’re too _______”), or we perpetuate cultural norms by accepting them and repeating them, again and again. We accept things that have limited us our entire lives… because we’ve let them limit us before.

We can change EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING… even what doctors, scientists, belief systems, institutions, and commercials tell us we can’t (an amazing story of an extreme example of this is Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying To Be Me”). It’s been more of an exercise in duality… creating such disempowerment, telling ourselves – and each other – that others are more powerful, know more than we do, and that the Divine is outside of us, that it couldn’t possibly be within.

Part of our shifting into a new paradigm is recognizing that the Divine is WITHIN us, that we have access to ALL… and that we are CREATORS of our reality. The “return to magic” is very largely remembering the power of our own creation via thoughts and words, via remembering our Divine abilities – and that we can release and change anything – yes, ANYTHING – that limits us, in ANY way! In fact, the key areas in which to start to focus are where you limit yourself by your words and beliefs (see the statements above). That’s what we do in what’s called “energy work” – start with the core underlying issues, the non-physical causes to the physical, whether it’s purely physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, etc. Eventually, as we release those causes, many issues formerly plaguing us simply disappear entirely.

I’ve seen it, first hand… and I’ve EXPERIENCED it first hand. I’ve seen instantaneous healings… and I’ve experienced them… of all types!

I get it; it can be scary to the ego… because it’s used to projecting blame onto others… that’s the comfort zone! The realization of this is that we’re fully responsible for our entire existence; our entire reality. Once this is accepted, blame disappears… and all we realize we’re doing is looking at the mirror within. The best way to do this? Letting go of the limitations of duality, and thus, judgment… to be able to look at ALL that is within and accept it… embrace it with love… and let go of the manifested limitations.

So, where to start? Take a day and set your intention to notice ALL of your “I AMs” – spoken AND unspoken – and write them down. Do you say, “I can’t do that because I’m ______”? How many times do you say that, along with “I’m not” or “I can’t”? The biggest challenge is in being CONSCIOUS of the thoughts and words, before you can change them!

Once we can notice the limiting patterns… we can CHANGE them! There are many, many ways to do so: simply changing our thought and word patterns (which sounds easy but takes a lot of continued consciousness and patience with ourselves), affirmations, meditation, and – my personal favorite – energy work, among other possibilities.

Here’s a start: Start your day with standing buck naked in front of a mirror, looking yourself straight in the eyes, and saying a simple “I LOVE MYSELF; I AM LIMITLESS.” It may be uncomfortable at first (I always get an uncomfortable shifting from others when I suggest this)… but as you change and shift, you will remember your self love more and more. And then… the other efforts start coming more easily.

And then, one day… PRESTO… things have shifted, in leaps and bounds!

Take it one step at a time… have patience with yourself… and LAUGH! Just commit yourself to the “active journey”… take some baby steps… and the rest will follow!

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