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Many of the Websites and discussion boards out there on awakening, enlightenment, spiritual evolution, developing psychic abilities, healing, light work, angels, channeling, and/or any related topics are pretty much filled with people who have been experiencing these changes for quite awhile and have become comfortable in those communities. They don’t mind being identified, using their names, and openly expressing what it is they’re experiencing.

However, there are MANY people around the world who aren’t comfortable with this; they won’t explore those focused communities, and they definitely don’t want to be easily identifiable, for fear of ridicule, trouble, exile, or any repurcussion related to their family, friends, job, community, and/or culture.

This page is just for you!

You can comment on specific discussion threads, as listed in the table below, or simply just post your questions via the Comments box! I’m leaving it completely open there… so if you have a question, statement, experience, or observation you’d like to post that isn’t directly related to one of the posts on this site, please put it here! There are absolutely no stupid questions on the topics included on this blog/microsite… so speak up!

My biggest goal here is getting you to open up to discuss these experiences and questions you may have – I guarantee you, pretty much everyone is going to be having them, sooner rather than later – so instead of bottling them up because you have no one to talk to about it, you’re afraid people are going to consider you crazy, or – even worse – that you’re “possessed” by some demonic presence, talk about it here! I totally understand – that’s why one of my “jobs” is to open up this type of communication! If you’re looking for answers, and I can’t give it to you personally, you and I can trust that I will be provided with the right resource at the right time, so I can get your answer to you.

I really like the idea of posting these here, so everyone can see that they’re not alone when they get here! However, if you have a question that you’d like to ask but really don’t want it to be seen, submit a Contact Me form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Note: I will NOT share personally identifiable information about you to the community!

I look forward to our interchange!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

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(Arch)Angel Ezekiel (139 comments)
Very cool experience, Maria! Sounds only slightly different than the first time I reconnected with Ezekiel! Blessings! Angela […]
2017-12-11 06:45:51
Archangel Daniel (55 comments)
Hi Debra,

Only you can do that… your journey companions – which many call guides – are there to support your process of doing so.

I can help you with that; it’s what I focus on. This site was where I started years ago, yet there’s much more than […]

2017-12-11 06:44:13
Anubis (13 comments)
Hi I’m Jessy since i waa a child i dreamed an orb speaking to me. When i learned meditation at age of 26 anubis appear in my vision but first it was a desert, a pyramid, a holden light appear in yhe sky and i think it was horus, my position of medita […]
2017-10-14 18:35:22
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene (11 comments)
Many of us incarnate today have remnants of the Mary Magdalene consciousness, as well as Mother Mary and many others… so, it’s actually somewhat common to even get memories as Mary Magdalene, and know you’re a part of that consciousness/avatar.


2017-07-17 14:12:20
(My) Elohim (6 comments)

Recently i started praying for God to reveal the truth about him .I was reading a Urantia book and I came across Guardian Angels and while i asked my angel I asked my Angel what is the name of God,I asked what do you call Him? (I always call […]

2017-03-22 02:24:35
Angel/Goddess Maia/Maya (9 comments)
In my search for answers to what’s going on with me right now I found this thread.
An experience during meditation at a spiritual development class (my very 1st one actually)
I was given the initial A followed by the word chel.
I saw images in […]
2016-12-10 09:41:29
Discussion Board (3 comments)
Hi my name is Rosetta I used to take meditation classes for Mediumship once a year for 10 weeks I did it for 10 years now I live in fl n I found a unity church n started to go once a week since last year then they started to do it once a month so any […]
2015-07-05 20:43:40
Recalling Other Lives (4 comments)
please respond on what I should do now. I need your input and criticisms. don’t worry about making me angry or anything. I pretty much past that now. any advice and criticisms will be evaluated very carefully. thank you much love. […]
george petras
2014-09-25 08:58:37
Clearings/ “Downloads” for You (13 comments)
All you need to do is written at the bottom of the downloads… it’s basically take a deep breath, clear your mind, be open to receive, and say the “trigger word” as listed there. That’s all! ๐Ÿ™‚ […]
2014-08-28 05:40:08
Ascended Master Jeshua (7 comments)

I want that too. I would welcome his presence anytime.

Lynne […]

Lynne foster
2014-03-26 11:46:25
Persevering to the Gold… and Then Getting Past the Void Within (to Get to the Gold) (5 comments)
My apologies Angela, I just saw the About Me tab and am now aware of your bio. You were very helpful to me today as I read this. I was able to release a huge block as I moved through the passages. […]
Jeneva Snow
2014-02-22 09:14:19
Are You Here and Now? Do You Know How to BE? (2 comments)
What a lovely way to spend time with your family.
You just reminded me to go back to my journaling.
There is beauty in the smallest of things if we just live
in gratitude and take the pleasure of all those moments.
right now I am gratefu for the […]
Gloria Chedraue
2014-02-15 10:27:24
Traumatized? Downtrodden? Tired? A Love Note to You on What’s Crumbling Away… (1 comments)
Thank you Angela. This is exactly what I needed. I have shared this with a few friends. […]
2013-09-15 08:50:12
The Explosion of World, Local, & Personal Events… A Note on How This Ties ALL of Us Together (Literally!) (1 comments)
It does seem that I am connecting with people seem to know what they need before I ask them. […]
Ann McKenzie
2013-08-29 09:25:54
Knowing the NEW Door is Always Open… (1 comments)
He’s everywhere! My experience with nature spirits is that they are very open to and welcome human engagement. They often are surprised by it, because we are such short-duration creatures. I hold public sabbat rituals at Pullen park, and it’s amazing […]
2013-08-15 09:15:20
The Angel Oak Tree – A Portal Doorway in SC (and Yet ANOTHER Lesson on Listening) (3 comments)
On the coast of NC, we still have a few of the grand old Live Oaks; they are such … profound Beings. One is beside a restaurant and I call it the Goddess tree: some dirt has accumulated in the top, and several small shrubs and a little cedar tree a […]
Anna Greenflame
2013-08-13 16:48:41
On Rebuilding the Earth (and Rebuilding Ourselves) (2 comments)
Amazing. Thank You and I accept! xoxox […]
Tame Kelly
2013-03-16 14:24:12
Stuck? Sick? Hurt? Can’t Figure it Out? A Perspective to Consider to Move Forward (5 comments)
AMAZING! Thank you for this post! Not only explaining what I have been wondering about but offering a clearing as well! THANKS, ANGELA! […]
Julie Seibert
2013-01-31 10:42:28
Stepping Through the Doorway at Pilot Mountain (and Beyond) on 12-12-12 (6 comments)
There was no me “ LOVE beyond words “ […]
2012-12-17 07:32:01
The “Storm’s” Just Beginning… How to Smooth Out the Edges As We Go… (1 comments)
Good one Angela. I love it. […]
2012-11-02 15:36:19
“Ascension”? Really? With All of This Mess Around Us (and Within)? Some Thoughts to Consider… (7 comments)
Thank you so much for your articles! I just came across your latest blog on Sound of Heart site.
Please write more about AA Ezekiel and the “doorway to transition”!! I thought AA Azrael was the angel of death and transition. I feel a “calling” to he […]
2012-09-16 15:00:33
Are YOU Ready to Cut the Cords? (1 comments)
Thank you, this is very helpful. How do I see cords or develop the ability to cut etheric cords in other where I can actually see the energy imbalances in the aura/chakras? Thank you, ๐Ÿ™‚
exotikk1@yahoo.com […]
2012-08-18 19:22:36
On the Bright Side of Death and Disaster… (REALLY, There IS One!) (1 comments)
Amazing! I have felt this way for a while now, and you’ve verified my feelings and it leaves me with less trepidation to pass this along to those I feel may need it but may not be fully open to this aspect. Even if they’re not right now, it may ease […]
2012-08-05 13:50:51
Close Encounters… of the Pilot Mountain Kind… (2 comments)
You are so right… it IS such an AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT time to be here… and yes, we have SO MUCH SUPPORT, at so many levels!!!

Thank YOU for being in my life, Phran… you’ve been with me from the very, very beginning of when this journey became […]

2012-02-25 12:39:18
On Humor… Connecting In… and Punch-Buggies (1 comments)
I get it! […]
Judi Eckes
2012-02-09 12:07:20
On Coming Out of the Closet (Spiritually)… (5 comments)
Go, Angela, Go!!! It is scarey to step out, but what an inspiration you are now to countless others. I am so proud of you and so appreciative of being connected to such a power as you. We’ll be crazy together, okay? I’d rather be crazy with th […]
2011-10-18 15:56:28
Remembering to Remember (2 comments)
Because though we’re all getting to the same place, we’re starting from all different places… and taking very different roads to get there. It reminds me of what one of my kids’ Kindergarten teachers told us once, years ago. She was talking about h […]
2011-07-07 23:05:38
Reminiscent of Close Encounters… (NM Road Trip Revelations I) (2 comments)
YESYESYES!!! Welcome home. Welcome back. Welcome forward. Welcome here and now. Tell me more, my friend. I am open to receive. […]
2011-05-13 11:28:46
PREFACE to my NC to NM Journey: Launching Off the Cliff (2 comments)
Yes, you are about to fly, my friend. I am excited to meet the new Angela (will your name still be Angela??) when you return. We are morphing, changing, evolving, unfolding. In fact we are being. We are learning to be. Not so much becoming as rem […]
2011-05-01 15:58:18
Take One from Pilot Mountain… an awakening energy center (1 comments)
candice thompson
2011-03-05 11:48:04

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  3 Responses to “Discussion Board”

  1. I just finished reading all of your posts I could find. I have to say your description of the Matrix hit the nail on the head. Ever since those movies came out I have been thinking how to I see this is all just codes. My journey began a few years ago and has been slow but I always say I know where I’ve been and will never go back there again. I am off to see my Reiki lady tomorrow who I haven’t seen for a couple of years as I had a lot of growth to do from the last one. When I told my husband he said “Do you really need to grow again? Why can’t you just stay constant for a while!” I said its not my choice something is driving me to grow. Since I was a small child I have felt I am here to do something only I have no idea yet what it is however I think every year I get closer and now believe when my particular skills are needed I will know what that something will be.
    Thank you for putting your heart out there. I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. LOLLOL… I think it’s funny what your husband said! Tell him to hang on to his hat, and to buckle his seatbelt, because it’s going to be much more of a mass thing this upcoming year… including him!

    Men seem to be the most resistant to all of this, it seems… I think it’s a cultural thing. My husband is very intuitive, and he has plenty of “stuff” waiting for him, but he plays it with the hand brakes on all the time. Me, however… I not only learned the exhilaration of the downhill run, but I’ve really learned to love the FREE FALL; how else can you start flapping your wings and figure out flying? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thank you for writing. I’ve noticed a very strong uptick in visitors to the site in the past few months… and I know a lot has to do with the fact that many people are really starting to have experiences like you and me… but they don’t know who to talk to about it, so they search for it on the Web. That’s why I started this site a year ago!

  3. Hi my name is Rosetta I used to take meditation classes for Mediumship once a year for 10 weeks I did it for 10 years now I live in fl n I found a unity church n started to go once a week since last year then they started to do it once a month so any way I started this year on my own I also took reiki one any way all of a sudden I have this amazing vibration I never felt before n I am seeing colors n a lot of purple so I have been asking for my third I to open n my crown sacra to be more open to meeting my spirit guides n Angels n I have been feeling a lot of pressure on my head n forehead n my chin vibrates a lot what does it mean? Am I on the right path ? I feel awaken I feel amazing in meditation . Thank u

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