Recalling Other Lives

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Since there’s been so much I continue to learn and experience, I can’t seem to keep up; I’ve decided I can’t just write about all of this in a linear fashion. In reality, the Universe has no such rule, anyway – linear time was invented by us, in this dimension, on this planet. And since the expansion of my awareness seems to be much more holographic than linear, I think I need to develop this site similarly… which will make it much, much easier for me to cover everything I can!

The consideration of past lives has been accepted by many major religions in the world; in fact, the Bible supposedly included multiple mentions of reincarnation until being removed during the Council of Nicea, assembled by Constantine in 325 AD. As is typical, when ego takes over, many debate the validity of historical accuracy in either way, and get lost in which “religion” is right, and which is wrong. However, the real issue is, what does your gut – spirit – say?

Honestly, I don’t care what religion says what… the point I’m making is simply that it’s not a new concept in any respect. Energy begets energy… our souls are pure energy; they are what makes the blobs of cells into the beings we are. There is not one form of energy in our physics that actually gets tamped out; it simply changes form. Therefore, why would our souls do anything else?

How could you explain clear memories of people, dates, and places by those who have no reason or exposure to what they remember?

In that matter, with the existence of other dimensions, what about recalling – or knowing – lives in those, too? Again, we must really take our minds out of 3D and think about the additional possibilities. Heck, even our scientists have conceded that there are a large amount of additional dimensions we haven’t yet explored! Anyway, to get there, first we have to start trying to take the ego out of it – which religious institution is right and which religious institution is wrong (sounds a whole lot like our political system today, doesn’t it, when you look at it that way?); if the ego comes out of it, when you put down the facts, they’re all not that far apart in their pure forms, anyway! Instead we need to put the keys together and start learning a more holographic version of the Universe, beyond the 3 dimensions to which we typically limit our minds (and our egos).

I could go into much discussion and debate about this theory, and I’m sure I will discuss it in the main posts on the home page of this blog; in the meantime, I’m simply delving right in. Here’s my personal experience:

If you look at the first blog I posted on this site – In the Rabbit Hole We Go! – you’ll see a spiritual/metaphysical ability timeline of my life and how these abilities have been cumulative. I’ve had what I thought were glimpses before; however, since November 2009 they have since become very clear, and I do remember names, and dates, and places. When they’ve been shown to me, either by my high-level guides, my self-hypnosis, hypnosis by others, or whatever, the feeling I get is the same as when I’m reminded of something that happened long ago that I’d forgotten – that “oh, yeah!” acknowledgment that satisfies some type of craving in the back of my mind.

Because they’re like memories in this life – they ARE memories.

From what I’ve been made to understand, one major step of our ascension process – that of remembering our Oneness and eliminating the existence of duality – is the assimilation of our experience from all of our other lives (notice, not just past lives – if you consider intra-dimensionality and Universal time). So, what better than to purposefully set out to remember them?

So, when you get hypnotized, when you’re meditating and are shown another life, is it real? Are you making it up in your head creatively?

I guess that’s what each of us has to experience and decide on our own – because in the end, we have to become One with ourselves before we again recognize our Oneness with each other. This is how I’ve remembered the ones I’ve remembered thus far:

  • Dreams of a different kind than regular ones, and different from those I’ve had that are premonitory, communication with those who have passed over,  or intra-dimensional;
  • Meditation, where the vision has simply appeared;
  • Guided meditation, where I’ve been shown by my guides for one purpose or another;
  • Hypnosis, which in reality is a more focused form of guided meditation;
  • Now, even occasionally while fully conscious and functioning normally, I’ll suddenly get a flash of clarity – feels sort of like a download into my head!

Now that I work with others on their spiritual journey, as well, I’ve had multiple occasions where I’ve helped them (including my teenage daughters) remember another life. Here’s the funny part: As doubtful as anyone I’ve helped has been – the biggest fears tend to be, “What if I don’t see anything?” and “What if you can’t get me into the state I need to be in to see another life?” I’ve yet to encounter someone I couldn’t help to do it. One of my friends, very gifted in use of the spiritual and healing arts, is phenomenal in helping others “see” and change the issues and challenges they need to fix. She and I work together often, helping each other. Interestingly enough, she could easily see things from my other lives – as well as others she works with – but she couldn’t see her own. She told me once that she knew she was purposely blocking herself from seeing other lives for various reasons. However, when she was ready, she told me… so she came to my place, and we “played” – we worked on a few different ways to open the door to other lives, and did find one that worked well for her! Now, she can easily see into another life, when the need arises.

I originally had intended to intimate other lives of mine here as they’ve floated up to the surface; however, I simply have had so many recollections now that it would be rather extensive to explain the relevance of each in context with the parts that had been recalled.

I will tell you this, just to give you a teaser regarding the number of lives I’ve apparently had: I have learned there had been some self-judgment and guilt on my soul that permeated many, many lives based on my initial incarnation and a handful others in this existence. The result of this? Apparently, I’ve felt it necessary to end many lives of mine with violent, ugly deaths. In fact, this has come up more than once in meditation and messages I have received; it didn’t take me long to realize, after recalling a number of lives and the death moments, that I had a bizarre pattern of this. I remember having a “conversation” about this once with a trusted Guide; I was told with a laugh that if I recalled them all, I could easily write a book entitled 1,001 Ways to Die a Violent Death. Seriously! I’ve been blown up; I’ve fallen through rope bridges to my death in the Swiss Alps; I’ve been cut in half during battle as a Roman soldier; I’ve been tortured, murdered (including a number of times by the husband I have in this life… which is a great joke in our household; especially because I’ve killed him in other lives, too), you name it!

Self-chosen violent deaths aside, I’ve had a great number of experiences/lifetimes, as both seemingly significant and insignificant characters. However, what I’ve been shown by my trusted Guides and Creator that holds the strongest message is this: Every single experience that we call a lifetime holds important purpose for our individual experience throughout this full existence… whether it’s as someone who coincidentally became “famous” in any sort of way, or as a pauper that is nameless and faceless to society, living in the alleyway. Another crucial point is that the desired lesson learned via any particular life is no more or less important to us than another based simply on what others or history has to say about it; in fact, that most often, the biggest lessons are learned via the nameless, faceless kind of lives. So, as for the many people who have been told they were characters like Cleopatra or Napolean in others lives, cool… but whatever the existence, the point typically isn’t how others saw your experience; it’s how you did, and how you learned from it.

Case in point: I’ve been helped to remember by my Guides in great detail about one of my lives that has greatly influenced many other lifetimes, leading up to and including this one on the 3D Earth timeline. Was this person “famous”? They became very much so, in many ways, and across many societies. Did they subsequently influence many others? Absolutely. And I’ll bet there are many others who would be so, so excited and flattered to say they had been this person. However, here’s the thing: It took quite awhile and many, many well-placed “hints” by my Guides to even get to the point of helping me to uncover that experience in my memory… because when I discovered this, I was horrified. Absolutely and utterly horrified. I cried and cried, and I had a 2-year-old temper tantrum, no, no, NO…. but it was like the veil was lifted, and I could suddenly see that life in great detail – and in a very different light than the legends and history might say.

If you knew who it was, I’m sure a vast majority would say, “WHAT? You were HORRIFIED to be this person? What a GIFT!”

At writing this portion of this page, it’s been just over four months since that grand unveiling. Previous to knowing/remembering, I felt absolutely no connection to this person as represented in history and legend; in fact, I sort of privately detested them, even though so many others think so highly of them. Yet, I never understood why… until now.  Even though this individual was someone that has impressed many, many, many in a truly positive way – even today – and is held up on a pedestal…. it has turned out to be one of the primary experiences I’ve had that have caused the most anger, grief, sorrow, guilt, resentment, fear, and self-punishment in many, many ways that has carried over into many other lives. Though it was definitely one of the lifetimes that caused the most learning over a good portion of this existence, including the life I’m currently experiencing, the learning has been in a far, far different light than many would expect. It is some of the deepest self-understanding, healing, and releasing I’ve had to do, even now, and it has enlightened me regarding many, many other things, many behaviors, many things that have driven me, as well as the related roles of some other key people that have been and are in my life. So, for that I’m thankful… but it has been a very challenging road to today.

The point is that the who really doesn’t matter from the perspective of others. How famous or legendary someone was or is has no bearing whatsoever on their individual importance; how the life was lived and perceived from within that person’s point of view is what’s important. Most of us have lived numerous, numerous lives, here and elsewhere… and by sheer chance of numbers, we’ve all been someone of historical importance at one time… or many. What I’ve learned is that our ultimate goal, to reach the pinnacle of our learning, is to pull together the collective experience we have gained by living these many lives, to learn from all of them, and to assimilate all of that learning into who we become…. and accept it all as an individual experience while still being part of the One.

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  4 Responses to “Recalling Other Lives”

  1. How do I have a past life regression, or something similar? If I have a session with you, is it online or something and do you think one session could give me enough information to start? I have always felt I live a very karmic life and that I have an old soul and I’ve had spiritual people also state this. I feel like I know what this life is about for me, but I still don’t know exactly what it is or how to get there, which is part of it. I used to think it was such a blessing to live to be old, and I always said I’d live to be 100, but now I just think that’s how long it’s going to take me to finally figure this stuff out and I want to enjoy a long life, not be continually hopping self-placed obstacles!

  2. I know what you mean by that “moment of clarity”. A few months ago I had one of those while I was sitting at my desk working. I had this split second flash where I saw myself in my last moments in a previous life. I was an Air Force pilot and died in a plane crash in the 50’s. Sabre F-86.. I saw myself in the cockpit as my plane spiraled and crashed. But that was only part of it. I also saw my wife right after she had been told I died and I felt her pain. An emotion so intense I could not possibly think and recreate it in my mind. All in split second I saw all this and felt that pain from my wife for the rest of the day. I had to fight to keep from breaking down and bawling my eyes out.

    That was my first vision of a past life. I had another not long afterward where I saw what caused me to have that crash. Another split second vision where I was horsing around on the top of a truck by an airfield. The truck was moving, I fell off and hit my head and shrugged it off, but I knew from the vision that I had suffered a bad concussion. Even though I didn’t see anything after that, I knew I had avoided going to the doctor, told everybody I was fine, then went up to fly when I shouldn’t have. The concussion did something to me that caused me to lose control and crash.

    So I also relate to how you mention linear time vs holographic time. I had 2 visions that were split seconds in length, yet downloaded so much information into me.

    Just to add, I am a Reiki healer, take part in meditation classes and do it at home, I use crystals, oils, etc and have a pretty good circle of friends who helped me deal with and understand all this. I just wanted to share my experience and just let you know how you hit the nail on the head when it comes to recalling other lives.

  3. hi. my name is George. I am currently in the works of ascention. i don’t know what to do now. I feel like I’ve come far but i feel like there is something blocking me from going further. i want to open my mind fully and go as far as god will allow me.

    i think by reading your info on here that i should start learning to meditate. any ideas that would help me get to the next level ? anything would be a great help.

    i have just come to understand and accept that we have past lives. so i decided to ask my soul wholeheartedly what was i in a past life ? the answer i got back was philosopher.

    so i asked my soul if i was a philosopher who was I ? the answer i got back was “plato, socrities” i found out later that plato released his works in the form characters. one of them i found out is that he released some of his works in the form of being socrities i think after he was sentenced to death or something.

    im doing more info on plato and socrities soon.

    i asked my soul again how many lives have i had before and the answer i got back was 28. i don’t know how to comprehend all of this. ….. any help would be much appreciated ! thank you for all of your work much love – George….

  4. please respond on what I should do now. I need your input and criticisms. don’t worry about making me angry or anything. I pretty much past that now. any advice and criticisms will be evaluated very carefully. thank you much love.

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