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I will offer everything I can to help others learn how to help themselves – and to feel secure and that accessing the Divinity within them is completely natural!


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Join me to get your day started with a spiritual boost in this half-hour Google Hangout! What’s the topic? Whatever guidance provides… whatever it is, it’s a SURE THING that if you’re listening, there will be something valuable and timely in it for YOU!

SO many topics in all aspects of life during this awesome and transformational time, from as common to as woo-woo as the topics dictate… the possibilities are limitless! So, add it on to your calendar, and get your spiritual coffee with us! All you need is a Google account… hope you can join in!

You can access old episodes on the Multimedia page.

Next episode: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 9-9:30am ET


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Open Houses/Presentations/Demonstrations


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Discussion Groups

  • Meetup GroupSpiritual Alchemy (of central NC)
    Are you looking for opportunities to explore a variety of spiritual viewpoints, practices, and experiences in a space of complete acceptance with a group of open-minded individuals? Are you interested in all things “living the shift”… and how to incorporate some of the most “woo-woo” (metaphysical) concepts into practical, every day life? Come and join us on this exploration… expansion… and transformation together!

Upcoming meetings:
Spiritual Discussion – “Woo-Woo” Night! – Monday, October 13, 2014 7-9pm (follow the link for details)
Spiritual PLAY Night – Past Life Regression - Tuesday, October 28, 2014 7-9pm (follow the link for details)

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Upcoming Classes

  • Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Class

Holly Springs, NC – November 14-16, 2014
(Friday: 2:00-7:00pm; Saturday, 9:30am-4:30pm; Sunday: 9:30am-3:30pm)

Are you interested in being a practitioner in one of strongest, purest forms of energy available to us?

Trinity Energy Progression and healing is one of methods of energy practice and healing to assist in the next step of our spiritual evolution on the accelerated path to “Earth 2.0.” Ithelps us open the direct pathways within to access the Christed Consciousness, and to remove all partitions we have created within ourselves – Divine masculine/feminine/child, levels of consciousness, lifetimes, timelines, twin flames, etc. – so we can again remember our whole Being and the whole of our Divinity.

As we become entrained to open our pathways and access the FULL Christed Consciousness, as we do the work, it leapfrogs our spiritual development/remembrance, and many, many more partitions begin to melt away. The more they melt away, the more the pathways open up; the more the pathways open up, the more remembrance of access to the Christed Consciousness leapfrogs our growth in Divine consciousness… etc.! The regular use of this energetic tool accesses the Christ Consciousness within, allowing us to meld all aspects of ourselves back together, piece by piece, version by version. In doing so, not only does it allow us to come back into the remembrance of balance within ourselves, but it brings us back full circle to remembering where we were in the initiation into this existence as the complete, Divine beings that we truly are.

Working from the INSIDE OUT and Flexibility
With Trinity Energy Progression, the pathways are unlocked and opened to the Christ Consciousness WITHIN – providing the unlimited potential of the individual’s own Divinity, which is the completion of the energies of the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child – always working from the INSIDE OUT. Trinity energy is also extremely flexible and is constantly changing, expanding, and becoming more powerful… as we are doing the same!

If you’re looking for something DIFFERENT and POWERFUL, give this a try… practitioners range from VERY seasoned intuitives/spiritual practitioners who incorporate it into their practice with clients, to those who are wanting to “do the work” in a powerful way to use it only for their own personal spiritual development. Everyone who has taken it and used it has had amazing results!

Entrainment to this energy simply and powerfully brings all of these energies into full balance and completion and helps the recipient/practitioner to break down the internal barriers and open the doorway to the Christ Consciousness within us.

  • Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner Refresher Workshops, Facilitator Class, Retreats

See the Trinity Energy Progression Website for more information.

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If there are any of these types of classes or groups in which you would like to participate but don’t see them here, email me with any questions and/or suggestions, and/or to be included on the mailing list to be notified when more classes become available.

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