Energetic Healing Facilitation

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Do you feel like you have something in your life that is holding you back or limiting you in any way, whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical?

I have training and experience in a multitude of energy modalities that I can use to help address anything in your life that may be preventing you from being all you can be!

Every situation is different; every person is different. Therefore, I will have a free 30-minute consult with you, to find out the core of the problem, and then we can discuss options, which will comprise of a recommendation of some integration of one or more than one of the following (see my page on Training/Education/Certifications for clarification of any of the modalities listed below):

  • Trinity Energy healing
  • Reiki
  • ThetaHealing
  • Arcing Radial Light healing
  • Shamballa healing
  • Past life regression/release
  • Energetic cord cutting
  • Extractions/spirit release
  • Crystal, color, herb therapy
  • Shamanic work
  • Other spiritual counseling

I will only recommend what would be for your Highest and Best purpose (i.e., I won’t tack on “extra work” just to charge you more money); I will formulate your program specifically for you in the best, most efficient way possible with the assistance to help you in the way you need, with the most grace and ease for you.

Sometimes, all it takes is one phone or in-person session; other times, it might be more complicated, with multiple levels needing to be addressed and cleared out. Most often, a majority of work can be done within three sessions.

The following is general guidelines for cost; however, since every situation is individual, call me at 919-605-0580 to discuss the specifics of your situation, and we will work out the best plan for you.

  • Initial half hour consultation:FREE; after the initial consultation:
    • One session (typically 1-2 hours): $105
    • Three sessions: $285 (10% savings)
    • Six sessions: $505 (20% savings)

Have questions or would like to set up your free consult? Email me, and we’ll start the process right away!

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