Marketing for Spiritual Practitioners

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Setting the intention to attract the most relevant client is one thing – but helping yourself to take the right steps so the most relevant clients can easily find you is another. As is taught in the multiple healing/energy modalities I have learned, the intention is more powerful if you actually show movement and efforts in the 3D world to support those intentions.

What I know, and have personally experienced, is that there are many, many exceptional spiritual practitioners who are a fount of information, skill, and teaching ability… yet have little or no knowledge or care for building the visibility they need to gain the clients they can help the most.

Let me help you with that!

I’ve found that as I’ve entered into and expanded in the spiritual community, my 20+ years of professional training in strategic marketing and communications  are a natural fit as a resource to help grow the visibility and offerings of some of the fantastic, powerful, and gifted people in this world… like the ones from whom I continue to learn and grow!

Before I even knew of my natural “abilities,” I was using them – particularly those of empathy and insight – to carefully consider the needs and wants of target markets, both in the large, international corporate world and in the small business world. This provides me with the ability to develop the best plan, recommend the best offering and packaging, and utilize the best media/communication avenues so you can get the highest return possible!

To help to give back to the wonderful, nurturing world of spiritual practitioners, let me help you establish and/or grow your spiritual business… the best and right way for you! There are a multitude of Webinars, 1-day courses, and “do-it-quick” offerings that are available today, but are offered to a broad audience, without consideration to specific fields, geographies, niche markets, and/or even  the business/practitioner .

As in spiritual growth, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy!

Now offering:

Monthly Meetup: Easy Essentials of Marketing as a Spiritual Practitioner
(Developing a Presence)
This is a monthly meetup to cover “everything you always wanted to know about marketing as a spiritual practitioner but were afraid (or didn’t know how to) ask”! This monthly meetup covers a series of different topics every month… from larger, tool-based topics such as developing a basic Website, how to use social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), how to use Skype and online meeting services to your advantage, to topics very specific to working as a spiritual practitioner, such as ethics, why it’s important to (and how to) present yourself “from the heart,” etc.!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, October 11, 2012
6:30-9pm, Royal Bean Coffeehouse, Raleigh, NC (follow the link for details)
Personal investment: $20

Hope to see you there!


Coming soon… downloadable basic training modules…

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