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Orgonite Pyramids – Small (2.75″ Base) – Set of 3

These are small, with a 2.75″ base, which covers a room, an office, a cubicle, or similar smaller area. Sold in sets of 3 only: $60.00

So, what are orgonite pyramids, and what do they do?

Beyond the basic purpose of grounding out and neutralizing negative and harmful waves and energies in an environment, we add a number of different intentions to the pyramids. Typical intentions to add to these pieces include aiding in:

  • overall space cleansing/high vibration
  • general health and vibrancy
  • love and passion
  • luck, wealth, and success
  • peace, heart, and soul healing
  • communications and connection
  • relaxation and sleep

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Price: $60.00

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