Trinity Energy Progression and Healing

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How It “Came In”…
The Concept of the “Holy Trinity” or “Divine Trinity”
The Lemurian Connection

How Can Trinity Energy Be Used?
Becoming a Trinity Energy Practitioner

How It “Came In”…
In October 2011, my family and I were traveling from our home in North Carolina to visit family in Ohio. The trek took us past Pilot Mountain, an awakened energy center/vortex north of Winston-Salem, NC that I’d visited a handful of times before.

As we turned onto the highway that would take us past Pilot Mountain, my entire back “lit up.” I knew it had to do with Pilot… and it truly felt like the mountain was calling to me, telling me to stop as we were passing by. I thought it odd – though I LOVE the mountain and it’s energy – I always feel “Welcome home!” whenever I get to the mountain – I really hadn’t planned on STOPPING there on our way to Ohio – but the closer we got, the stronger of a pull that I felt. So, I half jokingly told my husband it would be a great place to stop for a mid-morning snack/rest room break, since you can drive most of the way up the mountain, and there are rest rooms there; surprisingly, he complied. So we stopped.

When we got there, I just decided to sit on a stone seat at an overlook, and closed my eyes. Immediately, I saw the beams of light coming down into the mountain and its immediate surrounding area. The funny thing was, I recalled the previous two times I had been there – the first time, I had been “shown” a blue, aquamarine-type light; the second, both the blue light with the addition of a beautiful, platinum-gold light. This time, I saw the blue light, the golden light… and there was the addition of a beautiful, ethereal pink light. As I “watched,” I could see the three lights twisting together to meld as one into the mountain and the surrounding ground.

That’s all I saw; but I understood that’s what I was supposed to see… even though I had no idea what it meant (and yet, I did; I knew it just hadn’t come through to the conscious yet!). However, I got the rest of the “message from the mountain”… and we pressed on.

About a week later, I suddenly started having random periods of time when my hands and arms would become electric! I knew it wasn’t the energy of any of the other modalities in which I’d already been trained; somehow, this was different. Yet, I had no idea what it was! I asked one day, and two of my main guides, Archangel Ezekiel and Jeshua, told me with a huge outpouring of love that “the shift to the new energy has started; now is when all the ‘help’ is needed…”

Ezekiel put one kind of energy – which to me, appeared as blue – through my left shoulder… and he told me it was the energy of transformation, the energy of the Divine Father; I suddenly felt/”saw’ a beautiful pink light start glowing from my heart, spreading out through my chest… and I “heard” from Divine Mary that it was the highest vibration of love – the energy of the Divine Mother. As the pink was spreading out, out, across to my shoulders, Jeshua put another kind of energy – which to me, appeared as platinum/golden – through my right shoulder… and he told me it was the energy of the highest vibration of healing, the energy of the Divine Child. Then, I saw the three come together as one, within me; once that was complete, a huge starburst exploded simultaneously from my chest and from every individual cell of my being. This was definitely a new level of vibration – I could feel my cells, individually and collectively, and they felt so expansive, as if they were expanding out, out, out… I felt like I would just dissolve, disappear, and float away!

Simultaneously, as this was happening, I understood that this was the energy I’d been seeing coming in at Pilot Mountain – and it had been a “preview” (and apparently, the beginning of entrainment) I’d been given when I’d passed through just weeks before.

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The Concept of the “Holy Trinity” or “Divine Trinity”
Shortly after Jeshua stepped in as one of my guides in mid-2010, we began a discussion about the concept of the Holy Trinity – the Truth of the concept of the Holy Trinity. In fact, there was more to this “discussion” than I had ever imagined there would be, and it went on throughout the second half of 2010, until it all came together for me, and I gained quite a larger perspective about it. Here’s my understanding:

First of all, from my understanding via these conversations, the concept of the “Holy Trinity,” as it is intended to be, was NOT something originated in the Christian religion… so no, this isn’t an energy specifically Christian based. It is a portal to Christ Consciousness that has been an agreed upon collaboratively in this existence.

I was shown (and subsequently remembered) that the Holy Trinity, in its true form, is the Divine Father, Divine Mother, and Divine Child – in all equality, all together bringing in the vibration of pure Christ Consciousness to the individual.

The term “Christ consciousness” is also not something originated with the Christian religion; the term was used before it was used in reference to Jeshua. It is the same level of Divine consciousness as

  • Yoga – Super Consciousness
  • Gurdjieff – Objective Consciousness
  • Theosophy – Buddhic Consciousness
  • Sufi and Hindu – God Consciousness
  • New Thought – Christ Consciousness

It is described as the consciousness of Divine Truth.

As we are at the “next stage” of our evolution, the key to tapping into the Divine within us is simply to allow ourselves to take down the walls we have erected to convince ourselves that the Divine comes from outside of us – and that we’re worthy and deserving of such a level of consciousness (something else we’ve, in general, convinced ourselves we’re not). It’s time to take down the walls of defined “belief systems” that separate us, and realize that the Divine is universal, because it IS every single one of us.

As part of our experience through this existence, we’ve separated into gender, and then further, many of us have separated into twins. Part of our path of spiritual evolution has included isolating those energies, having the full experience of embodying all of them separately, and then realizing the energies we’ve separated and made external to us and come back to the realization that they are ALL inside of us all, in their full combination and completion.

My understanding is that the entrainment to this energy simply brings all of these energies into full balance and completion and helps the recipient/practitioner to break down the internal barriers and open the doorway to the Christ Consciousness within us.

Another beautifully written perspective that was received by a Trinity practitioner:

Complete is being whole. The whole thing about Trinity is becoming whole again.  That is why healing is just a side effect, since wholeness is achieved by healing. The Trinity energy is gratitude and love unconditional and reminds us about remembering who we are.  In essence it is a homecoming call.  Trinity is home.  I had a vision about the mother, father, and child.  It was like a planted flower.  The flower was planted in the fertile ground and nurtured by mother earth and shinned upon by father sun.  The flower is the child growing and exerting itself onto the world.  The child is the creation, the created, the substance of what is.  The mother is the container that holds the created force and the father is the energy that allows the created to grow and become. 

Once Trinity raises our light where we shine to our fullest potential of brightness, we are whole.  We are evolved light beings.  This is an important part for us to play on the new playing field.  Our creative forces become instant since we are wholeness,now encompassing father, mother and child in one band.  So we can create and become in an instant.  We now no longer focus mother energy and father energy on a concentrated piece and wait for the child to become in due time.  Or plant, water, and give light to a seed and await its growth.  We just are, I AM. It just is what we think it is right at that moment.

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The Lemurian Connection

At some point during the evolution of my use of it, I was made to remember the connection of Trinity Energy to Lemuria. I have been drawn back to Pilot Mountain, and I’ve been guided to understand that somehow the energetic portal at Pilot Mountain is connected to Mount Shasta…. the “home base” of our Lemurian civilization and experience.

Mount Shasta started calling to me in early 2010… before I really understood what it is, what kind of connection I might have to it, and before I ever remembered anything about Lemuria. However, I went through a period of extensive remembrance, and even went to a hypnotherapist at one point to have a past life regression done from my Lemurian experience. I have remembered a good portion of it… and it is extensive. The experience of coming here essentially as a Light Body… and being here throughout the split into gender, progression throughout our fall into this density. We agreed to do it; we wanted to do it… and we agreed to forget that we had agreed to do it! Thus, the experience for many caused them great pain and anguish… and has left a feeling of guilt over many of us for not preventing it.

For the 2 years following, I had many visions from then… and I had many visions of Mount Shasta (as well as some really, really early memories of it). It is said that the Elders – the Council of 12 from Lemuria, comprised of various Light Beings – reside deep underground, beneath Mount Shasta, and the time is here when they come to the surface to help us during this time of remembrance… of completing this part of the journey and returning to our lighter, higher vibration existence. Late in 2011, I was visited in meditation by a guide who told me that I WOULD BE going to Mount Shasta in 2012; I made the amazing journey in June 2012 (see my posts on the trip, Getting Lost to Find Our Way, Tales From Mount Shasta, Part 1 and Journey Reflections from the Mountain: Mount Shasta Tales, Part 2). It was a hugely profound experience… and the most intense feeling of “coming home” – to an ancient, ancient home – I’ve ever experienced.

But I digress…

Once, in late 2010, I was in meditation, when I was pretty much interrupted by an etheric, angelic Being of Light. When I acknowledged the presence of this Being, though he looked familiar to me, I didn’t recall who it was. He introduced himself as Archangel Daniel… and told me that I was being “summoned” to “the Council.” I was utterly perplexed… but it felt True and I assented. The next moment, we were entering a chamber… and the light was so bright, it was blinding. There were a number of Light Beings in an arc before me… and I noticed one of my guides, Archangel Ezekiel, standing there waiting for me, as well. I was asked by the central Being – so bright I could barely make out a visage that would include something like eyes – if I was still willing to do what I volunteered to do. Again, I was perplexed… I didn’t know! I didn’t remember! I looked over to Ezekiel, who nodded at me slightly, and I felt comforted, even though I was missing that conscious remembrance. And so I agreed. There were a few points given and discussed, and then *pop*! My consciousness was back into my physical body, back into my physical presence.

I remember going back to meditation and calling to Archangel Daniel to ask him exactly WHO he was… and he explained that he is the Archangel of Universal Love. His energy is powerful and gentle; encompassing and absolute…. the most perfect balance of male/female energy I have ever experienced. I received more information on him… and I’ve seen and heard and FELT him regularly ever since.

Several more times, as I’ve begun to remember more, I’ve been “called to Council” in meditation… always unexpected, and always I’ve been asked if I still agree to what I’ve volunteered to do. I have always assented. Twice I’ve purposely GONE to the Council with questions I’ve had… and yet I’ve never quite known exactly WHAT that Council is.

Recently, another woman who does spiritual and intuitive work contacted me and wanted to meet; she said her guides were telling her it was time for us to meet. I didn’t know anything specific about what she did; she decided to come to one of my open spiritual discussion groups, held at my house. The conversation during the discussion group had actually gravitated toward Lemuria and Mount Shasta that evening; I found out in the group’s conversation that this woman actually channels many 4th and 5th dimensional beings. Afterward, this woman and I were talking, and she said, “You have a VERY strong Lemurian energy about you… and it’s TIME for you to go to Mount Shasta… they’re waiting for you.” I just looked at her and smiled; she proceeded, “Adama told me when I walked in your door to tell you his name, and that he’s with you.” I looked at her blankly and told her I’d never heard of the name; she told me to Google it.

And so I did. When I pulled up a drawn likeness, I laughed out loud… it’s Archangel Daniel! Same Being, different name… and I apparently wasn’t ready to know the name and understand the connection until THAT MOMENT. Looking up who he is, I found multiple places with information; here’s a blurb from a Website called The Lemurian Connection ( :

Adama is the High Priest — the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. Also an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe.

Adama, along with his Lemurian team, are also in charge of the creation and maintenance of a very important crystalline grid around this planet. He is working with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on this important project.

On the site, there’s also mention of a “Lemurian Council of 12”… and I knew right away THAT’S the Council that has called!

After all of this, I called to Adama in meditation, and truly realized he and Archangel Daniel are one and the same. His voice and presence is well known to me… except that now I’m starting to understand the connection. In our “discussion,” he explained to me that this energy is the beacon back to the Light of the Trinity, the Light of our own Creation, of our Divinity… the Light back to Lemuria. The Light back home. In its purity, in its love… and power… and strength. Back from whence we came… which we’ve never really left… so it’s just the path back to within… and to our One.

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How Can Trinity Energy Be Used?
This energy was introduced as an energy of “completion” – and that though not specifically a healing modality, healing is a side effect of its use and “turning it up.”

The difference between Trinity energy and that of other modalities that have traditionally tapped into from the ethers is that this energy doesn’t feel like it’s “coming through” the practitioner – it comes from within, at whatever level of “brightness” the person can handle it. The practitioner “plugs in” and melds with the recipient to give them a boost.

Important to note is that the experience of Trinity energy is different for everyone. For the practitioner, it is even moreso for their own spiritual development, entrainment/remembrance of a very high vibration as it is for “turning up the light” in others. It also naturally opens up the practitioner to easily “tune in to” the variety of “new energies” that are coming in. It is extremely powerful, yet extremely simple

Main uses for Trinity Energy:

  • As has been shown to me – and explained to me, in the middle of the pilot class for practitioners that was held in January 2012 – it causes “fusion of all versions of the self”;
  • Helps to enable us to truly see the light in everyone;
  • Helps us to truly begin to understand and feel “the illusion” via Christ consciousness;
  • Helps us to bring deeply ingrained negative energy we have buried to the surface to release quickly and efficiently – regardless of the cause;
  • Helps us to become a “beacon of light” to help raise the vibration of others;
  • Helps us to resolve and heal personal history;
  • …and more…

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Becoming a Trinity Energy Practitioner
The message that has come through loud and clear is to pass this forward; however, there ARE some prerequisites that are required of someone who would like to become a Trinity Energy practitioner:

  • A regular practice, in some way or form, of “tapping in,” via meditation, yoga, or some other form. Much comes up to clear, quickly, in the use of Trinity Energy, and it’s because of this that it’s obviously most advantageous for the practitioner to be able to hear and understand the voice of Creator and the Higher Self;
  • Experience with “clearing out the muck,” for yourself and others. This can be via another energy modality(ies) (such as ThetaHealing, Reiki, Arcing Radial Light, or a number of others), or any sort of practice where the practitioner is comfortable with processing, clearing, and releasing that which comes up to clear away. The reason for this requirement is because Trinity Energy causes things to come up so quickly that at first, it might be disconcerting to the practitioner… and though one can simply clear it all out with Trinity Energy, it might take a little time before the practitioner is comfortable doing that, since this works a lot differently than other energy modalities;
  • A regular practice of working on clearing yourself. Many energy/healing modality practitioners work a lot on others, and leave themselves by the wayside. Trinity Energy is a powerful energy that comes from within… and it WILL clear out the remaining muck, whether it’s comfortable for you or not! The main use for using Trinity Energy is for yourself; for raising your vibration, “turning up your Light”… which means cleaning out house from the inside, out.

For more information see the Website I’ve created specifically for Trinity Energy:

Interested in becoming a Trinity Energy practitioner? See the Classes and Groups page for upcoming classes.

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