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Uhaul is san antonio uhaul one of the biggest and most popular moving companies in the United States. With more than 680 locations across the country, they offer a wide variety of services, from short-distance moves to long-distance trucking. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about san antonio uhaul. We’ll cover everything from their pricing and services to their review ratings and what customers have to say about them. So whether you’re looking for a moving company or san antonio uhaul just want to learn more about one of the most popular ones out there, read on!

What is Uhaul?

Uhaul is a provider of moving services in san antonio uhaul many different parts of the United States. Though their main focus is on residential moves, they offer a san antonio uhaul wide variety of services for businesses and other types of moves.

One benefit to using Uhaul is that they have a large network of trucks and drivers. This means that you can be sure that your move will be completed quickly and without any issues. Additionally, Uhaul offers next day delivery if needed.

If you are looking to rent a truck, Uhaul is definitely the option to consider. They have a wide variety of trucks, both small and large, to choose from. Additionally, their rates are very competitive compared to other providers.

History of Uhaul

Over the years, Uhaul has become one of the most recognizable and well-known trucking companies in the world. The company was founded in 1957 in San Antonio, Texas, by Reuben H. Uhaul. Originally named United Truck Lines, the company quickly became a major player in the trucking industry.

Uhaul quickly grew to become one of the largest trucking companies in the world, operating over 750 trucks and providing services to over 100 cities across North America. In 1984, Uhaul merged with Penske Corporation, becoming one of the largest transportation companies in the world. The company continued to grow through mergers and acquisitions, eventually becoming a global giant with operations in over 120 countries.

Today, Uhaul continues to be one of the leading transportation companies in the world, providing affordable and reliable transportation services to millions of customers across North America and around the world.

Types of Uhaul Rental

Uhaul is a popular resource for moving large items, so it’s no surprise that the rental company offers a variety of different types of rentals. Here’s a rundown of the most common:

Dolly – A dolly is perfect for moving heavy objects. It has two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back, making it easy to move objects.

Tractor Trailer – A tractor trailer is perfect for transporting large items. It has several compartments and can hold a lot of cargo.

Semi – A semi is similar to a tractor trailer, but it has fewer compartments. This makes it perfect for smaller loads and short distances.

How to reserve a Uhaul rental

If you’re looking for a moving company that can help with large or small moves, Uhaul is the perfect option. To reserve a rental from this company, all you need to do is visit their website and fill out the form provided. You can also call them directly to make your reservation.

Once you’ve made your reservation, Uhaul will send you an email confirmation detailing the dates and times of your rental. You can also find this information on their website under the “Reservation Info” tab.

To get started, simply gather all of the materials you’ll need for your move – including boxes and packing supplies – and drop them off at one of Uhaul’s many pickup locations. You can also arrange for pickups in advance by calling Uhaul customer service.

Once your move is complete, simply return your rental truck to one of Uhaul’s collection centers and receive a refund or a voucher for future use.

How to use the Uhaul app

When you’re ready to move your belongings, the Uhaul app can help make the process a breeze. After downloading and signing in to the app, start by selecting your pickup location. You can also choose to have your items delivered straight to your door (within a certain time window), or head to one of our uhaul yards and take care of everything yourself.

Once you have your pickup location and timing all set, click on the “Items” tab at the top of the app. Here, you’ll be able to browse through all of your belongings and select which ones you’d like to move. Next, add each item to your cart by selecting it from the list and clicking on the “Add Item” button.

Finally, review your cart contents and hit the ” checkout ” button at the bottom of the screen. Note that payment can be made either via PayPal or directly with Once everything is verified and processed, you’ll be sent an email notification with your tracking information!

What to expect when you pick up your Uhaul rental

When you pick up your Uhaul rental, expect the following:
-A truck ready to go!
-A friendly and knowledgeable staff.
-An easy checkout process.
-No hidden fees.


Having moved many times in my life, I can tell you that the experience of moving can be extremely frustrating. The whole process is fraught with hassles and seemingly insurmountable challenges. That’s why when I discovered San Antonio U-Haul, everything changed. With a wide selection of trucks and trailers to choose from, as well as knowledgeable and friendly staff members on hand to help me out, I was able to move with ease and minimum hassle. If you’re planning a move in the future, be sure to check out San Antonio U-Haul first!

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