How to Use Facebook Business Manager in 2022

How to Use Facebook Business Manager in 2022

Facebook Business Manager is essential for business owners. It is important to understand what it does, how it works, and its different features. You can simplify your client’s and business operations with the help of a Facebook manager. Followers on Instagram

This article will teach you the basics of creating a Facebook business manager account and adding assets. You’ll also learn how to assign the correct permissions to your team. Let’s not waste time wondering how to manage Facebook’s business page.

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What is a Business Manager? How can it help your business?

As a Facebook business manager, you can view it as a central hub that allows you to connect your marketing activities and business information.

Access to assets can be shared quickly and effectively within your team, with vendors, and with other partner agencies. These are just a few ways a Facebook business manager can help your business.

Control: This allows you to manage access rights and permissions from all your assets. Your team, agency partners, or vendors may change over time.

Efficiency: The system can manage multiple assets using batch actions. You can also track the performance of various ad accounts and pages.

Privacy: You can collaborate with your colleagues on Business Manager without connecting to or giving them access to your Facebook profile.

Security: The Facebook Business Manager Account helps you identify security risks and recommends actions that can be taken to improve safety.

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Who should use a Facebook Business Manager?

A Facebook Business Manager must be a must if you own a business that shares access to assets like pages, ad accounts, Custom Audiences, and pixels with many people or companies. It is essential to create a Facebook Business Manager that you can use to manage multiple Facebook assets and Instagram assets.

You can also control access to help and request access from partners. Once you set up your Business Manager, you can easily manage your assets and user access.

  • Who Should Use A Facebook Business Manager
  • These are just a few reasons you need to use Facebook Business Manager.
  • Advertisers may need to access a credit line.
  • Verifying the domain name is a crucial step for businesses.
  • Businesses must complete the verification process.
  • Publishers can use pre-campaign or delivery reporting.

How to Setup a Facebook Business Manager

These are the steps to get you started with Facebook Business Manager if this is your first time.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

  • Visit and click on “Create Account.”
  • Log in if you already have an account on Facebook.
  • Next, enter your business name (use your public name) and your email address.
  • All details about the business, including phone number, address, and website, should be included.
  • Next, choose the best business use for you:
  • Are you selling goods or services? This is the best option if your business is being promoted.
  • Do you provide services to other businesses or individuals? This is the option you should choose if your agency will manage accounts for different companies.

Step 2: Add Your Facebook Business Page(s).

You have the option to create a page or add one to an existing one. If you use Facebook to manage accounts for other businesses, this is also where you can request access. You must request access to other Facebook pages or Ads accounts if you want to manage them.

You can’t add them directly to your Facebook Business Manager. This will restrict a client’s access on Facebook to their assets (which you don’t want).

Are you interested in adding your Facebook page?

These steps will help you:

  • Next, enter the name of your business page.
  • Select your business from the drop-down menu.
  • You must approve admin access immediately.
  • Otherwise, you will need to wait for admin approval.
  • Continue the process until all pages have been added to your Facebook Business Manager.

Step 3: Add Your Facebook Ad Account(s).

Important Information: You can’t delete an ad account you have added to FacebookBusiness Manager. You can’t remove an ad account from your FacebookBusiness Manager.

  • Here are the steps to link an existing ad account.
  • Click on “Add Ad Account” on the FacebookBusiness Manager dashboard.
  • Enter your Ad account ID. This can be found in your Ads Manager.
  • You will need one if you wish to run ad campaigns but don’t have an account for advertising.
  • Click on “Add Ad Account” and “Create Account” in the FacebookBusiness Manager dashboard.
  • Add your account details: account name, currency, time zone.
  • Choose that you are using the account to run your business.
  • Click on “Create” to finish.

Necessary: A business can only initially create one Facebook advertising account. After you have spent some advertising revenue, Facebook will allow you to make additional ad accounts.

Step 4: Add People to Help You Manage Your Facebook Assets

It can be challenging to manage your Facebook marketing for your business independently. Facebook Business Manager is an excellent idea. We can give employees or agencies access to your pages to help them. You don’t need to worry about ex-employees accessing your pages or anyone else having access to your personal information.

You can add staff members to your company by simply:

  • Select “Add People” from your FacebookBusiness Manager dashboard.
  • Next, enter the email ID for the company to which you wish to add the person.
  • You can decide if you want them to have “Admin Access” and “Employee access.” We recommend that team members have “Employee access.”
  • Next, choose the pages that you wish to grant access to. You can change the access options to make them more specific.
  • Give them access to your Ad account. Select “Ad Accounts” from the left-hand menu.
  • After you have completed selecting all the members, click “Invite.” If you need to add more members, repeat the process.
  • The employee must also accept your invitation to start the process (it’s not automatic). These steps will help you remove employees from your company if they quit.
  • Select “Business Settings” in your FacebookBusiness Manager dashboard, and select “People” from the left menu.
  • If you wish to delete them, select “Remove.”

Step 5: Facebook Business Manager dashboard

  • Hiring someone to manage your accounts is slightly different if you are looking to hire them.
  • Click “Business Settings” on your Facebook Business Manager dashboard, and choose “Partners” on the left side menu.
  • Next, choose “Partner to share assets.” Next, select “Partner to share assets with.”

The best thing about adding partners is that it doesn’t require you to add individuals. Add the agency to your list, and they will be able to add anyone they wish.

Step 6: Add your Instagram account (if you already have one).

Click “Business Settings” on your FacebookBusiness Manager dashboard, and then select “Instagram accounts” on the left side menu.

Recommendations for Security Center Review

The security center of FacebookBusiness Manager allows you to protect your business and all those who manage it. It is essential to follow the steps below:

Two-factor authentication –

Two-factor authentication is strongly recommended. Administrators and employees must enter a unique login code each time they attempt to access Business Manager (depending on which option is chosen).

Another admin

It is essential to hire another administrator (if an admin leaves). Check the status of your business verification.

Using business verification, you can verify if a FacebookBusiness Manager account is associated with a business or organization that exists in the real world. This will confirm:

Your business as a legal entity

Ensure that your business is registered with the local authority and has a phone number or mailing address.

You can prove your access to your business by providing proof of access

To start the verification process for your business or check your status, visit the Security Centre in FacebookBusinessManager. You will also receive a verification code for your email address and phone number.

Last Thoughts

The Facebook Business Manager may seem intimidating when you first log in. This is because there is a lot to it, and it can take some time to get to know it. Even if your business is small, mastering FacebookBusiness Manager will be worthwhile.

You can run more complex ad campaigns with it and keep an eye on your ad account page and page. You will see faster results with better campaigns and better monitoring. 


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