Is USPS Delivery Affected by Holidays? Find Out Here!

Are when does usps stop delivering you expecting an important delivery from USPS but worried that it might be affected by a holiday? As much as we love holidays, they can sometimes cause delays in the delivery of our mails and packages. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about USPS delivery during holidays. From the days when deliveries are affected to how you can receive your package on time – keep reading to find out all the details!

What are the holidays that USPS Delivery is affected?

There are several holidays throughout the year when USPS delivery is affected. These holidays include: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day (observed), Veterans’ Day (observed), Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On these days, USPS offices and branches are closed to observe the holiday. This means that there will be no mail delivery or pick up on these days.

It’s important to note that if a holiday falls on a Sunday, then USPS observes it on Monday instead. Similarly, if a holiday falls on a Saturday, then USPS observes it on Friday instead.

So if you’re expecting an important package or mail during any of these holidays – make sure to plan ahead and check the calendar for scheduled deliveries!

What are the days USPS Delivery is not affected by holidays?

USPS is known for providing its services throughout the year. However, there are a few days when USPS Delivery is not affected by holidays, meaning that mail and packages will still be delivered to your doorstep.

Firstly, let’s talk about Sundays – while USPS doesn’t deliver regular mail on Sunday, it does offer Priority Mail Express and Amazon Packages delivery on Sundays in certain locations.

Similarly, USPS delivers mails and packages even during federal holidays like Columbus Day or Veterans Day sometimes. It all depends upon the specific location’s workload.

Apart from this, there are a few lesser-known holidays celebrated regionally where you can expect door-to-door deliveries as usual. This includes but not limited to Good Friday (in some states), Black Friday (the day following Thanksgiving), etc.

It’s essential to keep in mind that although most postal offices remain closed on public holidays such as Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, they may still provide self-service kiosks which allow customers access to their PO boxes 24/7.

It’s important to check with your local post office for any changes in their schedule so that you don’t miss out on any important deliveries or appointments.

How do I check if my address is on the list of addresses that are not delivered on specific holidays?

Checking if your address is on the list of addresses that are not delivered on specific holidays is crucial in ensuring that you receive your packages promptly. Fortunately, USPS provides a quick and easy way to check this information.

To start, visit the official USPS website and click on “Help” at the top right corner of the homepage. From there, select “Holidays” under the “Postal Holidays” drop-down menu.

Next, scroll down to find a link labeled “Is My Post Office Open?” Clicking this link will take you to a page where you can enter your ZIP code or city and state to see if your post office is open on a particular holiday.

If it’s closed, then chances are high that deliveries to your address may also be affected. However, keep in mind that some areas have exceptions for delivery during holidays even when their local post offices are closed – so it’s always best to double-check with USPS directly or contact them via phone call.

By taking these steps before ordering any package online during specified holidays, you can ensure smooth delivery without any delays!

How can I receive shipments sent to an address that is not delivered on a specific holiday?

If your address is on the list of locations that are not delivered to on specific holidays, receiving a package can be a bit tricky. However, there are still ways to ensure you receive your shipment even when USPS delivery services are affected by holidays.

One option is to use an alternate shipping address for packages being sent during holiday periods. This could be a trusted friend or relative who lives in an area where deliveries are not affected by USPS holiday schedules.

Another option is to utilize package holding services offered by USPS themselves. Through their “Hold Mail” service, customers can request that their mail and packages be held at their local post office until they’re able to pick them up after the holiday period has ended.

Consider using alternative shipping carriers if time-sensitive deliveries cannot wait until after the holiday period ends. Other carriers such as FedEx or UPS may still offer delivery services during certain holidays when USPS does not.

By utilizing these strategies and planning ahead for potential delays caused by holiday schedules, you can ensure that your shipments arrive safely and efficiently no matter what time of year it may be!

What should I do if I have missed a package because of a USPS Delivery holiday?

If you have missed a package due to a USPS Delivery holiday, don’t worry. There are several options available for you to retrieve your package.

Firstly, check the tracking information of your package. It will give you an update on where your shipment is and when it will be delivered. If the delivery has been rescheduled due to the holiday closure, make sure that someone is available at the address provided to receive it.

If the tracking information states that delivery was attempted but unsuccessful, you can arrange for redelivery by requesting it online or by phone. You can also choose to pick up your package from the local post office if they left a notice about its arrival.

Alternatively, if you won’t be able to receive when does usps stop delivering or pick up your package anytime soon, consider redirecting it to another address or holding it at a nearby post office location until you’re ready for pickup.

Remember that missing out on one’s expected delivery during holidays is common and there are always different ways in which one can recover their packages without any hassle!


In summary, USPS Delivery is affected by specific holidays such as Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Day, and Independence Day. However, there are also days when USPS operates normally even if it falls on a holiday week.

It is important to check if your address is on the list of non-deliverable addresses during specific holidays to avoid delays in receiving your packages. You can always opt for alternative shipping methods or pick-up options to ensure that your package arrives at its intended destination.

If you happen to miss a package due to a when does usps stop delivering USPS Delivery holiday, don’t worry! The post office will attempt delivery again on the next business day. Alternatively, you may choose to reschedule delivery or pick up the package yourself at the post office.

Knowing which holidays affect USPS Delivery can help you plan accordingly and ensure that your packages arrive on time. By staying informed and utilizing when does usps stop delivering available resources like tracking tools and pickup options offered by USPS, you can enjoy hassle-free shipping all year round.

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