Rainbow Cab Service – An Initiative to Improve the Quality of Life of LGBT People Living in Mumbai


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Humsafar Trust

The first ever radio cab service run by LGBT community members is about to launch in Mumbai. The initiative, launched by the Humsafar Trust and Wings Travel, is an effort to improve the quality of life for LGBT people living in Mumbai. The trust will train five members from the community to drive the radio cabs and will provide them with extensive driving training. The members will also receive training in soft skills and social conduct.

The Humsafar Trust, a non-profit organisation in Mumbai, has started a new radio cab service called Wings Rainbow, which will have cabs chauffeured by members of the LGBT community. It is expected to begin operating in 2017 and provide employment to LGBT people living in Mumbai. So far, five volunteers have already signed up to drive the radio cabs.

The cabs are painted in rainbow colours, representing the Pride and Equality movement since the 1970s. The drivers are dressed in formal uniforms. Sanjeevani, one of the Trust’s drivers, has a sari on and initially was worried that she would be asked to drive a radio cab while wearing a sari.

The project will continue to train 1,500 LGBT individuals across nine cities. The goal is to have 1,500 LGBT taxis in all nine cities by 2020. Humsafar Trust’s program director, Ali, is responsible for the development of the project. She says that the idea of the radio cab service came about when she saw businesses offering to hire LGBT individuals.


The Humsafar Trust, an NGO with an interest in social causes, has partnered with a travel company to launch a radio cab service. The cabs will be painted in rainbow colours and the drivers will wear a formal uniform. The LGBT community has long been marginalised in India, where they have either been worshipped or ridiculed. The new service is aimed at bringing them into the mainstream work environment.

Humsafar Trust is a Mumbai-based NGO that works for the rights of the LGBT community. To start the service, the trust partnered with Wings Travels, a company that offers taxis to the LGBT community. The Humsafar Trust has recruited five members of the community to drive radio cabs. They will complete training for the All India Driver’s Licence and receive customer etiquette training.

The Rainbow taxi service will begin operating in Mumbai in a few months. It will have transgender and gay drivers driving the vehicles. The initiative is a joint venture of Wings Travel and Humsafar Trust, a 20-year-old organisation that advocates for the LGBT community.

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