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Service First Staffing Review

service first staffing

Whether you’re interested in working at Service First Staffing or looking to change jobs, reviews of the company are a great way to get a feel for the company’s culture and working conditions. They also offer helpful information about compensation, training opportunities, and more. While some reviews highlight the company’s best qualities, others may focus on its negative sides.

Review of Service First Staffing

If you’re looking for an employee staffing solution, Service First Staffing is an excellent choice. They have an extensive database of qualified candidates. Moreover, they offer a variety of flexible scheduling options, including a one-day notice. In addition, Service First Staffing is certified by UpCity, a leading online staffing network.

The business operates in 6 locations and specializes in temporary staffing and permanent staffing. They work to find the right candidate for the right client. They have been a reliable employment agency for many years, and are dedicated to finding exceptional candidates for their clients. Other services they offer include payrolling and executive recruiting.


Service First Staffing is a staffing company headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. However, the company has multiple locations throughout the United States, with a few being military friendly. These locations provide temporary and permanent staff, as well as payrolling and executive recruitment services. If you are interested in working for Service First Staffing, please consider exploring their website.

Hourly pay

Hourly employees are paid for all hours they work. If an employer wants an employee to work more hours, he or she must pay the employee more. Overtime pay is generally time and a half. However, some employers also pay double time on holidays and weekends. In addition, hourly employees are able to better separate their work from their personal life. This means they have more time for hobbies or a second job.

Service First Staffing pays hourly wages that range from $174 to $224 per hour. However, these wages can vary depending on the job, location, education, and skills. For example, a salesperson at Service First Staffing can earn between $174 and $223 an hour depending on their experience and education level.


When you work with Service First Staffing, you’ll benefit from their diverse and comprehensive service offering. The company’s five office locations provide employees with permanent and temporary staff, payrolling services, and executive recruitment. Their knowledgeable account managers are available to answer any questions you may have. Whether you need a temporary job or a permanent position, Service First can help you find the perfect fit for your team.

Service First Staffing pays its employees an average hourly wage of $197. However, this rate can vary from job to job and based on education and experience. For example, a salesperson may make $174 an hour, while a service assistant might make $224. The pay rate will be determined by the type of job that you are hired for, and the location you work in.

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