The Ultimate Guide to KOTOR’s Sunry Trial on Manaan

Welcome kotor manaan sunry trial to the watery world of Manaan, a planet divided by political strife and underwater cities. As you journey through the vast galaxy in Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), you’ll find yourself on this unique planet where tensions run high between the Selkath and Sith Empire. One pivotal moment in your adventure is The Sunry Trial, a quest that requires both your investigative skills and combat prowess. Join us as we explore how to navigate this trial successfully and reap all its rewards!

The Sunry Trial

The Sunry Trial is one of the most challenging quests in Knights of the Old Republic’s (KOTOR) Manaan planet. The trial involves investigating a murder case where a Human politician, Sunry, is accused of killing his Selkath mistress on the ocean floor. As players delve deeper into Sunry’s Trial, they’ll discover that there’s more to this case than meets the eye.

To start the quest, head over to Ahto City and speak with Elora – she will give you an overview and suggest you visit Roland Wann for further information. After visiting Roland Wann at E21 East Central > Hrakert Station > Lobby, go back to Elora and tell her what you learned. She will then provide directions to each location involved in solving the mystery surrounding Sunry.

Players must investigate various locations including Sith Embassy Foyer, Mercenary Enclave Basement and Hotel Room 2-11A among others as they gather evidence related to this high-profile crime scene.

Throughout your investigation on Manaan planet, be sure always to keep an open mind as surprises lay around every corner!

How to Complete the Sunry Trial

The Sunry Trial on Manaan can be quite tricky to complete. However, with the right approach and strategy, you can successfully navigate through this challenging trial.

Firstly, it’s essential to gather all the evidence available in Ahto City. Speak with every witness and take note of their statements. It would help if you also used your skills like Persuade or Intimidate during these conversations as they may reveal more information.

Once you have gathered enough evidence from Ahto City, head over to the Sith Base where Sunry is being held captive. Once inside, use your skills like Security or Computer Use to access important files and create a compelling defense for Sunry.

During the trial itself, make sure to present all your evidence in a clear and concise manner while cross-examining any witnesses presented by Prosecutor Igear. Remember that some characters’ testimonies may contradict each other so pay close attention!

Depending on how well you did during the trial, there are several possible outcomes – from freeing Sunry entirely (and earning Light Side points) to having him executed (and gaining Dark Side points). So choose wisely!

Rewards for Completing the Sunry Trial

After successfully completing the Sunry Trial, players will be rewarded with a few valuable items that can come in handy throughout their journey. First and foremost, players will receive a respectable amount of credits as a reward for their efforts. These credits can be used to purchase better gear or upgrade existing equipment.

Additionally, players will receive an advanced medpac which has increased healing capabilities compared to regular medpacs. This item is especially useful during battles where health regeneration is crucial.

Players also have the opportunity to obtain some rare and unique items depending on how they choose to complete the trial. One such item is the Verpine Headband, which provides substantial bonuses to intelligence and dexterity attributes when equipped.

Completing the Sunry Trial also opens up new dialogue options with certain characters in Manaan that may lead to further quests and rewards down the line.

Completing the Sunry Trial not only serves as an exciting challenge but also offers tangible rewards that can benefit players throughout their playthrough of KOTOR.


The Sunry Trial on Manaan is a challenging and engaging quest that requires careful investigation and decision-making. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to navigate through the various obstacles and win your case before the court.

Remember to gather all of the evidence you can find, speak with all relevant NPCs, and make wise choices when presenting your case. If done correctly, you will be rewarded with valuable items as well as a sense of accomplishment for completing one of KOTOR’s best side quests.

We hope that this ultimate guide has been helpful in preparing you for the Sunry Trial on Manaan. Good luck, Jedi!

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