Top Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Online DTH Recharge

To help you get a brief insight about the prudent selection of channels and DTH recharge pack, we have mentioned the top mistakes you should avoid.

Words will never suffice to emphasize the importance of making prudent decisions when it comes to choosing the right DTH recharge pack and paying for it. One should always be mindful of carrying out adequate research before choosing the apt plan that fits well with their requirements. 

Major DTH providers like Sun direct, Tatasky, and Airtel offer many top-notch plans. Also, you can do your Airtel DTH recharge online without any hassle. The process is paperless, swift and can be done within minutes. Read to know!

  • Not choosing the right pack for dth recharge

One of the most common mistakes that most DTH subscribers make is not choosing the right package that fits their requirements well. Make sure you do adequate market research before choosing the plan you like. 

For example, Airtel DTH offers a myriad of plans in every price range with all inclusions and cut-off limits. You can browse, pick a few and choose one among them. Now, you can also do your Airtel DTH recharge online using the Airtel website or application. 

  • Saving card details

If your DTH recharge pack is exhausted and you are doing an online recharge, there are multiple things that you should avoid. Among all, the first one is to avoid saving card details. 

If you make a DTH recharge pack payment by your debit or credit card, no matter which payment platform you are using, you should ensure that your card details will not be saved during the transaction. 

Saving card details may help in the next transaction, but entering details from scratch in every transaction will keep your bank account secure. So, even if you regularly make transactions, erase all the details just after completing one payment.

  • Not Checking for Recent Offers

Whether you are doing dish TV recharge or airtel DTH recharge online by any platform, you should check recent offers. There are two types of offers that you can claim anytime. DTH service providers usually attract customers by offering new & ultimate offers. 

Whereas the payment gateways attract customers by presenting cashback & voucher offers. Platforms like Mobiqwik, Freecharge, PayTM, PhonePay, & Google Pay regularly introduce eye-catching offers to build a strong user base. 

Many of us do not check offers, use a regular payment gateway, and enter a common DTH recharge pack. Moreover, multiple pay later platforms are presenting best-in-class deals for the DTH recharge packs. You will get amazing offers on these platforms without any commission charge or interest. 

  • Keeping your password open and unsafe

Nowadays activating DTH recharge packs online is very common. According to a report, 80% of total DTH recharge is performed by online platforms. Well, while doing recharge, most people do not keep their passwords safe. 

They people either save their UPI pin or enter it in front of their friends & family. It is even suggested by RBI & Financial Ministry that you should never share your UPI with anyone. 

Also, if you regularly make an online transaction, it is recommended you change your password at least once a quarter. It ensures you from theft and presents you as a responsible citizen. In addition, using a one-time password model is suggested when making payments for DTH recharge.

Also, you can use the airtel app to do your Airtel DTH recharge online which is safe and secure. 

  • Not Ignoring Fraudulent Apps

No matter what you are doing, sending money to a friend, doing Airtel DTH recharge online, or even a mobile recharge, you should beware of fraudulent applications. Many mobile applications are available on the app store & play store that are just operating as scams. 

Such payment platforms offer incredible advertisements, but you can identify their legitimacy by their reviews. There are multiple ways through which you can check whether the payment platform is genuine or not. 

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Check the ratings, ensure it is verified by Google or IOS, & find the number of downloads, fraudulent apps usually have a low volume of downloads and ratings. We always suggest you use widely recognized and trustworthy apps to enable the DTH recharge pack.

  • Choosing for Long-Term Plans Without Offers

One of the silly mistakes we consumers usually make while activating the DTH recharge pack is long-term plans without any offers. Even if you are clingy to the TV and your recharge is over, you should opt for a monthly recharge if there is no offer in a long-term plan. 

DTH service providers regularly update offers in long-term plans. So, if there is no offer today, you may find a suitable DTH recharge pack tomorrow. So, it is recommended to all that if you can wait for some time, you can proceed with your Airtel DTH recharge online with a better offer.

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