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If andy burish investment you’re looking for an investment advisor, you should consider checking out Andrew Burish. While he may not be the best option for every investor, his reputation and success rate is worth watching. Halling & Cayo Securities Lawyers are currently looking into potential claims that Andrew Burish recommended unsuitable investments. These include his recommendations to short the shares of Tesla and continue to hold those positions despite mounting losses.

Andrew Burish

Andrew Burish is a 38-year industry veteran who started at UBS in 1984. He currently heads the Burish Group, which employs 14 investment advisors and manages more than $4 billion in client assets. His company was recently accused of breach of fiduciary duty and violation of the federal securities regulator’s suitability rule. Burish’s short-selling recommendations, which bet on falling stock prices, sparked the lawsuit.

In the past year, three UBS employees were fired. One was a broker who failed to close a trade, which cost the client money. Another was a lawsuit filed against Burish by Mark Munizzi for defamation, which the brokerage firm settled for $11 million. The firm has also terminated two members of its team for engaging in risky options trading, including the producing manager and the regional compliance officer.

Andy Burish Investment

Burish has denied the allegations against him and has denied contributing to the settlement. He said that his customers were successful businesspeople who wanted to invest in high-end projects. Nevertheless, Burish brokerage said that the investments he recommended were suitable for his clients, and they requested more investments from him. Despite the claims, Burish is still under scrutiny due to his other option trading activities.


Andy Burish is a UBS investment advisor with over 38 years of experience. He oversees the financial affairs of over $4 billion in client assets, and leads a team of 14 investment professionals. He has received numerous awards and is regarded as one of the most successful brokers in the Midwest. He has been ranked among the top advisors in the country by Barron’s, and was named the top broker in Wisconsin by Forbes.

According to BrokerCheck, Burish has had one complaint filed against him, involving unsuitable recommendations in 2008. The complaint was settled for $1 million. In addition, UBS terminated Burish’s producer and regional compliance officer. The firm also issued new restrictions regarding naked option trading.

Andy Burish Investment

Burish denied any wrongdoing and did not contribute to the settlement. Burish’s customers were wealthy businessmen, many involved in high-profile projects. However, the brokerage claimed that his investments were appropriate for their clients. He even said his clients requested more investments from him. However, there have also been other concerns surrounding Burish’s stock and options trading.

FINRA arbitration case

A 38-year investment industry veteran, Andrew Burish, is suing UBS and his brokerage firm, The Burish Group, for breaching fiduciary duty and violating the suitability rule. He claims that his short-selling recommendations of Tesla shares resulting in losses of more than $23 million were unsuitable and that he failed to supervise his brokers.

Burish’s brokerage denied wrongdoing and did not contribute to the settlement. The brokerage’s clients were wealthy business owners involved in high-dollar projects. The Burish brokerage claimed the investments were appropriate for the clients, and that they asked for more investments. Nevertheless, the arbitration case has raised questions about other options trading practices at Burish.

Burish has a long history in the industry, having worked at UBS since 1983. His wealth management practice oversees more than $4 billion in client assets. He also serves on the investment committees for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and UW-Eau Claire. His hobbies include downhill skiing, water skiing, and motorcycling.

Unsuitable investments

A national securities law firm is investigating Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch for their role in the unsuitable investments of Burish customers. A former Morgan Stanley adviser, Edgar Turley, has already pleaded guilty to stealing $6 million from investors. Other brokerage firms under scrutiny include Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

A BrokerCheck background check can reveal past incidents of breaches of duty by brokers. Several members of Burish’s team have fallen foul of the client’s best interests, and this led to the termination of his regional compliance officer, producing branch manager, and junior associate. One of the junior associates involved in unsuitable investments did not close a losing trade, resulting in losses to clients.

Burish has been a leading investment advisor for over three decades, and started at UBS in 1984. His firm employs 14 investment advisors and manages over $4 billion in client assets. It is also accused of violating the suitability rule of Finra. In this case, Burish promoted short-selling Tesla shares, which led to substantial losses for investors.

Failure to supervise broker

UBS has been accused of failing to supervise Andy Burish, a former investment broker. The arbitration claim alleges that UBS failed to follow suitability guidelines and breached its fiduciary duty. UBS has not yet responded to the claim. Burish denies the allegations. However, he and his firm have been under fire for other options trading concerns.

The suit alleges that UBS failed to supervise Andrew Burish, a seasoned industry veteran with 38 years of experience. He has a team of 14 investment advisors and manages more than $4 billion in client assets. The complaint alleges that andy burish investment UBS breached its fiduciary duty and failed to supervise Burish in accordance with FINRA’s suitability rules and fiduciary duty to his clients.

UBS has terminated Burish’s regional compliance officer and producing branch manager, and fired a junior associate on Burish’s team. The junior associate failed to close a losing trade as directed by senior compliance personnel, and as a result, the investors suffered losses. In addition, UBS has introduced stricter regulations for naked options trading.

Fiduciary duty

Andrew Burish is a 38-year industry veteran who leads 14 advisors and oversees $4 billion in client assets. Despite his impressive track record, Burish has faced allegations of misconduct, including failing to meet his fiduciary duty to clients. His company has since fired three of Burish’s employees and imposed restrictions on the firm’s use of naked options trading.

The Burish brokerage denied wrongdoing and did not contribute to the settlement. The lawsuit alleges that Burish recommended short-selling shares of Tesla, which led to losses of over $23 million for his clients. Despite this, his customers claimed that the investments were suitable and requested more investments. Since then, Burish has been under scrutiny for other options-trading issues.

In the Alliance transaction, Fenkell had an “inherent fiduciary duty” to the members of his ESOP plan. The plaintiffs claim that andy burish investment this breach of duty resulted in Pagelow’s personal liability. However, in other cases, plaintiffs claim that Fenkell acted in his personal capacity without consulting with the ESOP’s fiduciaries.

Suitability rule

In a lawsuit filed against UBS and an investment advisor, a group of investors is claiming unsuitability, a breach of fiduciary duty, and negligence in the management of their money. The investors, including a couple and an individual, say they lost more than $23 million as a result of Burish’s short-selling recommendations. Ultimately, the investors are seeking $23 million in damages and unspecified punitive damages.

The suitability rule is supposed to protect investors against brokers who provide unsuitable advice. Brokers may violate the rule if they generate trades for the sole purpose of churning accounts or earning high commissions. In addition, they andy burish investment may promote products with high fees that are not suitable for all investors, breaching their fiduciary duties.

The Burish Group is one of the most highly regarded wealth management firms in the country. Its andy burish investment founder, Andy Burish, has 38 years of experience in the financial services industry. He joined UBS in 1984 and has led one of its most profitable teams in the Midwest. His firm has since grown to employ over forty-five highly experienced financial advisors and manages more than $5 billion in assets. The Burish Group is dedicated to a holistic approach to wealth management for affluent individuals and families.

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