How to Use a Small Humidor?

Put a shot glass that is filled with distillate water or our humidity solution inside the middle of your lumbuy humidor. The humidifier should be charged and placed within the humidor. Place your hygrometer calibrated in the humidor. Shut the lid.

Monitor the humidity every day with an illuminometer.

  • How does a small-sized humidor function?
  • In essence, a cigar humidor functions as a device for storing to store your cigars and aids in maintaining the level of humidity.
  • Keeping the level of humidity allows the tobacco leaves in the cigars to expand or contract depending on the level of humidity within it.

What is the Use of a Cigar Humidor?

If you’ve purchased a small humidor for your cigars to keep the entire collection of your cigarettes in perfect condition, you can put it up quickly. Whatever type or model of humidor you’ve purchased there are a few standard steps you can follow to get it set up in a matter of minutes.

The first step is to put the lumbuy humidifier into the distilled water for about 3-5 minutes. After the time is over then remove the humidifier and clean off any water that has accumulated.

How Long Can Cigarettes Last Inside A Tiny Humidor?

Making sure you properly store the cigars you smoke in a humidified storage cabinet can enhance the process of aging the finest cigars. The ideal time for aging lighter cigarettes is three months to one year and the taste gets better over 10 years.

Small Cigar Humidors – Our Top Picks

Small humidors generally hold 25, if not less. They’re an excellent choice for novice smokers as well as experienced collectors because they’re more manageable because of the size and quantity of cigars. Small humidors look fantastic on any table, side table, or shelf.

 Leather Brown Humidor

There is nothing better than cedar and exquisite leather except perhaps whiskey. This lumbuy humidor will get you about two-thirds of the way there with a gorgeous cedar box that is adorned with brown leather. It also comes with a humidifier, as well as a humidity gauge!

Desktop Glass Humidor

The slim and sleek design of this desktop lumbuy humidor allows you to display smaller collections while preserving space on the desk or shelves. It has an air humidifier, however, at this size, you can most likely use only one Boveda humidor once the humidor is seasoned.

Acrylic Cigar Humidor Jar

There aren’t any points for style with this glass humidor, but it does the job! If you’re looking for a simple container that will protect your cigars take a look at this setup. It includes a Spanish cedar floor and a Boveda pack, which means you’re all set to go. It doesn’t require any seasoning.

This is an excellent solution if you need fast storage. It doesn’t matter if you’re away on vacation or you’re trying to refresh your current humidor it’s a fantastic low-cost arrangement.

Woodronic Double Glass top Cigar Humidor

Looking for a more unique design? This Woodronic Double Glasstop takes the typical small humidor design and alters it to include two glass panes rather than just one huge one. The hygrometer rests on the top of the glass, which is good because it’s likely to get better readings since it’s not easily hindered by cigars.