Shiv Roy Weight Gain Journey: How I Went from Scrawny to Buff

Shiv Roy Weight Gain Journey -At 6’2 and 155 lbs, I was as scrawny as they came. I had always been rail-thin, but now I wasn’t just thin, I was bony. My ribs were visible through my skin, and even my collarbones poked out of me chest.

Changing your lifestyle

I’ve always been skinny, so I didn’t really understand the concept of weight gain. When people would say you’re getting a gut, or you look like you’re pregnant, I just assumed they were talking about someone else. But as my peers and family members started to tell me the same thing, it became clear that it was happening to me too. One day, after catching a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror, I saw that my shirt and pants weren’t fitting quite right anymore. That’s when I knew something had to change.

The importance of starting small

1) Make sure you are ready for the change
2) Be realistic about what you can handle
3) Keep your expectations low-key
4) Start with one small goal at a time and build up
5) Take it slow, don’t try and do too much all at once. Slow and steady wins the race.
6) Seek out support from friends and family – or get professional help if needed

Get obsessed with your goal

I didn’t always feel this way. For most of my life, I was scrawny and skinny. In high school, the typical bully would chase me down and call me Shiv or Skinny as a way to insult me. They’d push me around in the hallways, make fun of me for being weak and for not having muscles. It was humiliating, but it really made an impact on how I felt about myself as a person.
It didn’t take long for that feeling of self-doubt to turn into something much worse – depression. On top of constantly hearing hurtful comments and jokes about my weight, I also had to deal with other people criticizing me for trying to play sports despite the fact that I wasn’t strong enough. From then on, there were times when I would have suicidal thoughts when everything got too hard.
I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through, which is why it’s so important that people get obsessed with their goal. The more obsessed you are with your goal, the less likely you’ll be able to give up when things get hard because you won’t let yourself be defeated by anything!

Once you start, there’s no stopping

I’ve always been a skinny guy. No matter how hard I worked out, the weight just wouldn’t stick. You could see my ribs and it was embarrassing. One day, after seeing an old photo of myself, I knew something had to change. So, for six months straight, I ate every three hours and lifted weights religiously. Now that the weight has finally come in (along with some muscle), it feels great to be able to cover up my bones with muscle!

Be disciplined

You can’t just expect your body to change without putting any effort into it. The most important thing is consistency. When you’re consistent with your work outs, diet, and sleep routine you’ll find that you start seeing results more quickly. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, as long as you’re working out consistently you will see improvements in the way your body looks and feels. If you want to build muscle mass then lifting weights should be a priority.
This will not only help with building muscle but also with burning fat by increasing the amount of calories that are burned at rest while building muscle mass can increase your metabolic rate which means more calories burned even when at rest!

Experiment with foods that work for you

I learned that if you want to put on weight, you have to eat a lot of calories. If you’re not getting enough protein, your muscles can’t grow and you’ll actually lose weight. So I started eating a lot of meat, eggs and cheese. For vegetables, I ate a lot of potatoes and butternut squash. And for fruit, my favorites were bananas and pineapple. What about drinks? Well, I drank mostly water because it had zero calories and it helped me stay hydrated.

But sometimes I also drank other things like iced tea or Gatorade. To cut back on calories, I usually skipped breakfast or ate small breakfasts like two fried eggs with some toast. Lunch was usually salad with chicken or tuna mixed in or soup like lentil soup with noodles or pasta. Dinner was the main meal of the day and typically consisted of a couple servings of whatever meal my family would be having – this way, we could share!

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard

Shiv Roy Weight Gain -The first thing that many people think when they decide to start working out is that they need to do intense exercises and workouts. This is not necessarily the truth. It takes hard work, but it doesn’t always have to be hard work. Start with walking for 30 minutes a day and you will be surprised at the results! You can also try doing five minutes of high intensity training then taking one minute off. Get your heart pumping by sprinting up stairs or parking as far away as possible when shopping.

Start training your mind as well as your body

Shiv Roy Weight Gain -When my doctor told me that I was overweight and had high blood pressure, it was the wake up call I needed. At 250 pounds, my body was not functioning at 100%. It was time for a change.
I started by researching different diets and came across intermittent fasting. The idea of only eating during a specific window seemed too extreme, so instead I just limited my food intake to one meal a day.
I also began working out for an hour in the morning before work, then again for an hour after work on the weekends. The weight slowly began to come off and eventually my blood pressure normalized as well.
Within about six months, I went from being skinny fat with high blood pressure to having more energy than ever before and weighing 200 pounds!

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