The Family of Dr. Karamo Chilombo

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Jahi Chilombo

Jahi Chilombo is an accomplished musician from California. She is also a doctor. She has earned two medical degrees from prestigious medical institutes. She is a renowned doctor who is regarded as a role model by many. Her music combines African and American culture.

Jahi was born in California. Her father, Dr. Karamo Chilombo, is also a medical specialist. He is also a well-known singer and songwriter. He is the father of Jhene Aiko and Mila J. Chilombo has a strong African heritage and frequently discusses the culture of her homeland, Africa. She has released a CD called The Sounds of Mother Africa.

Karamo Chilombo’s father, Jahi, is an African-American. His mother, Christina Yamamoto, is Dominican. Her children are also of mixed ancestry. Karamo had three sons and three daughters with his first wife.

After his first marriage, Karamo Chilombo had numerous relationships. His first wife, Christina Yamamoto, divorced him in 2000. He has three adult daughters – Jhene Aiko (born 1988), Mila J (born 1982), and Miyoko (born 1981). Mila Chilombo has a career as an R&B singer. She also has a song called The Main.

Christina Yamamoto is the mother of singer Jhene Aiko. She and Dr. Karamo Chilombo separated in 2012 for personal reasons. Christina was left devastated when her son was diagnosed with cancer. She tried her best to save him, but he did not survive the disease. Christina decided not to marry again because she wanted to be around for her children.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Karamo Chilombo, a doctor who is passionate about music, is also a singer. He goes by the stage name of Dr. Chill and is a talented musician. He married his wife, Christina Yamamoto, in 1980 and the couple had five children. Their divorce was not public. In October 2021, he and Christina Yamamoto got divorced. They did not disclose the reason for the split.

Jahi Chilombo was born in Los Angeles, CA. His parents are Dr. Karamo A Chilombo and Christina L Yamamoto. She has two children, Jamila Akiko Aba and Christopher A. Barnes. Jahi is the second child of her parents.

The Chilombo family is close. The members of the family get equal recognition. She hasn’t disclosed her educational background or career path. She was raised by her parents in Los Angeles. After high school, she took singing lessons in Culver City, California. However, she stopped taking vocal lessons because she became pregnant. After giving birth to her daughter, she began her singing career. She is currently 34 years old.

Marcia Chilombo

Marcia Chilombo is the younger sister of singer Jhene Aiko. Her parents are Dr. Karamo Chilombo and Christina Yamamoto. The family has been in the medical profession for quite a while. She has two younger siblings and one half-sister. Her father was previously married to Christina Yamamoto. They have three children. She has two biological and two step-siblings.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is a divorced doctor. He has been separated from his first wife, Christina Yamamoto, for more than 20 years. They were married in 1980, but later had an extramarital affair that lasted for a year. During that time, they had two sons and two daughters. However, their relationship did not last very long. Their daughter Kareena Chilombo is close to her father.

Dr. Karamo Chilombo

Dr. Karamo Chilombo is an American medical doctor and clinical subject matter specialist. He has worked in the field of pediatrics for more than 40 years. He is the father of the jazz singers Jhene Aiko and Mila J. He is also an active musician, with songs published on YouTube, Deezer, and Spotify.

Jahi Chilombo was born in Los Angeles, California. He was raised by his parents in a musical family. She took vocal lessons in Culver City, California, but dropped them when she became pregnant unexpectedly. Aiko’s parents are Dr. Karamo Chilombo and Christina Yamamoto. She is a member of the Chilombo family and was raised in Los Angeles. She is of Dominican and Japanese ancestry.

Aside from being a doctor, Dr. Chilombo is also a famous author and artist. She has authored a book titled Love is Life. It is a must-read for any book lover! She is a true inspiration!

A highly accomplished medical practitioner, Dr. Karamo Chilombo holds a medical degree from the University Of California San Francisco School of Medicine. She obtained her medical specialty in 1978. She is currently affiliated with Monterey Park Hospital. She has six children and is also a dedicated mother to her family.

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