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20,000 people at a businessman’s Trump Rally

You’ve probably heard about the 20,000 people who turn out for a Trump rally. But did you know that you can also see a similar number at a businessman’s rally? What’s more, a Trump rally is a multi-day event, and you need to RSVP for tickets several weeks ahead of time to attend. Once you’ve bought your tickets, you’ll need to figure out how to arrive early enough to get inside before the fire marshal shuts it down? And once you get there, you’ll have to deal with crowds, parking, and security before you enter the arena filled with people.

20,000 people show up for a trump rally

It’s amazing what happens when 20,000 people show up for a Trump rally in Birmingham. Although Trump has promised to make the event “safe,” the public health and safety officials are concerned about the potential spread of Covid-19 and other illnesses. But the campaign stresses that there will be no masks or social distancing at the event. And because the event is indoors, it is unlikely that attendees will feel a need to cover their mouths, noses, and other vital organs.

In the days following the Tulsa rally, health experts have expressed concern that President Trump’s remarks may have adverse effects on the body. The rally is expected to last for an hour or so. Despite this, there will be more than 50 buses to take attendees back to their cars. And it’s not just health and safety concerns that are at stake – there are many other safety risks.

According to local news, the turnout at the Fort Wayne rally was much smaller than the 20,000-plus people who registered. Many of the attendees, though, were protesters. The local news channel reported that around 300-400 people were turned away due to the weather. Another Twitter user said there were twice as many people watching from the outside than inside the venue. That’s still an unconvincing number.

Trump Rally’s endorsed a gubernatorial candidate in Arizona

Former president Donald Trump and former vice president Mike Pence have publicly endorsed candidates for governor in Arizona. The Pence endorsement underscores the growing divide within the Republican Party. The former vice president will campaign with Taylor Robson on Friday, while Trump is scheduled to hold a rally for his opponent, former TV news anchor Kari Lake. The winner of the Aug. 2 primary will likely become Arizona’s next governor.

The endorsement comes as a surprise to many. Ducey and Trump have made public comments comparing their candidates. Trump has endorsed Lake before, but the two are not running against each other this time. And he has endorsed several candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden. Ducey is term limited, so he will soon leave a vacant seat in Arizona. Other GOP candidates are still courting Trump’s endorsement.

The controversy surrounding Ducey’s election has divided Arizonans. Ducey was a top vote-getter for Democratic vice president candidate Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in 2016 and has endorsed a gubernatorial candidate for the post in Arizona. Ducey’s re-election campaign has been a source of contention for the Republican Party. In Arizona, a Republican primary has been held for governor since January and the upcoming election is important to both parties.

He’s also stumped for Joe Biden

He’s not the only one who has been snubbing President Trump lately. The vice president has also been taking on his Republican opponent in the Iowa rally. The former senator recounted Trump’s comments about Charlottesville protesters, and said that the Democrats would not fight a campaign via Zoom meetings.

While there are some doubts about Joe Biden’s candidacy, others are more than happy to vote for him. Biden’s age, for instance, is a major factor, but it has been pointed out in interviews. He’s already the oldest president in American history. That concern was also cited as a top issue when asked about potential candidates in the 2020 Democratic primary. According to one recent poll, nearly four-fifths of Democrats under 30 said they would prefer a different presidential nominee.

The midterm campaign blitz kicked off in Pittsburgh during Labor Day. In six days, the former vice president had 18 rallies across the country. Joe Biden visited the state in six states last year, and stumped for him in six of them. In 2016, six states went red – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. But Biden’s presence in these states helped him gain the upper hand in the race.

He’s endorsed a businessman in Illinois

Former President Donald Trump is heading to Illinois this weekend to endorse two congressional candidates and one gubernatorial candidate. Downstate state senator Darren Bailey is seeking Trump’s endorsement to become governor. The other candidate, state Sen. Richard Irvin, is backed by businessman Ken Griffin. Both men are Republicans. This is a big deal because both are running on their ties to the Trump Organization.

The Democrats’ ads seem to have a hard time reaching Republicans in the primary, so they’re playing coded language to get their message across. A businessman in southern Illinois, Bailey is pro-gun rights and strongly opposes abortion rights. The president’s endorsement came a day after he made the announcement. The campaign has been attacking Miller’s opponent since his endorsement. But that didn’t stop Davis from introducing him to the media.

In Illinois, the Republican party isn’t worried about Donald Trump’s ties to the state. Several prominent Democrats have endorsed candidates, and some of them have endorsed businessmen for office. Meanwhile, Mark Finchem, a businessman who denies the results of the 2020 election, has sought to overturn it. He’s one of two candidates on the Republican primary ballot. Other candidates, like former governor Tony Evers, are pursuing higher office.

He’s endorsed a former president

In one state where the candidates for U.S. Senate are Republicans, Trump has endorsed a former president at a rally. The former president endorsed “ERIC” Greitens, who is the state attorney general. Both candidates are first cousins, and Schmitt’s support has been growing. It’s still unclear whether Trump’s endorsement of Greitens is genuine or a strategy to make the campaign look stronger.

The announcement came at a GOP fundraising rally, and now a former president is stepping into the fray. The GOP has a number of candidates running for governor, and Trump has endorsed the one in Banks County, which is heavily Republican. But Gillespie isn’t sure how the endorsement will affect his chances of winning in this race. It’s unclear whether Trump’s endorsement will have any impact on his campaign, since voters in the state already know him and have formed opinions about him.

The announcement comes a day after the former president endorsed Ryan Zinke, a candidate for the U.S. House in Montana’s western district. The GOP precinct delegates will vote at the party’s convention in April to endorse the nominees for attorney general and secretary of state. At the Republican Party convention on April 23, precinct delegates will vote on the nominees for both positions. Zinke has a significant fundraising lead over his opponents, but has declined to debate any of his primary opponents.

He’s not running for president

There are plenty of reasons why Donald Trump isn’t running for president. One is his legal troubles, and a wise lawyer would advise him against it. In a presidential campaign, judges are highly strict and can jail you for contempt of court, fine you virtually indefinitely, and even make you pay a million dollars in fines. While this might not sound like much of a reason to run for president, it could be enough to cause him serious embarrassment.

There are many reasons to not run for president, but the primary reason is that Trump has zero interest in governing. He wants to make America great again, build imaginary walls, and appoint himself as monarch. His wife, Melania, is another shallow narcissist who doesn’t seem interested in being president. She resigned from her governorship in Alaska midway through her term and pursued paid speaking gigs and reality television.

Another reason is that he’ll lose control of all but $5,000 of his $100 million war chest. AB PAC has argued that Trump’s campaign isn’t following the rules set out by the Federal Election Commission. If the FEC doesn’t intervene soon, the PAC will pursue a civil complaint against him. If the FEC doesn’t intervene in Trump’s campaign within 30 days, it will pursue its legal rights.

Trump’s a candidate for a gubernatorial race in Alaska

As of Thursday, former President Donald Trump is the leading candidate in the governor’s race in Alaska, with 81 percent of the vote counted. Republican Nick Begich III and independent Al Gross were running for second and third respectively. Democrat Mary Peltola and Republican Tara Sweeney were vying for the fourth spot. In addition to Trump, Santa Claus, the white-bearded resident of North Pole, Alaska, is running for sixth.

Several Republican lawmakers have endorsed Trump, including two candidates for governor in Alaska. As a matter of fact, Trump has publicly endorsed five Republican lawmakers running for governor in other states. His endorsement of Begich, who has received the support of Alaskans, does not come as a surprise. Although some voters may not trust the ranking system, Trump’s ad campaign is betting big on him.

Murkowski has supported Trump in the past, but she has been under fire in recent days for approving a bill allowing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She also has been criticized by the Democratic Party for voting for the controversial U.S. Sen. Deb Haaland, who ruled against oil and gas leasing in the Arctic Refuge.

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