Look out for bitcoin gold faucet

Bitcoin bitcoin gold faucet gold is a new cryptocurrency that is easily mined with computers. Basically, it’s a copy of bitcoin that has had some technical changes made to it. Many people are wondering if this new cryptocurrency is a scam or not. If you’re looking to invest in it, be sure to watch out for scams like this one. Instead of investing your hard-earned money in something that may be a scam, why not try out our bitcoin gold faucet? We’ll give you free bitcoins every day so that you can test the waters and see if bitcoin gold is worth investing in.

What is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is a new cryptocurrency based on the original Bitcoin blockchain. It was created on October 24, 2017, and uses the same mining algorithm as Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gold is a fork of Bitcoin, meaning that when you start mining it, you are also contributing to the development of the original Bitcoin.

How to Claim Your Bitcoin Gold

If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to store your bitcoin in a cold wallet when the cryptocurrency crashed in December 2017, then you may be wondering how to claim your Bitcoin Gold (BTG). There are two ways to do this: Via an online portal or by scanning a QR code.

1. Via an online portal: The first option is to Claim Your Bitcoin Gold via an online portal. This will involve providing your account name and email address. Once you have registered, the portal will direct you to a page where you will be asked to input your bitcoin addresses. You will also need to provide proof of ownership, such as a scan of the private key for your bitcoin wallets or screenshots of the account login page and transaction history. Once everything is verified, the portal will send you BTG tokens corresponding to the amount of bitcoin held at each address.

2. Scanning a QR code: The second option is to scan a QR code. This involves taking pictures of the code with your phone and scanning it with the appropriate app. Once scanned, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your information and decide how much BTG tokens you want to receive.


Bitcoin gold is a new digital currency that was created in 2017. It’s often referred to as a “hard fork” of bitcoin, because it uses the same blockchain but has different rules. The main difference between bitcoin gold and regular bitcoin is that bitcoin gold can be mined with more sophisticated technology. As this new currency begins to gain traction, keep an eye out for opportunities to earn free bitcoins by playing casino games or doing other online activities that give you bitcoins as rewards.

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