Source Sriram Krishnan Facebook Twitter Snap

source sriram krishnan facebook twitter snap

Sriram source sriram krishnan facebook twitter snap Krishnan left Facebook in February 2016. Before leaving, he ran Facebook’s Audience Network, a rival to Google’s search engine. He was responsible for boosting Facebook’s image and user experience, and he has been credited with helping the company grow its revenue by nearly 400 percent.

Sriram Krishnan

Sriram Krishnan is an investor and a former product lead at Facebook, Twitter, and Snap. He shares his experiences and lessons learned from working at these social media companies. For example, he discusses how Facebook missed a big opportunity by not building a web browser. Similarly, he details the mental models he used when working at these companies.

As a product exec, Sriram Krishnan has a track record of building consumer products at leading companies. Previously, he focused on ad technology and helped build Facebook’s audience network and Snap’s ads API. But now, he’s taking on a new role at Twitter, focusing on consumer product. The company has been struggling to hire and retain product execs in the past, so it’s interesting that Sriram Krishnan is making the jump.

Aarthi Ramamurthy

Aarthi Ramamurthy and Sriram Krishnan are two of the most influential people in the tech world. Sriram is a top executive at Facebook, while Aarthi is the founder of source sriram krishnan facebook twitter snap Lumoid, an online retail hub for tech gear. Together, they are changing the way people buy tech products.

The two have deep resumes, listing their work at companies like Twitter and Facebook. But their source sriram krishnan facebook twitter snap greatest claim to fame is a podcast series they co-host called “The Good Time Show,” which is wildly popular with over 175,000 subscribers. Their fans include Paris Hilton and Calvin Harris. The podcast is ideal for anyone interested in hearing tech entrepreneurs talk about their work.

Source Sriram Krishnan Facebook Twitter Snap

Ramamurthy has extensive experience in the consumer space, having worked at Facebook and Netflix before launching her own start-ups. In 2012, she launched an e-commerce site for women, True and Co., and also helped launch Lumoid, a tool for testing gadgets. In 2017, she joined Facebook as a product director. However, in May, she departed to lead Clubhouse’s international expansion. She will receive equity in the new venture.


Sriram Krishna, a former Netflix product manager, is now an investor in the social audio platform Clubhouse. He has spent time at companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo and now is helping the company expand into other countries. Before joining Clubhouse, Ramamurthy founded two start-ups, True and Co., and Lumoid, a service for testing gadgets. Facebook hired him in 2017 as product director, but in May he left to take the helm at Clubhouse. He will receive equity in the company.

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