The Armored Titan and Other Titans From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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The Armored Titan was one of the biggest surprises in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Titan was a giant robot with superpowers, and it seemed to disregard people, moving towards the Wall Sina and Orvud District. However, there were several other interesting characters in the film, including the Wall Titan and Colossal Titan. This article will cover the most interesting characters of these movies and give you some inspiration for building your own Titan model.

Rod Reiss’ Titan

The majority of Rod Reiss’ Titan revolves around his willpower and desire to become a titan. He had a strong desire to become a Titan and his aim caused him to grow in size. In fact, the story would be very different if Reiss had not become a Titan. His willpower and desire allowed him to make such a massive transformation. It’s also interesting that Titans are born from royal bloodlines, which suggests that Rod’s genetics could have triggered this abnormal trait.

He is composed and logical and his appearance is unattractive. When he first encountered Historia, he kept his cool and composed while speaking about the founding titan. He was also level-headed with Ackermann, Eren Jaeger, and Historia. He acted calmly when confronted by Eren and Kenny Ackermann. Although his personality shifted during the film, his intelligence and logical reasoning were not affected.

In the final episode of Titan, Rod Reiss reaches a turning point in his life. He has a daughter with Alma, who was born before he lost his Founder’s Powers to Grisha. When this happened, he proposed that Historia join the Survey Corps, under the alias Krista Lenz. Ultimately, Rod Reiss hopes to return his Titan powers to the Royal Family.

Kenny interrupted Rod’s monologue and demanded to know whether the Founding Titan is useless for a non-Reiss. Kenny threatened to kill Rod as long as he continues to badmouth him. Then, Historia stands up for Rod, but Kenny accuses her of being a coward and that she would only care about her royal blood. He later admits that he had been wrong.

While his Titan looked like a human, his body was abnormal in many ways. It was twice as tall as the Colossal Titan and had a human appearance. Rod’s Titan was also disproportionately tall – he was 120 meters high! Rod’s Titan also had a disproportionate body, lacking muscles and bones. As a result, he was unable to stand up. He was also severely malnourished.


The Colossal Titan is one of nine Intelligent Titans in the Attack on Titan series. This monster has an immense body, and its transformation can release a huge blast of steam and energy. It is controlled by Armin Arlert, a former soldier of the Marley empire. It first appeared in 845 during the fall of the wall Maria, and re-emerged in 850 in the Trost District.

The Colossal Titan is extremely powerful and has impressive regenerative abilities. This ability allows it to recover from damage, despite its limited mobility. This makes it a dangerous adversary.

The Colossal Titan was one of the most powerful threats mankind ever faced. He was sent to Paradise by the Marley warriors in order to defeat the Founding Titan. It is very interesting to note that a 3D manipulating equipment could not simply be thrown away, because it turns flesh to steam. This is an example of a dangerous, yet effective way to get into a titan’s head.

The Colossal Titan was first seen in the very first episode of the anime. This giant titan lasted until the third season, where he played an important role as a main antagonist. In the anime, he is the main antagonist, creating a gap in the outermost wall of the city of Paradis. This allowed other titans to enter. When he was defeated, it roared loudly and retaliated with its own destructive power.

The Wall Titan is another type of Titan. This one is shorter than the Colossal Titan, and doesn’t reach the top of a wall. It was created by King Fritz to construct walls, and it was revealed in Season 4 Episode 5 “Declaration of War” that he used millions of Abnormal Titans to build them. It is unknown when King Fritz re-discovered this plan, but it is likely to be one of the most devastating of all the Titans.


The Armored Titan is the strongest of all the Titans. The armored body makes it hard to penetrate and withstand attacks. The Displate is an exclusive metal poster that is both durable and easy to view. Its high-tech design makes it the best choice for fans of the game. Armored Titan is one of Reiner Braun’s most powerful Titans. He is a former member of the scout regiment and was 2nd in his class.

The Armored Titan had not been seen for five years before the Season 2 episode “Warrior.” In this episode, he burst through the Wall Maria in Armored Titan form and killed countless citizens. He also murdered Eren’s mother. However, he had spent the five years before infiltrating the military as part of the 104th Training Corps and collaborating with Bertholdt. He also gained trust with Annie.

The Armored Titan’s strength is also apparent in the gameplay. The player can shed their armor in order to increase their mobility, although they will become more vulnerable to attacks. The way armor is shed is completely customizable. The user can discard only certain parts of their armor, like skin, while the rest is covered by armor. This way, the Armored Titan can take out an entire fence in a single attack. It is very difficult to kill this powerful and dangerous Titan.

He is a 15 meter muscle titan. Its entire body is covered in hard skin, making it vulnerable to explosives and other hardened Titans. This armored Titan can also shed its armor for enhanced speed and defense. When a player is facing an Armored Titan, they should be equipped with a wide array of items and gear. This will help them survive longer and fight more effectively. So, it is imperative to keep plenty of items on hand, and be prepared to fight.

The Colossal Titan is one of the nine intelligent Titans, introduced in episode one. It emits massive amounts of energy and gases, which makes it very difficult for attackers to get close to them. The Armored is controlled by Reiner Braun, a secret soldier of the Marley empire. It is currently in the possession of Armin Alert. If you have a hard time recognizing an Armored Titan, you can use the Titan’s armored body to defend yourself against the attackers.

Wall Titan

Wall Titans are titans that form walls and surround the earth. They are similar to Colossal Titans, but they don’t have skin, and they are entirely made of muscle tissue. Because of this, they have to be exceptionally tall and well-built. Wall Titans are responsible for building the massive walls that surround humankind, and they have their feet underground. It’s unclear how they manage to get outside of the walls, but they can do it at the command of the Founding Them.

King Fritz created the Wall Titans after he learned that the Eldian Empire had caused more harm than good. He gathered his royal family and many other Eldians to Paradis Island, where they could be safe from war and ultimately die. King Fritz may have created Wall Titans to protect his people and prevent the Eldian Empire from destroying themselves. This is what Willy Tybur believes, and in the season 4 episode titled “Declaration of War,” we see this plan come to fruition.

Wall Titans are similar to Colossal and Huge Titans. Both have the same size and shape, but the former is more muscular, whereas the latter is more agile. Both Titans have small eyes and elongated ears. Unlike their Colossal counterparts, Wall Titans are about as tall as the Walls themselves, although their former size is unknown. This makes Wall Titans the least common of the Titans.

During this battle, the Global Alliance Fleet sets up a naval blockade of the Marleyan coast and begins to bombard the Titans under the water. While a few shots do land on the Titans, they bypass the blockade and unleash their heat on the warships. Their intense heat instantly boils sea water and scorches the crew of the ships. As the battle continues, the land artillery of the Global Alliance begins barrage against the Wall , but the effects are ineffective.

The emergence of a wall Titan from the earth was first predicted in the manga, and the wall has become an important symbol of Eren’s triumph over the Colossal Titan. Now, a phalanx of Wall Titans is advancing from the wall. With the arrival of the Wall Titans, the prophesied Rumbling begins. In this attack, Eren regains her lost memory of her mother and vows to do everything she can to kill his enemies.

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