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Beautiful Mandir Design Ideas For The Ideal Pooja Room In India

jaali patterns to sleek mandirs that fit into small areas.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind mandir design for your house. We offer everything from ornate jaali patterns to sleek mandirs that fit into small areas. Whether you want simple wonderful nooks or extravagant ones, your home may easily do both. Take a peek at some of the most beautiful and innovative mandir design concepts!Buy mandir online from Craftatoz.

Jaali Panels At The Corner Of The Mandir

Are you a fan of the notion of using jaali panels in your pooja unit? Then this is the one for you. While this style works well in any living room, it is particularly well suited to those who have a wood-finished TV set. This white-and-wood puja unit has a great aesthetic value since lattice appears best in laminate or wood. The drawers may also be used to store puja samagri.

Design For A Carved Wooden Home Temple

If you have an empty area in your living room, now is the time to put it to good use. Place a classic dome and a small pooja shelfcorner unit with excellent jaali work. Make sure you have a soft-focus light inside that lights the corner, and you’ll be amazed at how different it looks.

In An Open Living Space, There’s A Sleek Pooja Room

So you don’t believe a pooja unit will fit into your contemporary living room with its Scandinavian style and minimalist furniture? Could you not believe it? You can convert a wall niche into a small mandir with a base unit and lovely lights like this one. To complement the contemporary design concept, keep cleaning lines and neutral colors.


Make A Statement With A Wall-Mounted Mandir

We all have at least one wall in our living rooms that aren’t being used. This is an excellent location for your deity. Take a look at this lovely design, which has a low-height base unit with drawers and brass bells that lend glitz to an otherwise drab location.

Make A Space For Your Temple

Anyone for a pooja room in the living room? You’re in luck if you have a separate area of your living room that you can convert into a mandir. This setting calls for a stunning carved marble unit with matching separators, such as this one. It will give you the impression of having a full-fledged pooja room while keeping the decor open.Buy wooden pooja mandir online from Craftatoz.

Invest In A Traditional Pooja Unit Made Of Wood

You may make a home shrine out of the corners of your living room. Choose an elegant, traditionally carved pooja unit in wood to decorate this room. Also, don’t forget to use focus lights and wonderful bells from the wall above the team to draw attention to this location. Friends and relatives will be complimenting you on this one in no time.

Decorate With A Few Minor Elements

A minimalist and bare pooja corner is appropriate for any living room theme. However, if you want to set your mandir against a plain wall, try using a veneer panel as the backdrop and a matching wooden base unit to create a unique look. To add to the impression, place shimmering lights on each side of the device and light candles around it.

How About A Mandir That Is Only Half-Open?

Your living room’s pooja corner does not have to be open all of the time. This is, nevertheless, a fantastic concept for anybody who enjoys having an ornate home temple. You may add colorful glass doors and a wooden door with bells to finish the design.

When Your Display Cabinet Also Serves As A Mandir

This is a simple concept for non-religious persons who like having a few idols in their living room. As a result, a display-cum-pooja-unit like this one is excellent for displaying beautiful icons alongside such ornamental things.

Inventive Utilization Of Space

This space-saving mandir has a very contemporary feel about it. The brilliant yellow color of the laser-cut acrylic panel stands out. The modular unit also makes good use of the space between the door and the wardrobe.

Designs For Glass Pooja Rooms

Like this mandir neatly situated on a stairwell landing, glass pooja rooms are quite the rage. With holy Sanskrit lettering on the glass panel, this pooja room makes efficient use of space.

Even when you are not worshipping inside the mandir, you may interact with your god via glass pooja rooms. Plus, like this mandir with its twin glass doors and frosted-glass background, those doors for your pooja rooms keep the sacredness of the space intact.


We hope you found our suggestions helpful! Look no further if you want interior design expertise to make your house as lovely as possible.Buy pooja shelf online from Craftatoz.

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