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Different Noise Control Modes on AirPods Pro and Max

AirPods Pro and Max have 3 noise control modes: Transparency Mode, Active Noise Cancellation Mode, and Off Mode. You can choose one of them, depending on how much you want to hear from your surroundings. 

What are Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation Mode?  

With active noise cancellation technology, your AirPods can identify external sounds and voices using an outwards-facing microphone. As a result, it will cancel out all external voices and noises before you even hear them.  If you are thinking – are AirPods noise cancelling really worth it? Definitely yes! 

Inward-facing microphones hear the unwanted internal noises inside your ear, which your AirPod Pro and Max can also counter with anti-noise technology. Transparency Mode allows outside voices to come inside to allow you to know what is going on around you. Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation Mode work in the best way when your AirPods fit well.  

Switching between Noise Control Modes  

You can switch among the noise control modes directly using your AirPod Max or Pro. Or else you can also use your Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, or iPhone. When you switch between these modes, the sound of a chime will come. In addition, when you use your macOS, watchOS, or iOS to switch among the noise control modes, you’ll see that Active Noise Cancellation will appear as Noise Cancellation.  

Switch between Modes on AirPods Max  

When wearing the AirPod Max, press the noise cancel button to switch it between Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation. You can customize the mode you want to switch to (Transparency, Noise Cancellation, and Off) in the Bluetooth section on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.  

Switch between Modes on AirPods Pro  

Hold the force sensor located on the stem of your AirPod until you hear a chime sound to switch among Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation. Using your Bluetooth settings, you can also customize the mode you want to switch between (Transparency, Noise Cancellation, and Off).  

To activate Noise Cancellation Mode on a single AirPod only, use your iPad or iPhone and go to Settings, then Accessibility, and then AirPods. Reaching there, you can select Noise Cancellation in One AirPod. After that, hold the sensor to switch between Transparency, Noise Cancellation, and Off modes.  

How to Customize the Noise Control on AirPods Max? 

Apple’s AirPods Max includes a single noise control button atop the right-hand earcup that allows you to cycle between Active Noise Cancelation mode, Transparency mode or turn off both modes. Noise Cancellation blocks out external sounds, while Transparency lets in sounds from the outside world.  

Everyone prefers one mode over the other depending on when and how much you use the AirPod Max. For instance, if you use AirPod Max on a sitting shuttle, you might use noise cancelling mode exclusively.  

In this case, the user may like to customize the settings of the noise cancellation button to turn active noise cancellation mode on or off. It will save him from repeatedly cycling through all the modes, using several button presses.  

Here are some steps that will show you how to customize the active noise cancellation mode to control the modes you want.  

  • Ensure that your ‌AirPods Max‌ is connected to the iOS device.  
  • Launch the app – Settings on your iPad or iPhone device.  
  • Then, tap the app – Bluetooth.  
  • Tap the Info (i) button adjacent to your Airpods Max’s name.  

Wrapping Up  

Now that Apple AirPod Pro and Max have been unleashed into the market, you might have already bought a pair of either of them. In addition, you might be exploring all the functions of these brand-new hi-tech gadgets. This article discusses different noise control modes on Air Pods Pro and Max along with their functionalities which are airpod noise cancelling mode, transparent mode, and off mode. So, with the hope that you all liked this piece of article, let’s take a leave. 


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