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Driving In The Rain? Follow These Tips to Stay Safe!

Weather is beyond our control. The ability to see, breakfast, and control your car normally can all be hampered by rain, affecting pedestrians and drivers. Here are some useful pointers for both vehicles and pedestrians on how to travel and move about safely in the rain, so make sure you Read more.

Car-driving advice:

  • The roads may get quite slippery if it has not rained in a while and then suddenly does. If you are not careful, the oils from the pavement will rise to the surface and might cause your tires to slide. The oils will gradually disappear if it keeps raining.
  • Increase the amount of time you allot for the drive.
  • Avoid hydroplaning by using the brakes softly and earlier.
  • Ponds should be avoided. If you must drive across a puddle, do it slowly and proceed cautiously since they tend to build up on the edges of the road.
  • Cruise control should not be used. Your ability to respond quickly is compromised, and you are more likely to hydroplane.
  • The headlights on your vehicle. Oncoming traffic will be able to notice you more easily.
  • Defog the windows. The rear and front defrosters should both be activated. To assist in clearing the fog from your windows, also put on your air conditioning.

Pedestrian safety advice:

  • Before you cross the street, examine the areas to your right and left. Stay away from running red lights. Like you, some drivers may be rushing to get to their destination.
  • Being seen Means drivers can see you from a distance, wearing colorful clothing or headgear. Walk with the flow and keep an eye out for autos. When you are conscious of your environment, responding is simpler.
  • Watch out for blind areas. Here are a few dangerous areas and scenarios that pedestrians should be aware of: getting out of a car without first looking for oncoming traffic on the side, crossing the street from the front of a large vehicle (like a bus), and wandering carelessly on the road. Although you can not always count on cars to notice you, you should be able to see them for your own safety.
  • It may be more difficult for pedestrians and automobiles to see one another while it is raining. Never presume that a driver will notice you crossing the street or that a pedestrian will see you approaching. They might not, which increases the likelihood of an accident.

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