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Finding Freelance Work to Suit You

In theory, freelance work is a very appealing mode of working. You get to control your own hours, work in a way that suits you, be your own boss, and have a greater sense of control over your career. However, there are also potential problems to consider. The availability of work, getting to a point where you feel as though you’re able to support yourself, and even mastering the ability to work off of your own volition, can all be substantial roadblocks.

That being said, if you’re still determined despite these issues, you can start to think about the type of freelance work that you want to get involved with—and there are a wide variety of candidates to choose from.

The Great Outdoors

What some people find stifling and restrictive about a lot of jobs is the idea of working in one environment every day—especially if it’s an environment that they don’t derive any sense of pleasure or comfort from. Therefore, when turning your attention to freelance work, you might think about careers that can get you outside. If this is the case, you might think about offering your landscaping services to a variety of clients, but you might also consider options such as shipping work, using outlets such as to find jobs.

It’s worth keeping in mind that freelance work often means a greater sense of control over your time, meaning that different lines of work can allow you to simply put more time towards going outside in your day-to-day.


You might also be interested in writing in its various forms, from content and copywriting down to scriptwriting. While the former might be more typical and familiar lines of work that you can imagine there being more demand for, you might find that the line between the two is often blurry, with experience in the former sometimes appealing to the latter.

This means that you can scope out the entirety of the writing landscape in order to pick and choose the kind of work that you want. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that features such as a portfolio or a personal blog can be worthwhile in helping you to appear more experienced to the clients, customers, and companies that you want to appeal to.

Art and Design

Your work of choice could take an entirely different form, however, and it might be that you’re more interested in the likes of graphic design or animation, in which case you could make yourself a viable candidate for those looking to enlist the help of people with your skills for the purposes of advertising.  Or perhaps your design skills are more digitally focused, meaning you are able to craft websites and UIs that can help businesses and individuals to express their entrepreneurial image as best as they possibly can.
These lines of work can keep going on and on, incorporating other examples such as video production or product design. Assessing your skills and your passions and looking at the kind of work available might leave you surprised at how you can construct your career.

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