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Meet Fresh Desserts

meet fresh

Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese chain of dessert restaurants. The company has locations in Asia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Its corporate headquarters are in New Taipei City. Here are some of its best-known dishes: Taro balls, almond soup, and Super Mango Patbingsu. Its dessert menu is as diverse as its namesake. And it has a whole lot more to offer.

taro balls

To make taro balls, mash the dasheen, sweet potato, and tapioca starch together. Mash the sweet potato and dasheen until smooth and poke it with a fork. Then, add sugar, tapioca flour, and cinnamon. Once mixed, form balls and cook in boiling water for about five minutes. Serve warm or cold. Dasheen contains the highest starch content of the three ingredients.

To prepare the sweet potato/taro balls, place them in boiling water for five minutes. After cooking, transfer them to ice water. While the balls cool, prepare the toppings. For the sweet potato syrup, mix 5 tbsp dark brown sugar, three slices of fresh ginger, and 5 tbsp water. Cook until it thickens a little, and remove it from the heat. Let cool to room temperature before using.

For the taro balls, you can serve them hot or cold. Many Asian grandmothers will recommend serving the dessert with ginger syrup, because ginger is believed to warm the body and boost vitality. You can also make a dessert by layering a taro ball on thin ice. Coconut milk is a good option if you prefer a coconut flavour, which combines with the fresh taro balls.

In Taiwan, a taro ball is a famous dessert. The texture is slightly sticky, and it is full of starchy flavor. Taro balls are often served as a dessert topping, and can also be found in other flavors, like sweet potato and dasheen. There are also many varieties that are gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. But the most popular and traditional is the original version, which is made with taro, sweet potato, and other vegetables.

bean tofu

Taiwanese sweets and desserts from Meet Fresh are the secret to Asian longevity, according to Cardi B. In an Instagram story on March 23, she praised the desserts from the Meet Fresh UCLA location and bubble tea. She encouraged her fans to try the Taiwanese delights. In one caption, she suggested that tofu pudding is the secret to Asian longevity. The following is a list of the desserts available at Meet Fresh.

almond soup

If you’re looking for a great Taiwanese restaurant, meet fresh almond soup may be the perfect place to visit. This restaurant offers a variety of Taiwanese dishes, including taro and tofu, as well as the signature almond pudding. They also serve delicious teas and bitter drinks. You’ll find that their prices are more affordable than you’d expect and the atmosphere is charming, but their Google reviews are below average.

Super Mango Patbingsu

If you love traditional Taiwanese desserts, try Meet Fresh in Hongdae, Seoul. There you can get hand-made taro balls that are both healthy and delicious. But it’s the Super Mango Patbingsu that has a unique appeal. This shaved ice dessert with mango toppings is large enough to feed three people. You can also get a bowl of bingsu to take home.

Q mochi milk shaved ice

If you love red beans, you’ll definitely love this refreshing dessert. Made with fragrant red beans, melon jelly, and ice cream, this dessert is sweet and refreshing. It’s a classic Japanese treat that’s becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Read on to discover more about the different flavors, and how to order them at your local shop. We’ve listed a few of our favorites.

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