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Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of our life. Our body rejuvenates during sleep. But there are many times when we have trouble falling asleep. Here are a few things you could do if you have trouble falling asleep. 


Keep the room dark and comfortable-

It’s crucial to keep your bedroom clean, dark, and comfortable to sleep peacefully. A cozy dark room creates an environment for sleeping. It acts as a catalyst for the body and suggests it fall asleep. You can keep dark curtains in your room so that it can prevent lights from outside from entering. A particular temperature helps the body relax and fall asleep quickly, so try setting that in your room. 


Switch your sleeping position-

If you have trouble falling asleep, you can consider switching your sleep position. Everyone has different sleeping positions. Some use pillows between the legs; some prefer sleeping on the back or stomach etc. You can try a different sleeping position if your earlier one is not working.


Sleep solo-

Some people prefer sleeping with stuffed toys, but they sometimes cause trouble during sleep. So it’s better to sleep alone rather than with your stuffed toy. 


Do calming yoga-

Yoga has multiple benefits. It can help you in falling asleep as well. Face yoga or some calming yoga positions can relax your body and help you fall asleep. You can check out the internet for different yoga poses. A five-minute yoga exercise will be a great aid in your sleeping process. You can do this before going to bed.


Try practicing mindfulness-

Mindfulness exercise calms your senses and relaxes your brain, thus assisting in falling asleep. There are various mindfulness activities that you can do to keep your brain relaxed. It will reduce anxiety and manage stress as well. Here are some prompts for the same-

  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Turn your attention to your fingers and toes.
  • Hone into your hearing.


Relax your muscles-

According to researchers, physical relaxation techniques can help improve the quality of your sleep. A popular method commonly used is lying down on the bed and slowly relaxing the muscles in your body, starting with your face and working down to your toes. 


Try journaling-

Sometimes, many thoughts disturb our minds and don’t let us fall asleep. So in such cases, journaling is the best way to channel them. You need to take a diary and pen and write down all the thoughts bothering you. It’s a great way to feel relaxed.


Put your mobile across the room-

Research has proved that smartphones are the main reason people have trouble falling asleep. So it’s better to keep your device on airplane mode and keep them in another room so that you can sleep peacefully. 


Listen to ambient noise-

Ambient noises create a pleasant, relaxing environment. They ease the sleep process. There are a variety of noises like white noise, pink noise, and blue noise. You can choose as per your preference. You can send rakhi gifts to your siblings online these days.


Practice sleep hygiene-

Consider practicing sleep hygiene before going to bed. We go to bed wearing the same dress that we wore throughout the day, which has the smell of sweat and dirt. This doesn’t seem right. It’s better to change clothes and wear something clean and comfortable. You can take a hot shower or cold shower before going to bed. It helps a lot.

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Avoid caffeine-

Caffeine prevents sleep. So try limiting its intake at least six hours before bed. You can drink a cup of hot milk before sleeping. You can send gifts to India from the USA if your sibling resides there via online delivery.


Limit your afternoon naps- 

If you take long afternoon naps, you should limit that because it will cause trouble falling asleep at night. It’s good to take 45 minutes to 1 hour of nap in the afternoon.


Follow a consistent sleep schedule-

Being inconsistent with sleep timings also causes trouble falling asleep. Make a proper sleep schedule and stick to it daily. 


I hope you liked and found the article helpful. A lot of people face the issue of not falling asleep on time. But this can be treated with proper methods. 


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