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Top innovative rigid box suppliers in UK – complete guide

Rigid boxes are at the top of the list of some of the most sought-after packaging options. There are various manufacturers in the market, but a couple of them outperform the rest. They utilize high-quality materials in the construction of this packaging. Therefore, small rigid boxes are highly sturdy and durable. This nature serves when it comes to keeping the products secure.

Moreover, along with safety, rigid box suppliers also check the box of beauty on the list of benefits of these cartons. Such packaging can be designed in any shape, size and colour. The best part is that the customers get to decide that. The manufacturers give complete control of the design to the buyers. The following is the list of the top suppliers. 

GoCustomBoxes-UK One of the Most Well-Known Rigid Box Suppliers

When it comes to finding a custom packaging supplier in the UK, GoCustomBoxes is at the top of every list. It is best to manufacture a variety of rigid containers. First of all, they use high-quality materials to construct the packages. The list of options is very long. They offer their customers different cardboard thicknesses starting from 12pt cardboard stock to 24pt cardboard stock. Furthermore, they also provide corrugated stock, Kraft stock, and recycled Bux board. The list of options keeps growing, and the customers get to pick one they desire. 

These rigid boxes suppliers also offer many other advantages to their customers. They allow them to design the style of the box. The same is the case with GoCustomBoxes. Whether the customers want a magnetic closure type of package with a flip opening or a lid opening, the manufacturer will design that accordingly. The supplier offers much more to move forward with the rest of the design. Colour options are also provided to the businesses.

Along with picking the colour, they also have the freedom to decide if they want a single colour or four colours. The manufacturers also offer different finishing choices. They include glossy, matte and Spot UV. Of course, the customers also have the innovative option of window cut and many others. Thus, you can get everything to help a customer design a unique rigid container here.

TheCustomBoxes-UK One of the Most High-Quality Rigid Box Suppliers

It is another supplier of the white rigid box and many other types of such packaging. They offer everything from quality to fantastic service to their businesses. The first creative factor that sets them apart is the opening technique. These manufacturers offer different innovative unboxing styles of rigid packaging. The choices include collapsible design and magnetic flip style opening. They also provide a regular lid design. These choices are not only innovative, but they also look good to the eye. However, style is not the only thing these suppliers offer their customers. Their fantastic factor is that they allow their buyers the benefit of customization. Hence, they can create and design their packaging. 

This goes without saying that these suppliers utilize some of the best materials in construction. They use high-grade cardboard and also offer different thickness options. Their choices include 12pt up to 24pt white cardstock, 18pt up to 24pt Kraft cardstock, corrugated stock, and 18pt up to 24pt SBS. Each one of these options is some of the bests in the market. However, the factor that makes these manufacturers different is their colour options. They offer unique colours along with ordinary ones. The particular colours include metallic silver and metallic gold. So, if the customers want to design a unique and creative package of appealing colours, they can do so. 


Regarding the top manufacturers of rigid gift boxes, the name of MyBoxPackaging can not be ignored. It is by far one of the best suppliers in the UK. Many factors make them the best. First of all, they offer complete customization to their buyers. So, the customers have all the control over the size, shape, colour and even the opening design of the package. The customers also pick the quantity, and they can start from 100 to 500,000 units. 

Moreover, the quality of the packages is no less than any other manufacturer in the UK. They offer some of the best materials in the market, and the customers get to pick one they desire. The options include different types of materials and different thickness levels. Along with that, different types of finishing methods and multiple colour choices are also offered to the customers. The coating techniques include Matt UV, Gloss AQ, and Gloss UV.

Moreover, a compelling feature of these suppliers is that they offer a wide range of colour choices. The hue options include Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold. Therefore, designing a rigid container of top-notch quality will be possible for the customers with just a few clicks. 

IMH Packaging-UK

The name IMH Packaging is not something that You should take lightly. Their name is linked with the best and the most luxury rigid packaging in the market. These manufacturers offer everything from the material’s quality to the container’s beauty. For that, they are among the best and the top suppliers of such packaging. First of all, they offer high-quality materials to ensure durability and elegance. The customers get to pick the material they should use to make the package. The list includes coated paper, special art paper, recycled boxes, eco-friendly options, biodegradable, Kraft paper, and grey board. The best part is that, along with providing different material options, they also offer thickness choices starting from 52pt to 90pt. 

A factor of these manufacturers that makes them unique is that they offer a wide array of finishing options to their customers. The buyers can pick anything from gloss and matte lamination to embossing and debossing. As other suppliers of rigid box design do not offer such choices, this is what makes these suppliers unique. 


This list includes one more name, and that is PillBoxDesign. This manufacturer is hands down one of the top suppliers. The reason they are the best is that they utilize the finest material in the making of their luxury rigid boxes. However, quality is guaranteed by many other manufacturers too. So, this puts all of them in the same category, but PillBoxDesign offers something no one else does. They give their customers different unique opening designs for every package. 

The businesses can also get sliding drawer packages, ribbon closures, lip opening packages, unusual shapes, and more. This list of choices is what sets this supplier apart. Along with unboxing, it also offers different coating methods to its customers, such as foiling, spot gloss, lamination, etc.  When it comes to rigid packaging UK is full of different options. However, some rigid box suppliers outperform the others in the market. They offer everything their customers desire.

Along with fulfilling the desires of their buyers, these manufacturers also offer many other advantages that make them keep coming back. The article above contains the five best suppliers in the market. Give them a try, and the result would be amazing.




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