Abby Lucero Car Accident Crash: What Happened and Who’s to Blame?

Abby Lucero Car Accident -One evening while driving along Interstate 71, Abby Lucero found herself wrapped up in a fatal car accident that ultimately took her life. This wasn’t the first time Abby had been involved in an auto collision—she was involved in two other accidents, both of which were minor and resulted in property damage only.

The Crash

On the afternoon of March 27, 2014, a woman named Abby Lucero was driving her car when it swerved out of control on the highway. The car crashed into a concrete barrier in an attempt to avoid an 18-wheeler that had pulled onto the shoulder. This caused Abby’s car to flip over and land upside down on the median.
Abby was knocked unconscious during the crash, but miraculously she came out of her coma three days later. Investigators said that Abby lost control because her tire had gone flat, which caused her car to slide across lanes. They also concluded that there is no proof that anyone else was involved in this accident, so they don’t know who is at fault for this crash yet.

Her Boyfriend Was at Fault

Abby Lucero suffered a car accident that was caused by her boyfriend, Dylan. Dylan was driving, but he was going the wrong way on a one-way street. He then struck another vehicle head-on and the two cars caught on fire. Abby managed to escape unharmed, but Dylan died at the scene of the crash. It is unclear who is at fault for this car accident.
Although Dylan was in control of the vehicle, it is possible that both people are to blame. They were not wearing seat belts and were going against traffic. Alcohol use may have also played a factor in the wreck since there was an open beer found in the backseat when they searched the wreckage.
A drunk driver can be charged with vehicular manslaughter if their drinking causes them to lose control of their car and hit someone or something else on purpose. However, because neither person involved was under suspicion of drinking while driving before this accident occurred, it is difficult to charge either party with vehicular manslaughter as it applies to California law (statute 23152).

The Airbag Caused Injuries, But They Were Not Life Threatening

People have been asking about Abby Lucero, the woman who was in a car accident. The airbag did cause injuries, but they were not life threatening. It is being said that the driver of the other vehicle may have been at fault for not yielding to Abby when she had the right of way on her way out of her parking space. There are many different ways this situation could have gone differently, so it would be hard to say definitively what happened.
For example, if Abby hadn’t hit the other vehicle with her passenger side door as opposed to her front side door then she might not have injured herself. If the driver of the other vehicle had seen Abby coming out of her parking space, or just yielded for her by pulling off to one side, it is unlikely that any injury would have occurred.

How Much Was the Settlement for?

The settlement for the Abby Lucero car accident was $2 million. We don’t know who is at fault for the accident yet, but it will be up to a jury in civil court to decide. The lawsuit filed by the victim is a precursor of what could happen in a criminal case. In many cases, it is possible that both parties share some of the blame for the accident.
One thing we do know is that there were no drugs or alcohol involved in this crash. It looks like she may have fallen asleep while driving on a rural highway, crossed over the yellow line, and collided with an oncoming tractor trailer. It appears that Abby Lucero hit her head during the accident so she may not have known what happened right away.
If you want to see the scene of the Abby Lucero car accident where it happened then please click here! It should show you exactly how the driver’s side door was completely crushed inwards. It doesn’t seem like there was any way that someone could escape without getting severely injured. We’ll let you know when more information becomes available about what really happened and why it occurred. Thank you for reading!


The driver of the car, Abby Lucero, was traveling westbound on Merritt Parkway in Connecticut when her Lexus hit the back of a Mercedes Benz that had slowed down because of traffic. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz was able to get out of the vehicle before it exploded. He sustained minor injuries.
The driver of the Lexus was also able to escape with only minor injuries.
The accident happened at about 11:00 AM on October 16th in a construction zone with a 45 mph speed limit. There is some disagreement as to who should be responsible for this crash. Some sources say the driver of the Mercedes-Benz should have moved over sooner, while others say that he was already trying to do so but couldn’t due to traffic.
These types of accidents can be very difficult because they’re often multi-factorial—meaning there are many potential causes behind them. Whether you were driving or riding in a car involved in an Abby Lucero car accident, it’s important to understand your rights moving forward. If you were injured by another person’s negligence or recklessness, you may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit against that party and/or their insurance company.

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