Ash Kaashh Death: Twitter Hoax Debunked

Not too long ago, social media was abuzz about the Ash Kaashh death. Numerous Twitter and Facebook users had mourned his death, claiming he had been found dead in his home. What followed was an outpouring of grief from fans who were shocked and saddened by his passing, as well as speculation as to how and why he died at such a young age. The day after the rumor first started spreading online, the singer himself confirmed that he was still alive and well, proving that the rumor was nothing more than an internet hoax.

What happened

Rumors that actor and comedian, Ashish Ramesh Kaushal had passed away began swirling online after a tweet was posted by an account posing as his brother. The tweet read, Ashish Ramesh Kaushal is no more…he died peacefully at his home in Mumbai with his loved ones by his side. The account tweeted out the same message on July 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.
However, the owner of the account revealed that it was a hoax to generate attention for their upcoming movie. In response to these rumors, several media outlets picked up the story only to find out they were false. Sources close to Kaushal confirmed he was alive and well. It turns out, this wasn’t the first time someone had tried using social media to dupe people into thinking a celebrity has died.
Last month there were also rumors about Amitabh Bachchan passing away which were proven untrue when he made public appearances at two events within days of each other.

How was it debunked?

Earlier today, a death hoax was circulated on social media, claiming that actor and model Ashka Kaur had died in a car accident. However, it has been confirmed by her official management team that the news is untrue. The tweets were published after an unrelated car accident in which two people were killed.
The post was falsely attributed to reporter Darryl D’Monte and spread across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It has since been deleted from those accounts, but screenshots of the posts have been circulating online.

Questions raised Ash Kaashh death

When did Ash Kaashh die?
How did Ash Kaashh die?
Why was there a hoax about his death?
What’s the truth about his death?
Who started the hoax?
What is the impact of this hoax on social media and people who were fooled by it?
What are some other famous internet hoaxes that were debunked in the past few years? The Mandela Effect, an internet phenomenon where people believe that things happened differently from how they actually happened; The Dress, which caused controversy over the color of an item of clothing (in particular whether or not it was black and blue or gold and white); Cecil the Lion, which caused controversy when a celebrity hunter killed a lion; Jade Helm, which caused controversy among conspiracy theorists about a military exercise being conducted for civil unrest.

Where did the rumor originate from?

The death of Youtube star Ash Katchum has been circulating on social media over the past few days. The rumors have been fueled by a tweet from PewDiePie (a famous YouTuber) that said Rest in peace, Ash Katchum.
The death of the 14-year-old was also confirmed by other famous YouTubers such as Liza Koshy and Logan Paul.
The death was debunked shortly after when it was revealed that this was just another internet hoax. On December 12th, Twitter user @lupus_lol posted a picture of what looked like Ash’s dead body with the caption RIP ASH KATCHUM. It wasn’t until some time later that people realized it was just a stock photo and not actually the body of Ash.
This prank or rumor seemed to come out of nowhere but there are several YouTube videos which could be behind this prank or scam. One video is titled RIP ASH KATCHUM SHOT BY COP where someone impersonating an officer can be seen shooting at what looks like Ash and then dashing away before anyone can stop them. Another video goes into more detail about how Ash supposedly died.
In one instance, the person pretending to be his mother tells us how he committed suicide because he couldn’t take the bullying anymore. Another video tells a story about how Ash went missing for weeks and eventually turned up dead in an abandoned building. Other videos tell different stories but they all seem to point towards suicide as the reason for his death.


To sum up, the Ash Kaashh death was a hoax. It is not true that he died on the 4th of April. The user @Kaashh who tweeted this information is fake and was created by someone who had nothing better to do with their time. The account has been suspended for good measure. There is no evidence or posts in his timeline suggesting any possibility of him dying. If you still have doubts about the validity of this claim, please go ahead and search for more information about it before coming to conclusions.

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