Hannah Waddingham Husband: Who Is He?

Hannah Waddingham Husband? Does she have a husband? Is she married or not? Where is Hannah Waddingham’s husband? This article will answer all of these questions and more in detail. Hannah Waddingham is an English actress, known mostly for her roles as Walda Bolton on the HBO series Game of Thrones, Ygritte on the popular TV show Game of Thrones, and as Miss Robichaux’s Academy leader Cordelia Foxx on the FX series American Horror Story. But who’s her husband? Where are Hannah Waddingham’s children from?

Her Family

While Hannah Waddingham’s husband’s name is not widely known, it appears that Hannah married a Nigerian oil executive and is currently working as a diplomat for Nigeria. Their wedding was reported by The Sun in 2010. She has not been in any further relationships since that time. They met when Hannah had gone to work for Britain’s Department of Trade and Investment (DITI).
##Nickname at School
Even though she never mentions her father, she did mention her school nickname on her Twitter account was fatherless at the time her family relocated to England during the political turmoil in Nigeria. This may have been because of other children teasing or getting aggressive towards him and his siblings due to their ethnicity or something they said while teased.

Her Dating Life

Rumors of a Hannah Waddingham husband started in 2008 when the actress split from her long-time boyfriend. What makes this rumor different is that they went their separate ways without any public fight. Six months after breaking up with her ex, she was spotted in Vegas with George Clooney’s best friend, Thom Evans.
Many people thought it was only a fling and that Hannah Waddingham would eventually get back together with her ex-boyfriend, but that never happened. Thom Evans did not make an appearance on MTV’s Cribs, either. It is also notable that she attends fashion events by herself; every event has two seats set at the head table for them as if they were still dating someone from before or were expecting to meet someone else there.

Divorce? Does she have a husband?

It’s hard to tell whether Hannah Waddingham is married or not. She has never been seen with a spouse in any of her posts, and she may be hiding him for privacy.
She does date though!
We’re still trying to figure out if Hannah is married or not, but there are some rumors that she may be dating another man!

The Truth About Her Personal Life

The Hannah Waddingham husband rumor started shortly after her appearance in the 2016 TV series Reign. Recently, fans have been wondering if there is any truth to the idea that she is married. After some research and a little bit of detective work, it turns out she is not married but may be dating someone.
A member of her team confirmed that she had a romantic encounter with a man who was not on the show with her, so it’s possible they are still together and now engaged or married. Her Instagram account may provide some clues as to who this mystery man might be! You can see for yourself by following @hannahwaw_intro.

Still No Husband

In 2012, Hannah married her long-term partner Mark Waddingham, but in November 2016 they were reported to have split up. The couple had been together for 18 years and it was said that their marital status was the result of Hannah’s decision to take time away from TV and theatre to focus on family life. They have two daughters together, Matilda and Maud.
While the family still lives in a four-bedroom house with an acre of land near Emmerdale village, it has been speculated that there is more going on than meets the eye as reports emerged that Hannah is dating actor Sam Claflin.

What Happened To Her Marriage Plans

When she announced her engagement in 2009, it was to the excitement of her fans and family. That is what it should have been about. Sadly, her marriage plans have ended up being turned upside down, and we don’t know why. She had mentioned that for now, the future is uncertain. Why did Hannah Waddingham’s husband need to end their relationship so quickly?
We may never know the full details behind what happened. And this is something that will remain on Hannah’s mind for a long time because no one can understand when a relationship comes to an end without any warning or hint of something wrong before it happened.

Did she get married in secret?

Recently news about Hannah Waddingham’s Husband came up, specifically about whether she was married or not. She seemed to be talking openly about getting married and so many speculated that she must have been engaged, and just not publicizing the wedding.
Many thought that it could be true because her ring finger was adorned with an engagement ring and a wedding band but then others took notice of a comment she made on Instagram that made people think otherwise. Many other celebrities had more information to share but we will update you in an upcoming post on Hannah’s Wedding status

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