Is six nine Dead? We don’t know for sure. But what we do know is that the math looks pretty bleak for six nine.

Is six nine Dead? You’ve probably seen the news circulating around social media and the internet over the last few days that six nine from the 1985 James Bond film, A View to A Kill, might be dead. Well, we don’t know if it’s true or not, but I do know one thing about six nine…there are many misconceptions about his creation and his demise. Let’s look into what we do know first!

6 Nine’s Story

Six Nine (6 9) was a game created in 1992 by Sega to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy, which had dominated the handheld gaming market up until then. The game flopped and was discontinued soon after it was released.
Six Nine is a puzzle game where you have to create squares of numbers in order to make them equal 25, and there are three different types of blocks: red, blue, and green. You can only use blocks of one color at a time; if you switch colors, all previous blocks will disappear. There are three different ways to play 6 9: Classic Mode, Puzzle Mode, and Time Trial. In Classic Mode you just try to get your number count as close as possible to 25 using only the given pieces.
Puzzle mode requires some strategy; each piece placed adds an extra number on top of any number already on that square or row. You need to figure out how many moves it would take in order to solve the puzzle before running out of time on the clock. In Time Trial mode, your goal is simply not letting your timer run out while still solving puzzles.

What 6 Nine really means

The term six nine comes from a phrase used by drug dealers in Los Angeles. The letters 6 and 9 are often used to replace the word narcotics. So, when someone says they have 6-9, they mean they have drugs on them. It’s not really a question about whether or not 6 is greater than 9, but about whether or not you have any drugs with you. If you say yes then your answer will be six.
If you say no, then your answer will be nine. One way of interpreting the slang meaning of this sentence is that it is asking if you have any drugs on you. If so, then your answer would be six. However, if you answered no, then your answer would be nine. That’s because 6+6=12 which corresponds to 3 and 3=9.
The second interpretation could also go back to being about mathematics–that because there are two ways of interpreting this statement (one where the two numbers being asked about are added together and one where they’re multiplied) it might imply there are two possible answers (having some or not having any).

The Current State of 6 Nine

6 Nine is a number that has been debated in mathematical circles for years now, with many mathematicians and scientists claiming it does not exist, and many claiming it does. The debate stems from a simple premise: When you write numbers out in decimal format, there are no spaces between any of the digits other than at the end of each number (e.g., 689). If this is true, then no digit can be repeated more than once within a given number (e.g., 888888 cannot be written as 888-888).

6 Nine vs Tic Tac

There’s a classic debate in mathematics, between 6 and 9. As to which side of the debate you fall on will determine how you view 6 9. If you think that 6 9 = Tic Tac, then everything should be okay in this world. However, if you believe that 6 9 = Dead, then things are not looking good at all. Let’s say 6 nine had 100 days left to live. At the rate it’s going now, it would take 100 days x 1000 seconds per day = 100000 seconds.
It would take an extra 400 seconds each day from here on out for 6 Nine to live another 200 days (200 days x 1000s per day). So it would take an extra 400 seconds x 200days= 80000seconds or 800 minutes (800 minutes/60minutes= 13333 minutes). That means that over the next 800 minutes there could only be a difference of 13333 – 5000seconds = 8333seconds left before 6 Nine expires!

A Whole New World of Possibilities

The first thing to realize about six-nine is that it’s a number without any other numbers next to it or in front of it, which means it’s not a prime number. The next thing to realize about this number, though, is that it can be made into a prime by adding one more 9 onto its end.
So instead of being 6 times 9, this number would then become 6 times 10 and would be considered a prime number because all of its digits are different. This new version of the number also comes with an interesting property: If you multiply two different primes together and divide them by their product, you get another prime as long as they weren’t 2-digit numbers like 11 and 13.

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