Kandi Hall: What Happened to Rob Hall’s Wife?

Rob Hall was the first American to summit Mount Everest and live to tell the tale. However, his wife, Kandi Hall, never got to hear this tale of survival firsthand as Rob was killed in an avalanche on May 11, 1996 while descending from the mountain’s peak. While Rob may be gone, his legacy continues through Kandi and his two sons, Max and Sam. Here’s what you need to know about Kandi Hall and where she’s been since her husband passed away from this devastating accident on the tallest mountain in the world.

Rob and Kandi met in college

Rob and Kandi met at the University of Florida, where they both played for the Florida Gators. In 1993, Kandi was named Miss America after she won the title of Miss Tennessee. They married in 1994 and have two children together, a daughter and a son.
On April 25, 1996, Rob became the youngest person to climb Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. The following year, on May 11th 1997, he and six others were killed while descending from the summit of Mount Everest during an expedition led by Adventure Consultants.

They have 3 children together

Though it may seem surprising, Kandi Hall is a happily married woman. She and her late husband, Rob Hall, had three children together before he was killed in an avalanche while skiing in the French Alps. She currently lives in Idaho with her kids and four grandchildren.
Hall first met her husband when she was just 14 years old and they went on their first date when she was 17. She says that as soon as she saw him walking towards her, she knew that he was the one. They eventually got married and started having children, which helped keep them close since they were both involved in the military.

What happened after Mt. Everest?

The last time that Kandi was seen in public was on October 6, 1999 when she accepted her husband’s posthumous award for Outstanding American National at the National Press Club. She never remarried and remained close with Rob’s family. Kandi Hall also became a naturalized American citizen on June 3, 2000.
She later returned to her native country of Sri Lanka and continues the work that he began before his death. As of 2008, she is the Executive Director of The Himalaya Trust which carries out environmental conservation and sustainable development projects in the region around Mount Everest. In 2007, she won an Emmy Award for co-producing The Lion In Your Living Room, an hour-long documentary about lion populations in Africa.

Who is the other woman that caused the divorce?

Rob and Kandi have been in the spotlight since they began dating back in 2007. They got engaged in 2010, married a year later and then welcomed their first child in 2013. But that all changed when an unknown woman came into the picture and caused a stir on social media.
The woman, named Crystal Harris, was revealed to be Rob’s mistress and had been carrying on an affair with him for seven months before he proposed to Kandi. She also turned down his marriage proposal twice before finally agreeing to tie the knot with him.

How old are their kids now

Rob and Kandi had one son, Adam. The 15-year-old graduated from high school in 2017. He is currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. They also have four daughters – Taylor, Cassidy, Jada, and Hailey.
At the time of his death, Taylor was 16 years old and a junior in high school; Cassidy was 13 years old and in seventh grade; Jada was 12 years old and in sixth grade; and Hailey was 10 years old and in fourth grade. In 2013, Kandi began dating NFL player Michael Davis. A few months after he was released by the Philadelphia Eagles, she announced that they were engaged. Her two youngest daughters were flower girls at their wedding on June 2, 2014 in Hawaii. Michael filed for divorce five months later on November 17th and cited irreconcilable differences as their reason for ending their marriage.
In July 2015, Kandi gave birth to her first grandchild through daughter Taylor (with husband Anthony Pettis).

Is she married again

Rob Hall and his wife, Kandi, were a Texas power couple who seemed destined for success. In the early 2000s, he was an assistant district attorney with a rising political career. He also had a popular sports radio show on the local ESPN Radio affiliate. She was the host of The Kandi Show, which she created in 2002. The show featured celebrity interviews and lifestyle tips, and aired on both TV and radio stations in Dallas-Fort Worth. The show became one of the top-rated daytime programs in the country among African American women ages 25 to 54.
In 2004, they had twin sons, Brandon Jr. and Blayden. Two years later, Hall left his position as District Attorney and went into private practice, joining forces with prominent Dallas lawyer Royce West. With two young children at home and a husband who didn’t want her traveling all over the country doing interviews, Kandi scaled back her work schedule significantly; by 2010 she only hosted one hour per day from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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