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Tim Ellis, the former chief marketing officer of video game maker Activision, will become the new NFL CMO (National Football League). He succeeds Dawn Hudson, who stepped down as NFL CMO earlier this year. Ellis joins the NFL from Ad Age, where he has contributed reporting on the automotive, beverage, and sports marketing industries. He previously covered state government for McClatchy newspapers. This appointment will be his first major marketing role.

Kimberly Fields

The NFL League Office recently announced two major positions filled by women, one as Senior Vice President of Football Business Strategy and the other as Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Consumer Marketing. The NFL also approved a proposal to reward minority and women candidates with third round compensatory draft picks. Fields has extensive experience in strategic planning, business operations, and sports partnerships. Her responsibilities include Football Development, Football Business Strategy, Total Wellness, and Football Operations Policy.

While women of color often face significant challenges in the workplace, Fields has demonstrated a unique ability to excel. Whether working behind the scenes or leading a large department, she is equal to her male counterparts. She is able to achieve success in a male-dominated industry by employing a combination of intelligence, humility, and hard work. She is an excellent example of a leader who knows the football business inside and out and puts this focus on getting the job done.

The NFL traditionally views its players as assets rather than human beings. Players and clubs are materialized in numbers. Fields’ humanistic perspective adds a human touch to the meetings and decisions. Despite her apparent guardedness, she is genuine and has earned her place among the most powerful sports league in America. In addition to her work behind the scenes, Kim Fields holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Virginia and a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law. She is also licensed to practice law in Minnesota and Washington, DC.

Prior to joining the NFL, Fields served as director of civic and business affairs for the Minnesota Vikings. During her tenure, she was involved in the Metrodome roof collapse and the arrival of Brett Favre to the team. During this time, she worked for a Minneapolis-based communications company, honing her crisis-communications skills. Now, she will work for the NFL as the Vice President of Strategic Development & Operations. During a period of hyper-growth, her experience will be invaluable.

Ian Trombetta

Former Activision executive and NFL CMO Tim Ellis tapped Adam McKay to lead NFL marketing. McKay served as the Global Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Activision. In his most recent role, he led the company’s marketing efforts for Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WWII. In addition, his marketing team helped launch the video game Destiny 2, which was the top grossing game of 2017.

Previously, he served as the SVP for social and influence marketing for NFL teams. He oversaw the integration of social strategies, content development across different social platforms, and developed a team to handle club and influencer marketing. He also served as the global VP of consumer marketing for Activision Blizzard, Inc., and was the head of brand marketing at Red Bull North America. He spent his early career at TBWAChiatDay, and now leads the company’s social media initiatives.

In addition to humanizing NFL players, Ian Trombetta focused on building a network of fans beyond the traditional NFL ranks. His efforts spanned beyond traditional fan bases and reached out to legends and celebrities outside of football. While many companies would not risk letting these players go, he was able to leverage social media platforms to make his players more accessible to fans and encourage more people to follow their lead. Through this initiative, more people will see them as real, relatable individuals outside of the NFL, which will ultimately drive sales.

Troy Vincent Sr.

Troy Darnell Vincent was a former American football cornerback. He played for the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, and Washington Redskins. He was drafted by the Dolphins with the 7th overall pick in the 1992 NFL CMO Draft. His career spanned seven seasons and helped him earn four Pro Bowl selections. As a rookie, Vincent racked up a whopping 57 interceptions and 78 tackles for loss.

In 1993, Troy Vincent, Sr. was born in Trenton, New Jersey. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and played football for the Wisconsin Badgers. He later earned his B.A. in liberal arts from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, New Jersey. After graduating from college, he completed his executive education and management and entrepreneurship programs at Harvard University, Stanford University, and Northwestern University.

Troy Vincent, Sr., is the executive vice president of football operations for the National Football League. He was a Pro Bowler and the 2002 NFL Man of the Year. He is also a Hall of Fame nominee. In 2022, he and his wife will be recognized as Advocates of the Year by Women Against Abuse Inc. in Philadelphia. So, get ready to meet Troy Vincent Sr. on May 18! And don’t miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this legendary footballer!

In addition to his football career, Vincent’s role as an executive has earned him many accolades. He is the only NFL player ever to win multiple awards – the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, the NFL Players Association’s Byron Whizzer White Award, the Sporting News #1 Good Guy Award, and the Athlete In Action Bart Starr Award. In addition to these awards, he has received the National Jefferson Award for Public Service, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize of public service. He also received the Ford-Kinnick Leadership Award.

Nyaka NiiLampti

Nyaka NiiLampti, Ph.D., is the NFL’s vice president for clinical services and wellness. She has twenty years of clinical experience, working with individuals and organizations. She previously worked as the Director of Player Wellness for the NFLPA, where she advocated for better drug policies. Before joining the NFL, Nyaka was an Assistant Professor at Queens University in Charlotte, where she taught undergraduate courses.

In 2012, thirty NFL teams had mental health clinicians on staff. Today, several of those teams have full-time mental health clinicians on staff. Nyaka NiiLampti, the league’s vice president for clinical services, stressed the importance of distinguishing between mental health and mental illness. This season, players have put their mental health first, including Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Lane Johnson, who missed three games.

Nyaka NiiLampti, Ph.D.

Nyaka NiiLampti, PhD, is VP of Wellness and Clinical Services for the NFL. She is responsible for the implementation of the Total Wellness platform and has been involved in the development of its expansion. As such, she oversees the development of a holistic approach to player care. This role requires a high level of knowledge about sport psychology and the role of mental health in sports.

Dr. Nyaka Niilampti, PhD, is a licensed psychologist in Charlotte, NC. She may specialize in anxiety and anger management. She is certified and licensed to practice in North Carolina. She is currently employed at Patterson Healthcare PA in Charlotte, NC. You can contact her to schedule an appointment. You can also use online therapy to find a psychologist in your area. This professional is dedicated to providing quality mental health care to her patients and has many positive reviews from previous clients.

The NFL has recognized the importance of mental health and well-being in sports. Therefore, the NFL has enlisted the help of psychologists. They sit on its Comprehensive Mental Health and Wellness Committee. Furthermore, individual teams in the NFL and NBA must have a mental health clinician on staff. In addition, Dr. NiiLampti has extensive experience in the field of sports psychology. Its professionals have a unique background in mental health.

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