Trevor Morris Prison – Paedophile Allegedly Stabbed By Inmate

Trevor Morris Prison has been in the news recently because an inmate accused of being a paedophile was allegedly stabbed to death by other inmates on Thursday night. This wasn’t the first time that Trevor Morris Prison made headlines, though; in fact, it seems like there are few things this prison does better than keeping the news cycle churning with repeated infractions and high-profile lawsuits from inmates and their families who have been victims of brutal prison violence or sexual assault at the hands of guards or other prisoners.

What is a paedophile?

A paedophile is a person who has an uncontrollable sexual interest in children and will resort to a number of tactics to satisfy this need, such as stealing the child away or simply touching them inappropriately. Trevor Morris Prison ̶ the largest prison in Queensland ̶ houses hundreds of these criminals and one reportedly found himself stabbed by another inmate.
The Daily Mail, who first reported this story, has not been able to confirm which of the country’s 854 inmates was responsible for stabbing Trevor Morris Prison while they were at work. Police also would not comment on whether or not they are investigating that case. Furthermore, we cannot be sure how severe the prisoner’s injuries were. Nevertheless, it is extremely disturbing when prison guards cannot protect prisoners from harming each other on a day-to-day basis.

Why was Morris in prison?

In 2015, Morris plead guilty to 16 charges of sexual assault on children and one charge of attempted rape. The sentencing judge gave him a sentence of 12 years imprisonment.
Morris is not the first convicted sex offender to be allegedly attacked by another inmate while in prison. One example that was reported on in the media was an inmate stabbing a convicted paedophile who had been jailed for molesting children. The alleged attacker in Trevor’s case, Jason Kain, has since been transferred from the prison and is awaiting trial for aggravated assault with a weapon.

What happened to him?

Former Queensland cricketer Trevor Morris is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. The former Australian first-class cricketer was allegedly stabbed by a fellow inmate at the Trevor Morris prison. The incident happened on Sunday morning and the 45-year-old victim was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The 45-year-old victim is being treated for his non-life threatening stab wounds while two men, aged 28 and 24 were arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder.
Police say that they arrested two men following an incident which left another man with injuries. A police spokesperson says that Trevor, who played cricket for Queensland between 1994 and 1997, had been stabbed in the chest by one of two inmates.

Who stabbed him and why?

A paedophile from Cornwall, England was allegedly stabbed in the neck and left for dead by an inmate at a Queensland prison. Trevor Morris was sentenced to nine months in custody for sexual crimes against children but was transferred to the Townsville Correctional Centre after a disagreement with other prisoners. He was attacked on Tuesday by an unidentified prisoner with a makeshift knife fashioned from a toothbrush and razor blades.
Police are now investigating whether his alleged attacker had been planning to kill him for some time or if he simply took advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself. The attack is not believed to be related to Mr Morris’ criminal history, and his family is said not to be aware of any threats against him.

How long did it take for the Police to catch them?

It took seven hours for the Police to catch the alleged paedo after he was stabbed in a prison cell by an inmate. The incident happened at Trevor Morris Prison in Jamaica, which is where the iddy-biddy pervert was serving his sentence.
He had been living with other inmates who were not happy with what he did, and felt that justice needed to be served. He has since been transferred to another prison and has been put into protective custody.

Who are his attackers?

The alleged paedophile was reportedly stabbed by two inmates. The two inmates, who are yet to be named, allegedly stabbed the man multiple times in the back and chest with a screwdriver. The attack occurred just before noon on Wednesday in the prison’s chapel. Trevor Morris prison is a maximum security facility which houses some of Australia’s most hardened criminals. The stabbing has raised questions about the level of supervision prisoners were under at the time of the attack, especially given that it happened inside a high-security area.
Given that there was no CCTV footage available for this incident, it will likely be up to police to find out what exactly went down during the stabbing. Trevor Morris prison has already conducted an internal investigation into what went wrong and will likely cooperate fully with any police investigation into how this could have been prevented from happening again.

Where and how are they being held pending trial?

Now being held pending trial in jail, the alleged paedophile was stabbed by an inmate.
Details of the attack remain unclear, with police investigating to try and establish what happened. Trevor Morris Prison remains a prison for those awaiting trial who are deemed fit for detention in a form of pre-trial detention called remand; it is operated by Her Majesty’s Prisons Service which has given care, custody and control of all jails from 1967 until November 2008 when they were privatised.

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