Dell Precision 17 7730

Dell Precision 17 7730 Laptop Review

dell precision 17 7730

The Dell Precision 17 7730 is a 17-inch gaming laptop. It offers superior performance and reliability. It also features Dell’s proprietary Precision Optimizer, which learns about user-specified applications and automatically adjusts the system for optimal performance. Premium materials are used to create the Precision 7730, which is also 16% smaller and lighter than previous generations.


The Dell Precision 7730 is a powerful workstation with 32GB of RAM and an Intel Core i9-8950HK processor. In our test, we ran the Geekbench 4 overall performance test and found that the Dell topped the average workstation. We also tested the system’s performance by loading 30 Microsoft Edge tabs, playing YouTube videos, and streaming Fortnite on Twitch. We also ran Windows apps like 3D Paint and the Xbox app. Overall, the 7730 is fast and capable of handling encoding and video editing tasks.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 is capable of streaming games and YouTube videos using its integrated Intel HD 630 graphics. Its high-speed processor, coupled with a large amount of RAM, enable the machine to run demanding applications and even handle multitasking. Its large screen is perfect for high-resolution graphics, and its glossy 4K panels create vibrant colors. It costs $ 5,534.

Despite its relatively inexpensive price, the Dell Precision 17 7730 is a powerful machine. It comes with one-year warranty. It’s also available in a wide variety of configurations. You can choose from a Core i5-8400H processor, an Intel Core i7-8850H processor, or a Core i9-8950HK processor. You can also choose between two different types of dedicated GPUs.

The Dell Precision 7730 offers powerful performance in a thin and lightweight package. Its 2.6GHz Intel Core i7-8850H Six-Core processor enables you to run multiple applications at once. It also offers a boost speed of up to 4.3 GHz. Furthermore, it comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, which you can expand to 128GB.

Price of Dell Precision 17 7730

The Dell Precision 17 7730 is a high-end laptop. It costs around US$ 2,500. However, the price range can be as high as US$ 3,000. There are several online retailers that sell Dell Precision 17 7730. These retailers may earn a small commission from your purchase.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 is a sleek and lightweight machine with an incredibly high level of performance. It is slimmer than its predecessors and measures only 16.3 x 10.8 x 1.2 inches. It is also smaller than the Lenovo ThinkPad P71 and HP ZBook 17 G4. The Dell Precision 7730 is made from high-quality materials and is available in silver and industrial black. It also has a fingerprint reader built into its palm rest, along with NFC technology for contactless smart cards.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 is an excellent choice for business users and consumers looking for a powerful, durable laptop. Its fast processor and 16GB of RAM make it suitable for running multiple applications and handling multiple files simultaneously. It also has a long battery life, making it a perfect laptop for business use. It replaces the previous generation Dell Precision 7720.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 comes with a wide range of configuration options. You can choose from a Core i5-8400H, Core i7-8850H, or a Core i9-8950HK processor. You can also choose a dedicated graphics card. The display is 4K and has an impressive resolution. The Dell Precision 17 7730 also has a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 has a top-tier processor and high-end graphics. With its Core i9 processor and powerful graphics, this laptop is a powerful, portable workstation. Its battery life is an important factor in maximizing performance. It is a great choice for those who expect the best.

Battery life of Dell Precision 17 7730

Dell Precision 17 7730 laptop battery is designed for long-term performance and safety. It uses the highest quality materials and battery cells, and it includes a variety of safety features. Moreover, it is certified by CE, UL, and ROHS. It also features Grade A battery cells to ensure longer battery life and higher charge cycles.

The battery life of the Dell Precision 17 7730 is acceptable, but you will need to keep an AC adapter nearby if you want to work without a power source. The Dell Precision 17 7730’s battery life averages 3 hours and 30 minutes, and it lasts four hours when streaming general media. The 92 Wh battery capacity is a little low, and it could have been better. The battery life is good for general use, but if you’re doing graphic-intensive work all day, you’ll need a charger.

Battery life is a major concern for many laptop users, especially those on the go. The average battery life for laptops is five to six hours, and you need to consider battery life when you’re considering a new laptop. The battery life for the Dell Precision 17 7730 is impressive for a laptop that’s designed for use on the go.

It is a powerful workstation that is easy to set up and use. It offers great features for personal and business use, and comes with plenty of storage and processing power. Its large screen is a great asset when multitasking. And thanks to its powerful processor, the battery life is also impressive.

Screen privacy

A screen privacy protector for your Laptop is a great way to keep your screen clear while maintaining privacy. The privacy screen protector is easy to apply, and it blocks blue light while providing scratch protection. The privacy screen protector comes in a convenient pack and includes an application guide.

Screen privacy is especially important when you’re using a laptop in public. Wandering eyes can easily snoop through your screen and read sensitive information. Using a screen privacy solution, such as Celicious Privacy for Dell Precision 17 7730, will help protect you from stray glances from people who may be nearby. It will also help you prevent blurry images that are sometimes caused by the angle of viewing.

It has a fast processor, a professional graphics card, and a beautiful 4K display. And it also includes two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, HDMI output, and mini DisplayPort. You can also connect your device to the internet via an Ethernet jack. In addition, it comes with a fingerprint scanner and SmartCard reader.

The Dell Precision 7730 has a great keyboard that is similar to the Lenovo ThinkPad, but is notably more responsive. This keyboard is complemented by the touchscreen, which is a joy to use. This touchscreen also includes a TrackPoint-style cursor pointer, which is great for those who are used to using a mouse.

Audio quality of Dell Precision 17 7730

The Dell Precision 17 7730’s speakers can be loud, and they deliver more bass than your typical laptop speakers. This laptop is designed for business use, and its high-end speakers provide excellent audio for professional use. It also features system speakers for music enjoyment. We tested the audio quality of the Dell Precision 7730 by playing music on the system speakers.

If you’re looking for a powerful workstation, you’ll be happy to know that this laptop is able to perform most tasks. Its 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor has enough power to run several programs at once, and it uses less power than older models. It’s also great for artists and designers because of its touchscreen option, which is perfect for creating and editing graphics.

The Dell Precision 17 7730 features an IPS display with a resolution of 3840×2160. The screen is a glossy, high-resolution screen, so it may accumulate dust over time. It’s also equipped with Thunderbolt 3 port and HDMI 2.0. Other connectivity options include USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A and Type-C ports. It is 6.9 pounds, and 0.98 inches thick.

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