How to record live streaming

What is media streaming?

Media streaming is a media format on the Internet in a streaming mode. Streaming is a mode of transfer rather than a new type of media. It is a type of multimedia that performs both playback and transfer.

As opposed to streaming via download which requires downloading the entire file data before playback, streaming means that the provider sends the video or audio files over the internet in data compression and the recipient can watch the video or stream music.

Media streaming includes live streaming and streaming. With the development of media streaming technology, one can make voice or video calls or watch videos online. This technology applies a lot to the fields of live broadcasting, streaming, distance education, real-time video conferencing, etc.

What is live media streaming?

With the widespread use of media streaming, more and more industries are launching live streaming on web platforms or apps. Live streaming plays media content in real time by providing the connection between the media sign and the network. In general, live streaming is used for sports matches, education, games, news, etc.

Video streaming sites

Media streaming is more popular and used. The majority of Internet speed is used for video streaming. Through video streaming sites, we can watch various videos. Check out some popular video streaming sites below.


Established in February 2005, YouTube is America’s most visited video site and one of the popular sites for sharing videos. One can watch news, movies, documentaries, funny videos and listen to music. In addition, it is possible to watch live videos, such as sports matches, games and news.


Created in March 2005, Dailymotion is a French video sharing site and it is one of the popular video sites in Europe. Dailymotion not only offers a large number of HD videos, but also allows users to upload, share and watch favorite videos. According to Comscore, Dailymotion is the second largest video sharing site in the world after YouTube.

Difficult to record live streaming video on time

Live video streaming is video or audio streamed live over the Internet. We can watch TV shows, educational tutorials, matches, games, etc. Sometimes you may want to save the live videos to the computer to watch without network connection.

However, since the live videos do not have caches on the computer or the caches are encrypted, it is impossible to download the live videos. Also, if you miss the live videos, it would be more difficult to save the video.

So, when the live video cannot be downloaded or cannot be recorded during the live broadcast, how to record and store the live video on the computer? We will introduce you easy methods to save streaming and live video on computer and mobile phone.

How to save live videos to PC?

1. Use iTop Screen Recorder (For Windows)

  iTop Screen Recorder is a professional video editing software. This program is capable of not only cutting , assembling, converting and adding effects, but also recording activities on the screen and on the camera. With the screen recording function, you can record the videos and PC manipulation.


  1. Download and install iTop Screen Recorder. And then, select the “Screen Recorder” function .
  3. Click the settings icon. And after, set parameters about output format, quality, resolution, frame rate and location.

3. Open the live video page and select “Custom Area” in the program.

  • Select the target area and click “Save.” to start recording.

5. When finished, click the stop icon to store the recording file.

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