How to setup Ap.setup

Your extender must be set up before you can use it. Basically, the extenders function by amplifying their signals through your router. As a result, you must set up your extension and router together under configuration.

You can attach the extender to your wireless router or modem using the Wavlink Extender setup instructions.You may strengthen the signal of your current wireless network and ensure constant connectivity to far-reaching devices by using a WIFI booster.


Your greatest saviour when it comes to internet-related issues is Wavlink Extender Setup. It consistently removes dead zones from your home. The best way to expand your network utilising AP.Setup for quicker, safer, and better internet is using a Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup.

Regarding compatibility, Wavlink extenders are compatible with all of your gadgets. Wavlink can easily handle any device, including a Roku, a smart TV, or even a smartphone. We’ll go over the procedures you must follow to set up your Wavlink extension in this article.

Wavlink extender setup via manual method

Here is a list of all the steps you must do to set up your Wavlink WiFi Extender. Make sure you follow all the instructions precisely, not skipping any of the below-listed procedures.

  • Utilising the electric socket, turn on your Wavlink WiFi Extender.
  • Switch on the power and your WPS-compatible router.
  • Until the Wavlink WiFi extender setup is complete, place your extenders close to one another.
  • Find the WPS button in the router and extender right now.
  • To setup, press the WPS buttons on the router and Wavlink extension.
  • Please wait till your connecting process is complete.
  • When the connection is successful, the LED lights turn green after a short while.

Wavlink wifi extender setup through wps method

Let’s learn about another approach to set up or install your Wavlink extender, known as the wireless protected setup, or WPS setup. You may configure your extension with the help of wireless protected setup in only 2 to 3 minutes. No account, password, or SSID has to be mentioned during this process. Only one small button will need to be pressed.

Follow these easy steps to set up a Wavlink extender using WPS:

  • Activate the Wavlink extender.
  • Put your booster close to your router at home.
  • Simply press the WPS button on your repeater.
  • Additionally, press the WPS button on your home router.
  • if the stable green WPS light appears
  • It indicates that the extender’s and router’s connection is strong.
  • Remove the plug from your extender and set it somewhere else.
  • Now join the expanded network with your other wifi-enabled devices.

Note:- if you need any help regarding your wifi extender follow on the screen steps given for your wifi range extender. For more information visit official website  that is ap.setup

How to setup wavlink AC1200 extender 

The Wavlink AC1200 extender setup fully extends the WiFi range of your router. This extender comes with an extender, an access point, and a wireless router. It corresponds to the most modern IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standards and includes a tonne of capabilities. Wavlink Ext has two strong exterior antennas in a small package. It features a single 2.4GHz band but 300Mbps wifi speeds. The WPS button on the rear of Wav-link repeaters is used for their plain and easy single-button setup. A web browser may also be used to configure it. You have three options for using your N300. We may discuss each choice separately.

The steps for setting up a Wavlink extender are as follows:

  • Before placing the router, make sure it is close by.
  • Join the _Ext Ap extender setup.
  • Visit Ap.setup using any web browser.
  • The wavlink extender configuration page is displayed on the screen.
  • Create your own account by adding the necessary details.
  • To finish the setup procedure, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


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