The reasons why music marketing are not effective and what solutions you can consider 

Artists release music every time and the strategy behind how it gets to you is marketing. Music marketing involves the production and delivery of music to fans by artists to share their message and vision.

To assure music serves an artist’s goal, marketing is crucial. Marketing is often considered easy but it is not. Evident in music artists’ whose music does not get to your ears. Here are some of the problems of music marketing and solutions you can consider;

Music marketing sans plan

Many music marketers start without a detailed plan for their strategy. The problem with not having a plan is that you do not know the tactics of the game. Without a plan, the goals and purpose of the marketing are not understood hence there is no way to track the process and document success (failure).

A good marketing plan details the channels of delivery of music, has a timeline and is occasionally reviewed based on analysis results. In plain words, music marketing would not work without a proper plan. 

Inadequate utilising of social media

Social media allows you to communicate your ideas, world and in this case music to the world. Having an enormous presence on social media is a must for effective music marketing. Unfortunately, many people do not utilize social media. Followers are what accelerate music’s popularity on social media, they like, share and interact with artists and lyrics of music.

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Neglecting other platforms

Sure, social media is great but there are other ways to market music. One may argue that there is no real connection between artists and their fans on social media.

Outlets like live shows, radio and interview programs are a great way to market music. Others include relationships with top music celebrities and others. Fans get to see artists’ “other sides” and artists get to understand and relate with fans more hence connection is improved. To successfully launch an effective music marketing plan, consider utilising the power of these platforms.

Negative press

There is no such thing as bad press? Yes, there is. Artists and their music may trend as a result of unexpected bad press but it plants the wrong ideas in fans. People believe what they hear and see you do, if it is negative, they take your personality for it. Negative press diminishes the excellence of artists and their music.

Music marketers should make sure to debunk fake news and address wrong tags and associations to avoid bad press. They could also attain a profound understanding of their audience so that likes are known and dislikes are avoided.

Wrong music app

The music app is sometimes the cause of music marketing unproductive. Marketers pay for advertisements, views and popularity just to bring their music to the front page. A good app enables music to get to trending relevant tracks and that is just the boost music needs.

Understand the delivery of an app before using it. If it fits the goal of your marketing strategy then you can go ahead. Consider changing apps while there are no longer serving their purpose.

The objective of music marketing is to circulate quality music among artists’ fans and grow an audience. With the application of the solutions discussed and a little effort, music can get to where it needs to be_the souls of fans.

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