A Trendmarks Perspective to business Naming

I have always met entrepreneurs and industrialists who are the best
objective, professional and intelligent when it comes to business plans and
models. However, when it comes to naming the business
the same person takes an extremely subjective position. “My wife likes
name; it’s our last name, the name of my daughter and son

Well, let’s face it, a successful business doesn’t always have to be great
name. But then it would be just as hard to admit that it exists
nothing to the business name … If you want to start with a good name, it can be yours
easier work with registration, branding, marketing and advertising.
Names can help you stand out from the competition, be memorable and
even create an emotional connection with your audience. Mr. Kochouseph of V-Guard would vouch for the value of the name. Next you ever
have you heard someone copying the name of a company that went bankrupt?

This article aims to shed objective light on
the meaning of the apt name from the point of view of the trademark.

Trade names can be broadly classified under

Emotional – family or person names. For every Tata, Birla, Muthoot,
Alukkas, Emotional names of names there are a thousand obscure, unknown names.
Geographical names may also appear here, such as Malabar Gold,
Tajmahal Tea, Kumarakom Lake Resort

Practical (functional, industry relevant and descriptive names). The best
Bakery, Infosys, Rubco, Popular Automobiles are some of the best

Short Forms – Names like IBM, 3M, MRF, KRS and BPL would fall into this category

The Short Cut – Clones of bigger names and buzzwords like Comsoft, Microserve.

Promises or names that suggest a brand experience, e.g
like Safari, Gypsy King, Director’s Special, Reliance, Action Shoes.

Invented / created or borrowed from another language by Google,
Milma, Kalapani, Scooty, Tanishq and recently xylys.

The most cited example of Smart Names will be Monster Jobsite. Names with a spelling twist or meaning also fall into this category. GosSip (coffee shop), Focuz Corporation.

ED (evocative and expressive) Kingfisher, apple, beauty,
Amazon, Hush Puppies, Mindtree, Enfield Bullet.

My experience shows that emotional names are tricky
it is about legal disputes. It is recommended to avoid using a
surname. You will be
it’s hard to stop other people with the same name in the competition
with you. As a result, it will also be difficult for you to register
brand in most countries. Have you ever wondered why Mr. Joy Alukkas reinvented
its retail business as JOYALUKKAS?

Avoid geographical names. These cause a number of problems.
First, you can’t stop other people from using a name like a
correct descriptive term. Second, if you get outside the specific
geographical area, the name may no longer be appropriate. Third, if
you choose to purchase a product from another source, you may be
in violation of fair trading laws in many countries.

Avoid names that suggest a relationship with an Indian state. It is
Emblems and Names expressly prohibited (Prevention of inappropriate
use) Act Names starting with Indian, Bharath, National certainly do
attract both trademark and emblem provisions and
Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act.

If the name is purely industrially relevant or describes a function
there are gains and losses. Marketing people will often
I will tell you that a descriptive name is much easier to sell and get
immediate recognition by relevant consumers.

In the short term they are right, but in the medium or long term
(probably anything from 6 months and up) this advice is very bad

A name that describes a product or service or something desirable
which can be achieved as a result of the product or service (eg
an example of FAST for a postal delivery system) is one that can easily be
adopted by imitators coming to market. Good features
product, for example the words best, first class and superior can easily be
used by others to describe their goods or services and therefore are
not good brands.

The main risk you are taking is that your business will be successful,
and then comes an impersonator who may be a former employee
to the market with a similar name. If your original name was
describing some feature of the product or service, you will not
be able to prevent a similar name from entering the market, and
taking share of the niche market you created. So you
have the best bakery, the best baker, the new best bakery on every corner

Therefore, if your business is to be successful in the long term,
the name you choose for it is very important. It isn’t
coincidence that the two most successful children’s brands in the state are POPPY and Schoobee. While there is clearly an element of luck, and perhaps an element of good management, the choice of a name that doesn’t exactly capture it
any characteristic of a product or service is a critical factor
long-term success of the operation. Expensive but smooth
the move of the former Casino Group of Hotels to CGH EARTH was probably due to this realization.

Short forms or abbreviations and short three-letter marks are not very strong.
Although some are well known, such as IBM and BMW, these were
forced on their owners because the original words formed
trademarks are descriptive. It’s always pretty easy to imitate them, pro
for example, it would probably be possible to start a transport company
under the KRT trademark without infringing the rights of KERALA ROADWAY’S
Intellectual property rights.

Short haircuts suggest a follower attitude and even a lack of imagination.
Try to avoid buzzword combinations or computer-type passwords. PUSH
there are simply too many companies with names like comsoft,
microserve etc. These names are very easy to forget because they exist
many of them. They simply lack the discernment necessary to do so
become strong brands if not hugely successful for others
reasons such as Microsoft.

Promise names offer a direct connection to something real, to a
part of the human experience. They rise above descriptive names because
their message is more about the experience than the task and would
definitely take the name closer to the emotional connection. However,
the downside is that you can have a Grand hotel, Grand Supermarket and
Big bakery. To add to that from a trademark perspective,
acquisition of ownership of these names and brands requires genuine
long-term use and product association.

This leads us to the safer havens of Eureka, Discordia and ED. Eureka
offers a wide range of names that can be easily trademarked
they are words created by the company itself or borrowed from abroad
cultures. If you just sit down with a scrabble set or a pencil and
paper, and combine the elements of your own name, you will soon come
with a number of made-up words.

The hardest part is making the mental leap to accepting them as brands.
Any suitable

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