Take a Look at Facebook’s Red Team Newmanwired

look red team newmanwired

You have probably heard about the Facebook red team called Newmanwired. If not, you should take a look at this group to learn more about its history, members, and training. It is a great way to learn more about Facebook security and a good way to increase your personal safety online.

Learn about its history

In the years following World War II, the US military began to implement red teaming as a means of planning future events. Commercial companies also started using red teams to debate courses of action. In addition, the intelligence community began using them to test intelligence estimates. This blog will cover a few examples of how red teams have been used.

Learn about its training

If you’re interested in becoming a Facebook security expert, consider taking a training course from Facebook’s Red Team Newmanwired. Made up of top engineers, the Red Team is constantly testing the Facebook platform to find potential security flaws. They often find flaws before others do. Through their social engineering training course, you can learn how to exploit vulnerabilities and secure your Facebook account. The course contains over an hour of video instruction and a written manual that teaches you how to conduct attacks. You’ll also take a practice exam and final exam.

In addition to learning the fundamentals of Red Team attack methodology, you will learn how to conduct a successful Red Team engagement using the tools and techniques of adversary attack frameworks. In addition, the training also teaches you how to successfully simulate a client’s defence capability and implement successful Red Team engagements.

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